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Lily is beyond ecstatic Harry brought someone with good taste home.
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Headconon that Fred Weasley is a Really Fantastic cook!!! This is so important, okay?

- For years he watched Molly cook dinner by herself, even on days when someone else should do it, like Mothers Day and her Birthday. 

- One Mothers Day he decides that she shouldn’t cook dinner, so fifteen minutes before Molly usually starts cooking, Fred sneaks into the kitchen and begins preping the meal Molly always makes on Mothers Day, Beef Stroganoff. 

- Molly walks in as he is slicing the beef into little pieces, meticulously, making sure each piece is exactly the same size. He has her old cook book sitting next to him and everything he will need for the dish already out. 

- Molly is surprised that he can even read the recipe, because she has had that book since her mother gave it to her years ago, and the pages are very faded and caked in spilled food. She could barely read it herself, but she didn’t need to having memorized most of the recipes anyway.

- Coming out of her thoughts Molly asks her trouble making son what he’s doing.

- “It’s Mum’s Day. You shouldn’t have to cook Mum. Go sit down or tell little Ronnie to clean his room or whatever Mums do for fun.” Molly smiled at her son and turned around to leave the kitchen. She expects she will have to whip something up later when Fred messed something up or burned it, as he had never cooked before.

- Fred is in the kitchen for a few hours, going slow and making sure everything is perfect. He may like to pull pranks, but he also knew his mum put up with a lot and he wanted to do something nice for her and he did nothing halfway. 

- The stroganoff is ready when Arthur walks through the door. The kitchen smells wonderful, as it always does when Molly cooks, but when he turns to see Fred stirring dinner he is shocked. Fred turns around and just smiles at him.

- Fred tells his mother that dinner is ready and she calls the rest of the children, they all sit down together and begin eating after each child has said Happy Mothers Day to Molly.

- The entire family gets silent as they dig in, it was absolutely wonderful, everyone makes a content noise as their tummies are filled with yummy food. 

- Ron looks over to his mum and says “It’s really really good mum, one of the best batches ever!”

- Molly smiles across the table at Fred, “Ronnie, I would love to take credit, but I didn’t make this. Fred did.”

- All jaws around the table drop. No one could believe Fred had made this. Except Arthur and Molly, the just beamed at their son. 

- For a moment all the Weasley children are nervous to eat anymore, for fear of a prank, but then they realized Fred would never do that to their mother, no one messed with mum. She was scary when she wanted to be. So they continued stuffing their faces after telling Fred how good it was.

- From then on, Fred made dinner once a week. 

- After a few weeks of this, Ginny started watching Fred when he cooked, as he was her favorite brother, though don’t tell that to anyone else, especially George. 

- One day Fred asked Ginny if she wanted to help him, and she agreed excitedly and they cooked together. 

- The day Fred got to cook quickly became Ginny’s favorite day of the week because she got to help her older brother cook and was finally able to spend quality time with someone she looked up to. Cooking also meant you didn’t have to do dishes, so that was a great perk too, both Fred and Ginny HATED dishes.

- Fred’s cooking skills later came in handy when developing the trick candies for their shop, Ginny also helped with the development, while George came up with more candy ideas. 


Drarry Head Canon (pt.1)

This is based on a book I read yesterday

~ Muggle AU~

  • Harry is a successful stockbroker who just recently got engaged to his partner of 3 years, Ginny Weasley
  • Ginny Weasley is a flight attendant who 3 weeks out of the month is away on flights.
  • So she’s rarely home
  • That’s fine with Harry. He didn’t want a clingy girlfriend anyway. He loves that Ginny is independent and fierce, it’s why he was attracted to her
  • Harry thinks they are a very happy couple
  • But to other people, they don’t see how these two could possibly be head over heels in love with each other
  • Harry always calls Ginny to check up on her and make sure she’s alright, or her flight went well
  • Ginny never calls, unless she’s drunk from partying and needs a ride. Even then, she’ll spend the night at her friend Luna’s
  • Harry always cooks the meals and waits for Ginny to arrive before he starts eating.
  • Ginny can’t cook, but orders takeout, not even waiting for harry to arrive before she’s already started
  • Harry is kind, honest, and considerate
  • Ginny is rude and selfish
  • Harry has had these thoughts as well, but he doesn’t pay much mind to them. He just wants to settle down and start a life already. He’s 29 years old for crying out loud.
  • Who ever believed in being ‘head over heels’ in love with someone before. That’s just in fairy tales

  • Draco Malfoy is a successful wedding planner.
  • Everyone adores him and they always want him to plan their weddings.
  • Main reason being that he’s gay
  • But Draco didn’t think that this would be his career
  • He wanted to become a model.
  • Though because of his past, too many people judge him on that
  • When Draco was younger (16-18) he was in a couple of x-rated gay porn films
  • This has always come back to haunt him, so he couldn’t get a job as a model and ended up working as a wedding planner.

