ginny g

just imagine ginny and luna showing up at the yule ball together, though

imagine luna being smiling and radiant ‘cause wow, ginny weasley? asked her to the ball?? how could she get so lucky???

imagine ginny going between being a totally crushing nerd-because-luna-said-yes-omg-her-date-is-luna to glaring at anyone who tries to say anything about her date being a) a girl, and b) ‘loony’ lovegood

imagine ginny ‘formerly possessed by the greatest dark wizard of our age’ weasley and luna ‘i’ve always been able to see the scary death horses’ lovegood dancing together and giggling and being utterly adorable cute little queer girls with each other…


Pairing: George x Reader


  • CAN YOU DO ONE WHERE YN IS FROM AUSTRALIA!! Thank you i love your writing!
  • Hey there, I really like your writing and i only just followed you today so sorry for my spamming! do you have any Imagines where Y/N is Australian? ❤️️
  • Omg you’re Australian too?? Can you write something where the reader is from Australian, maybe Queensland or something??
  • hey, can i please have one where y/n is from Australia and with George and really fluffy please? sorry it isn’t very specific, i just need Australian y/n ahaha
  • George fluff is all I need in life can you please write a George fluff!

A/N: so I found all my notes… Turns out the problem was that I logged out of iCloud… I’m an idiot. ANYWAY, I’ve gotten a few requests for an Australian reader as well as a lot of Hufflepuff readers, so here is both! P.S. You’d think that this would clear up a lot of my asks, nope I still have exactly 100 requests

Squicks: None

It was February, meaning that back home it would be scorching hot, the sun would be blazing down and everyone would be in desperate need of cooling off. Here at Hogwarts however, the grounds were blanketed with snow and with more and more coming down, you swear you even saw the Whomping Willow shiver. You were from Australia, meaning that you in particular were more sensitive to the harsh cold that Scotland brought around this time of year.

You were in the Gryffindor common room with your friend George Weasley. It was 9pm meaning that most of Gryffindor were coming in and out of their common room, Fred and Lee doing god knows what and god knows where. The Gryffindors didn’t mind when you would come into their common room, knowing how close you were to the Weasley twins.

You and George both sat on the floor with your backs leant against the couch, your homework sprawled out messily on the small table in front of the fire. You and George had been trying to finish off your Charms work, and have been here for almost two hours.

You had written one and a half paragraphs.

George had written seven words.

It’s not that the work was hard, it was just that you two would somehow manage to goof off at any random time, making the other one laugh and lose concentration too. That, and you were freezing your arse off.

“I think that even if I jumped into that fire I still wouldn’t be warm enough,” you complain, looking into the fire with your arms crossed.

George let out a chuckle, “You can’t seriously be that cold”.

You shot a glare at George, your bottom lip shivering along with the rest of your body as you tried to pull yourself into the tightest ball you could form.

“…Shit, okay, maybe you are that cold,” George said with another laugh, but was also kinda worried.

“I am, I’m absolutely freezing, Georgie,” you say sadly, making a move to gather your belongings, “I think I might head back to my common room, it’s just way too cold,”

“Don’t be silly Y/n, I’ll give you a jumper,” George says getting up before you can protest, “come up and I’ll let you pick one out, God knows Mum’s knitted me enough of the things…”

You giggle, standing up with George and follow him towards his dorm. Truth is, you didn’t really want to leave him anyway.

You followed George up the winding staircase, your arms still wrapped tightly around your body, feeling colder and colder with each step you took away from the fire.

“Here it is, the Gryffindor men’s sleeping quarters,” George announces, arms stretched out, showing off the messy room.

You slowly twirl around in a small circle taking in everything in the room. There was Gryffindor merch stuck to every wall and hanging off every bedpost, practically all of the beds were messy, and you were almost certain that you could tell whose bed was whose just by looking at the types of things spread across them.

“Take your pick,” George says as he dumps a load of jumpers from his arms onto his bed, catching your attention.

“I like this one, it’s got a big G on it, G for Ginny I suppose,” you say, looking up at George who was mid-eye roll. You giggled and slipped the knitted jumper over your head, the jumper reaching half way down your thighs and the sleeves about five inches too long, “it’s a perfect fit!” you say happily, causing George to let out a laugh.

“Now Y/n I will warn you, this lovely one-of-a-kind jumper does come at a cost,”

You let out an overdramatised gasp, “I knew there was a catch!”

