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Today in invalid arguments as to why drarry shouldn't be canon

“But if Draco and Harry are together, who does Ginny get to be with????”


996. One day, Harry stumbled across a hilariously terrible story someone had written about him and his friends. He decided to show to Ginny, Ron and Hermione and the reactions consisted of laughter, and constant repeating of the phrase "Wait, what?" Once they finished reading it, Ron immediately said "Can you imagine if that actually happened?" To which they all collectively shuddered. This story was called “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.”

After Harry’s third year, after he meets Sirius and sees what it might look like to have a family, he spends long hours on his bed, interacting with the Maurader’s Map, prodding it with his wand and reading his dad’s responses.

The map doesn’t recognize Harry, calls him, “Future Gryffindor” and warns him to get rid of the map. Still, though, Harry is as mesmorized by his father’s handwriting as he was by his parents’ image in the Mirror of Erised.

Hermione thinks it’s unhealthy behavior, but Ron and Ginny convince her to leave him alone. He’s coping how he can.

Consider this. A very drunk Mike and Ginny get married in Vegas. They rush back to San Diego to get it annulled, and Ginny asks Amelia for help but she tells Oscar and they have an emergency meeting. Oscar doesn’t want the bad press if it gets out, and Amelia’s sure this could tank Ginny’s career. So Mike suggests they stay married until the off-season then quietly divorce when there’s less attention on the team. So they do. And at first it’s nothing’s different. But it feels strange to not live with his wife, so Mike asks Ginny to move in. Domesticity suits them surprisingly well. Mike makes dinner. Ginny does the laundry. The have green smoothies for breakfast. It just works. It even makes them better on the field. They don’t make it to October, but it’s Ginny and Mike’s best season. She even manages to only cry once when she pitches Mike’s last game. And Ginny wants to be relieved when it’s almost over, but something’s different. Maybe it was overhearing Mike turn down an eager groupie. Maybe it’s that sharing a bed with him has cured Mike’s insomnia, and made her a cuddler. Whatever it is makes the annulment conversation less and less frequent. And they’re in front of the courthouse, neither of them completely sure, when Mike says, “I don’t want this.” And when Ginny asks what he wants, the answer is simple, “You. It’s always been you.”

And isn’t that one of the best things about Dumbledore? You can point at him to get away with doing basically anything an adult tries to tell you not to do.

“You can’t do ___; it’s irresponsible.” “Um, Professor Dumbledore hid an object that Voldemort was trying to steal in our school—that’s much more irresponsible.”

“You can’t say ___; it’s very immature.” “Um, Professor Dumbledore literally greeted us one year by saying ‘Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!’”

“You can’t eat ___; it’s unhealthy.” “Um, Professor Dumbledore basically eats nothing but sugar and he’s 100+ years old.”

“You can’t ___ at school; you’ll get in trouble.” “Um, Professor Dumbledore didn’t in any way punish a Death Eater who was trying to assassinate him and accidentally attacking students instead. There is no way I’ll ever be in actual trouble.”

i have this hc about ginny/luna that is dumb but like no one’s gonna read this anyway so w/e. 

  • ok imagine this, surfer girl ginny !!!!
  • and muggle children’s book writer/ illustrator luna. (she’s super popular with the muggles, she’s like, the next roald dahl or something. her books are super dreamy and the illustrations in them are marvelous bc she’s an awesome artist)
  • and just them being super cute and domestic but also traveling the world together??
  • like they visit lots if places and are extremely cute together
  • and like for ginny’s birthday luna shows her a book she’s been working on about a lil redhead freckly surfer girl and her adventures and ginny just. breaks down crying
  • and the pda?? omg luna does not give a shit about anyone around them when she’s with ginny. and ginny who’s normally so open and loud and confident gets all shy and flustered.
  • and yeah they’re just lil gay witches™ traveling the world who spend like 98.5% of their time on the beach

MERTHUR PARTY Day 1 - Prompt #2: What was the first Arthur/Merlin scene you saw and why did you start shipping them?

I’d been hearing about Merlin from several people on my LJ f-list since it started airing in 2008, but because I was too busy with Japanese boys at the time, I never got around to actually seeing it until I caught the airing on one of our local cable channels nearly two years later (coincidentally I had already left my previous fandom just a few months before).

The first episode I chanced upon was “The Lady of the Lake” from S2. As I mentioned, thanks to my LJ friends, I’d already had an idea about how gay these two were for each other, so Merlin getting himself a girlfriend in this episode threw me off a bit at first. (Of course, I fell in love with them together soon enough, and found myself at a loss at their doomed love in the end. But that’s a story for another day.)

The scenes Merlin and Arthur had with each other, though, were pure gold. I found that, though the relationship tended to be slightly abusive, their true feelings for each other were apparent in how comfortable they were in each other’s presence, how openly they were able to tease each other, and with that final scene, where Arthur noogie’d Merlin into feeling better, I saw genuine care and immediately understood why people went crazy over those two.

Attempted to catch a couple more episodes after that (it took me more than a month to do so again, finally catching “The Moment of Truth” followed a week later by “The Labyrinth of Gedref”, because I fail like that sometimes) before I decided to torrent all the episodes of the first two seasons and marathon the fuck out of them. Managed to catch up just in time for S3, and a year and some later, here I am. XD

The Only Game Worth Playing

(warning, this got away on me)

Ginny’s speech on the mound to Mike during the Pitch finale was awesome. I am 100% all here for Ginny learning to call the shots for herself, like she should.

I also think we all need friends who’ve got our back and I think that moment between Ginny and Mike on the pitching mound provides this to us as well.

From the way the whole scene was shot, just prior to their talk, Ginny was in fact perhaps having a small moment of being unfocused: she looks at the numbers, she’s taking deeper breaths, and the camera shots and slowed-down music indicate dizziness or the weight on her shoulders and then she proceeds to throw some wild pitches.

Now EVEN in all their awkwardness throughout the Pitch finale, Mike knows and reads Ginny like he does his own body. He can still tell what’s going down. So like the responsible catcher that he is, he goes out to the mound. And just like Mike can read Ginny, Ginny can read Mike as well, so she knows what he’s going to try before he even opens his mouth.

Listen, they’re getting EVEN MORE IN SYNC.

So then Ginny stands up for herself thereby shutting Mike down, and he doesn’t try to override or talk over what she has to say. His face is serious, he’s focused on Ginny and what she has to say. He nods in agreement, and perhaps even in gruff admiration, because, yes, he thinks she should be the one making the decisions for herself. 

I mean look at them :

AND THEN, one of their teammates comes along and asks what’s up and they BOTH reply in UNISON. At this point they’re like supersonic synchronicity.

Of course, because he’s still Mike Lawson and they have a particular dynamic, Mike makes a joke about the great speech he was going to give, except their relationship has shifted and grown in certain ways and now it’s not just the rookie listening to what her mentor has to say, but equal partners pushing one another, so Ginny tells him to shut up and he says okay.

These are two people who UNDERSTAND and KNOW one another profoundly.

Mike doesn’t even need to say the speeches anymore, simply by his presence can he ground Ginny!! He goes out there and then she refocuses. Ginny asserts herself and says what’s going to happen so Mike goes back and throws himself after a ball like it’s his life mission. She gives lost and confused Mike the focus and direction he so needs!!

They make each other better, stronger individuals.

As I’ve said before, Ginny Baker and Mike Lawson are not only endgame, they’re the only god damn game worth playing.