George took a step closer towards you, rubbing the back of his neck, “I’m afraid so, because as you see I don’t have a great deal of jumpers, I can’t just give them away to every pretty girl I see,”

You look over at the pile of about ten jumpers still on his bed, “There must be a lot of pretty girls at Hogwarts then,” you say with a smile.

“Ehhh, there’s one pretty girl in particular, and unfortunately she hasn’t paid the price for this fine sweater I’ve just given her,” he says with a smirk, taking another step closer.

“Alright then Georgie, how much will this sweater be costing me?”


“One?” you ask with confusion, “one what?”

“One kiss,” George said, wiggling his eyebrows.

Whilst you were in complete shock, you pretended to be totally nonchalant to the whole situation. You folded your arms and looked up as if contemplating your decision.

“I guess it is a warm jumper…” you start,

“Oh yes, quite possibly the warmest jumper on the planet I daresay,” George encourages, taking a final step towards you and placing his hands on your hips,

“And the Hufflepuff common room is terribly cold…” you add,

“I can imagine it is, yes, what better way to keep warm than with an oversized sweater?” George says, playing with the hem of the jumper as you slide your hands around the back of his neck,

“I think you might have yourself a deal, Mr. Weasley,” you whisper, your face inches away from his,

“Perfect,” he whispers back before gently pulling you towards him and connecting your lips. You kissed back instantly, your hands playing in his hair as well as one of his holding the back of your head, his thumb brushing over your cheek.

Your kiss was passionate and quite honestly perfect. Your lips moved in sync with each other and your bodies were pressed together.

After a while the two of you pulled back, marking the first time you had ever seen George Weasley actually blushing.

“One kiss for a jumper is very cheap I would’ve thought,” you say with a smile, pressing your forehead against his, “I’m happy to make another payment,” 

“There’s no way I’d object to that,” he says, before the two of you started kissing once more.


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Year #2
Character Photoshoot

  • Jamie Glover as Harry Potter
  • Emma Lowndes as Ginny Potter
  • Theo Ancient as Albus Potter
  • Rakie Ayola as Hermione Granger 
  • Thomas Aldridge as Ron Weasley 
  • Helen Aluko as Rose Granger-Weasley
  • James Howard as Draco Malfoy 
  • Samuel Blenkin as Scorpius Malfoy

May 22, 2017
The Trouble With Good Sense
By Organization for Transformative Works

Author: RurouniHime | Word Count: 7.8k | Rating: M

Summary: When you fill a hotel with flying quills, hands-on demonstrations, and too many Aurors, someone is bound to get cranky.

Review: Ah sweet pining… this was such a good, fun fic with loads of things happening with Draco’s snarky - and yes, hilariously patheticly angsty - commentary. 

Draco is attending an auror convention, along with Harry, Luna and Ginny, and as luck would have it he’s forced to share with Harry! There obliviousness and perceived rejection and sneaky cuddling and sneaky Luna and ugh, it’s all just so stinkin adorable *flails*

Content/Warnings: Humour, Flangst

the-certified-cabinet  asked:

Why do you ship Harry x Luna over Harry x Ginny?

Idk how far into this territory I want to go, because I have a very, very large distaste for H/G for multiple reasons, so I’ll try to keep my answer simple.

H/G is a relationship based off of Ginny being the Love Interest to Harry, and not Harry being the Love Interest of Ginny. In other words, their relationship is highly imbalanced. Multiple times throughout the book we see that Harry puts Ginny down. Multiple. Times. I’m not talking about books 1-3, because let’s be honest they are children at that point and it’s unfair to compare the first three books to books 4-7 when it comes to relationships. Harry doesn’t trust Ginny. He may say he does, and he may seem like he does, but he doesn’t. One of the biggest indicators of this is this scene:

“Hi”, said Ginny uncertainly.  “We recognized Harry’s voice – what are you yelling about?”
“Never you mind,” said Harry roughly.
Ginny raised her eyebrows.
“There is no need to take that tone with me,” she said coolly.  “I was only wondering whether I could help.”
“Well, you can’t” said Harry shortly.

I remember reading this scene and wanting to flip my book, I was so mad. Harry talks and treats Ginny like she is a subordinate to him, not his equal. He does this a lot in the books, both before and after they are together. And honestly? That’s not how a relationship should work. J.K. always meant for H/G to be together, and yet she, herself, wrote them as more toxic than anything else. 

But the main reason, among many others, that I don’t ship H/G, comes from this quote in the book right here:

“Smart girl, that Hermione,” said Harry, trying to smile. “I just wish I’d asked you sooner. We could’ve had ages… months… years maybe…”
“But you’ve been too busy saving the wizarding world,” said Ginny, half-laughing. “Well… I can’t say I’m surprised. I knew this would happen in the end. I knew you wouldn’t be happy unless you were hunting Voldemort. Maybe that’s why I like you so much.”

I almost have to laugh reading this now, because It’s almost like J.K. was writing to herself in that paragraph with Harry. She could’ve had years to develop a believable relationship between H/G, instead she decided to stuff it all in the last two books and turn Ginny, who is one of my favorite female characters into a LI who, I am suppose to believe, let Harry Potter name of their children after SEVERUS SNAPE.

But I’ve bolded the reason, the real reason that H/G is unlike H/L, a very poignant reason:

Why. The. Hell. Would Ginny like Harry because he hunts Voldemort? Or even believe that he would be? That is the underlining problem with H/G for me. It makes no sense. Harry has multiple times said he doesn’t want to be the chosen one, he didn’t want this life, he just wanted to be Harry. And yet here we see Ginny, saying that Harry won’t be happy unless he’s hunting Voldemort and THAT’S why she likes him so much? What is this? This would be a slap in the face if I was Harry. It shows that Ginny still defines Harry the same way everyone else does. Hero. Noble. Savior. Defeater of Voldemort. Chosen One. That’s why I like you. Because you’re a hero. Because you go risk your life AND THE LIFE OF MANY OTHERS. Because let’s be honest, Harry makes stupid decisions and everytime he gets reprimanded on them by Ginny she either 1. defends his bad decisions or 2. ends up getting into an argument with him about it that leaves both sides irritated.

But you know who doesn’t see Harry like that?

Luna. Freakin’. Lovegood.

Luna stands up for Harry not because he’s the chosen one but because she believes in him. She believes in his cause, believes in his ability, and has faith in him. But she doesn’t take his crap, and when he talks down to her she doesn’t snap back at him. She is grounded, unlike Ginny, who is a firecracker. Two bull-headed people should never be paired together. Luna is like water, she puts out Harry’s flame and calms him, whereas Harry shows multiple times his affection and liking towards Luna for who she is, which no one, outside of Ginny (who also called her Loony once), is shown to do. Luna isn’t Harry’s step stool, she’s his equal.

And, as I’ve said before in other posts, they understand eachother. Luna and Harry are both outcasts. They both have suffered from people not believing in them, or thinking they are crazy. They are both pinpointed, though for different reasons. Harry never undermines Luna’s beliefs, though he finds her amusing (and not in a degrading sense), and Luna is shown to be very fond of Harry, because she cares about him. They are friends, and in many ways, kindred spirits. They have a deeper connection, and it was Luna, not anyone else, who was able to get Harry to take the first step in acceptance of Sirius’s death in Book 5.

Sorry, I didn’t mean this to sound SO anti H/G. I could’ve written a lot more but I’ll end my answer here. Basically, I think H/G is toxic and based on “emotions” more than anything else, where as H/L has a genuine friendship and connection and understanding. H/G only succeeds in doing the opposite. It makes fools out of both Harry and Ginny, and goes against everything we’ve seen in development for the characters thus far. And any ship that can only sail if the female character gets bogged down to fit the mold of a subordinate LI to the hero is not one that I want to see happen. And I think most Lunarry shippers know that if H/L were to have become canon, that would not have been the case. 

Saturday Self Recs (on Sunday)

Ohh this one is fun and I got tagged for it twice by my lovelies, @mugglelissa and @oceaxereturns!

Harry Potter:

Partners of the Four-Legged Variety [Harry/Draco; NC-17; 18K]
“Training starts in the home, Potter, so your new Crup and I will need to stay with you for a few weeks while I show you how to properly train and bond with him.” The Auror Department is instating a K9 Crup Unit, and Harry is the first to sign up. Turns out the professional trainer is Draco Malfoy, and he has to live with Harry as part of the Crup training programme.
Highkey still my favorite thing I’ve ever written. I had a blast exploring Draco as a Crup trainer for H/D Pet Fair! I fell so hard for @gracerene09‘s prompt for this fest and had so much fun creating this one!

Weasley Wrapping Party [Ginny/Luna; G; 1.8K]
Out of all of their traditions, Ginny always thought this one was the strangest, because wrapping presents at the Burrow is always a struggle.
This was one of my first times playing with my favorite witchy babes for HP Mini Fest 2016.

Seeing Stars (brighter than the constellations) [Harry/Draco; NC-17; 7.3K]
After “accidentally” overhearing a rumour that Harry Potter is hung, Draco cashes in a few favours to ensure he’s the reporter doing the Puddlemere United post-game interview with the team’s prized Seeker in the team locker room.
Possibly the most indulgent thing I’ve ever created haha, written as a birthday giftfic for my dearest @capiturecs!

Weekenders [Harry/Draco; PG-13; 9.4K]
As the newly appointed Head of Muggle Liaison, Draco needs more than just knowledge he’s gained from a book to do his job. Potter offers Draco a hands-on experience of Muggle living in the form of a weekend road trip. He doesn’t mention that they’re going to be going full-Muggle, with Potter driving his Muggle sports car.
Another giftfic, this one written for @digtheshipper‘s birthday! I really had fun researching coastal towns for a weekend getaway in England. I also had a blast having Draco discover pub games and karaoke on his Muggle adventure.

Never Got No Good Doing What I Told [Harry/Draco; NC-17; 41k]
Draco works as a consultant for the Auror Department, much to Harry’s continued consternation. The idea that Malfoy’s got an ulterior motive and hiding something rankles Harry enough to follow him home, discovering that Draco lives a decidedly Muggle lifestyle. Harry, sure that he’s Up To Something™, stalks Draco all over Muggle London. Draco, all too aware of Harry’s latest obsession with him, decides to take him on an adventure. Meanwhile, they both need to work together in a race against the clock to get a deadly illegal potion off the streets of wizarding London. Draco has ulterior motives when it comes to the case at hand, and Harry’s suspicions get the best of him when the pressure is on to arrest a suspect.
This was written for the 2016 Erised and it’s quite intense and pretty angsty towards the end, and my longest fic to date. It’s plotty and there’s a lot of different stuff going on in terms of character motivations. It doesn’t shy away from the antagonism between Harry and Draco. I’m pretty proud of how it turned out overall, especially with the world-building I did in terms of the addictive potion for the case and its effects. I’m also really proud of the characterization of Neville and Pansy, too!  It does have a happy/hopeful ending and ends on a resolved note, and I do also still have plans (and a plot idea!) for a sequel for this one, it’s just taking me forever to work on it. I debated whether to rec this one or not, but decided to throw it in because I am proud of this fic overall, even though it’s a bit darker and shies away from my usual brand of humor/lightheartedness in my style.


Stuck on You [Keith/Lance; NC-17; 25K]
Go to Thalgor, Coran had said. It will be easy, he’d said. Well, it wasn’t easy being literally stuck to his rival thanks to getting exposed to some stupid alien plant in the middle of a humid jungle, after hiking all day with said rival. Lance and Keith just have to make it through two weeks of being around each other constantly, with their arms glued together, before they can go their separate ways. But first, they’ll need to make it through sharing a room and learning how to live on top of each other until they’re free.
Just my response to a lack of forced proximity fics for my two favorite rivals turned space ranger partners! Contains gratuitous amounts of UST and copious amounts of bed sharing, because it’s me and I am a bed sharing monster. ;)

I’m tagging @firethesound@shiftylinguini@kikibluemay@bixgirl1@melonbugg@seefin, @hello-my-stars , @galaxiebot and of course anyone else who wants to jump in!

Strong Ginny

One of the tags I use from time to time is #Strong Ginny. Seriously, canon!Ginny is a strong character and a strong person. There are plenty of posts out there extolling how Ginny’s character, as revealed in the books, is strong.

Some of the early fanfics (even H/G ones) seized on her shyness around Harry and wrote her as a weak character, but her strength was there in canon if you just looked. I don’t fault those writers, after all, I’m speaking with hindsight here. Still, the mousy!Ginny bugs me. She was, in every way, a Gryffindor Lion.

I like stories that show her as being magically powerful, as standing up to jerks and bullies, as confronting Harry when he gets in a bad mood and knowing just how to deal with it, as not taking crap from anyone, as being someone who cares for her friends and loves her family and would die defending them.

Ginny’s not perfect. In fact, as a character, she’s better for her flaws. They make her into a realistic character.

It would take a strong woman to put up with Harry Potter.

‘The thing about growing up with Fred and George,’ said Ginny thoughtfully, 'is that you sort of start thinking anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.’

Harry looked at her. Perhaps it was the effect of the chocolate–Lupin had always advised eating some after encounters with dementors–or simply because he had finally spoken aloud the wish that had been burning inside him for a week, but he felt a bit more hopeful.

—  Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, by J.K. Rowling