  • The wedding planner and the newly engaged couple set a meeting date to discuss wedding plans
  • When they meet at the restaurant that they agreed on, Harry could not believe how beautifully attractive his wedding planner was
  • He had angel-like platinum hair. So light that it was almost white
  • High aristocratic cheekbones that looked good on his fax
  • And his eyes
  • His eyes were what drew Harry to him.
  • They were liquid silver. Some angles they would look like ice, others a slate gray.
  • They were mesmerizing
  • Harry had gone tongue tied and could only answer in nods when he was asked a question from either Ginny or Draco
  • Draco for his part thought that Harry was quite an attractive man.
  • He had a beard but it was well kept and wasn’t too long
  • He had raven like hair that stood at odd angles, but seems to work on Harry’s face.
  • And his eyes were just gorgeous
  • This beautiful emerald green that just draws you to look at the owner
  • Draco was fucked
  • He absolutely could not have an attraction to this man. This engaged man. He was utterly fucked
  • Harry wasn’t too far off either
  • He had always been straight. Always liked girls
  • It’s not like he’s disgusted by gay people. A co worker of his, Seamus Finnigan just went on vacation with his lover, dean Thomas.
  • And his best friend Ron was gay as well.
  • He’ll admit he’s been curious a couple of times but has never acted on these curiosities.
  • 'Nonsense’ Harry thinks. 'I’m getting married to a wonderful girl, no need to think about my wedding planner in that way’
  • Though even after the meeting, Harry never stopped thinking about the sliver eyed man.

I’m not finished with this headcanon yet. I’m still going to add on to it. This would be a great fic to read. I think most of you can already guess the direction this hc is going

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Chapter 26: The War Eternal [ AO3 ] | [ ]

“Hermione,” he pleaded nonsensically. “I’m nothing, I’m no one - ”

To encounter the darkness head on -

She pulled him close, her lips against his ear.

To know danger, but not defeat -

“You’re the one,” she said; again, and again, and again.

It would be to triumph over darkness, and to meet his fate -

“A reluctant hero is a hero still,” she promised, her breath ragged.

Fearless and cool, his destiny held tight in his fist -

He bent his head to hers.

It would be to redraw the stars by which he lived.

FFN is giving me a hard time, so it’s very likely I will try to repost in the next couple of days. In the meantime, you should be able to see the chapter, despite not getting an email alert.

I like the idea of Harry being a good cook, but hating it due to the Dursleys.

Then, thanks to the Weasleys, he slowly discovers the sheer joy of it. Helping Molly in the kitchen, getting to spend time with Ginny while making a meal.

Then, when he and Ginny are married, the two of them cooking together, laughing, sharing jokes, stealing kisses as they prepare a meal.

Then James, Al, and Lily not knowing any other way. All the nieces and nephews loving eating at Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny’s place, not just for the taste, but for the dinner theater.

Harry's Parenting

You know what I wish they’d done in The Cursed Child? I wish they’d made Harry the ‘protective Mommy’ of the family. Because if there’s one thing that pissed me off in The Cursed Child, it’s Harry’s shitty parenting.

I mean, this boy grew up in a mentally abusive home, yet he had the biggest heart ever (this boy was about to literally commit SUICIDE to save those he loved) and you’re telling me he was a bad father?

No. This motherfucker would be the one to wake up in the morning to cook while Ginny helped the kids get ready. Like, “Make sure to eat your vegetables James!” and “Albus Severus Potter. Drink your milk!” and “Lily, the apples are nice. Please eat them.”

He’d be the one to panic when he gets a letter saying James broke an arm, while Ginny’s there like, “Harry. CALM DOWN. You flew into the Whomping Willow once, please, it’s just a broken arm.” Then she’d stop and think about it then be like, “In fact, didn’t you lose all the bones in your arm once?”
Harry would get sheepish, but calm down a bit.

Harry would be the one to send letters CONSTANTLY and like every day.
“Oh, you want to stop the letter-a-day routine James? Okay, I’ll send letters twice a day!”

Harry will (SHOULD) be that protective loving father that just wants the best for his children because when he was a kid HE wished for this kind of thing.

Because HE wanted someone to call ‘Dad’ who wouldn’t ever leave him. And he sure as hell wouldn’t let his children go through the BULLSHIT he went through.

  • Harry: *comes back from work, enters the kitchen* Merlin, Ginny why there's such a mess?
  • Ginny: I tried to cook you this pasta you like...
  • Harry: And...
  • Ginny: And James passed me the pot...
  • Harry: *frowns on James* And...
  • Ginny: Well, I set it normally.
  • Harry: And...
  • Ginny: And, well it just turned out I completely can't cook.
night sky

A story in which a timid Teddy Lupin makes a confession to James Sirius…

[disclaimer: i know there is controversy about an age gap with these two, which is why it took me so long to write them. i’ve looked into it, and things have reassured me. for the sake of this fic, let’s say they’re in the same year (or close to it) at school.]

The Potters were holding another dinner get-together, and Teddy was nervous.

Their house was quaint, tucked into a cozy street in a quiet suburban neighborhood. On the outside, it looked like any other house, even decorated with lilies in the front yard. But on the inside, it was overflowing with magic. Teddy thought it always seemed busy, but in a good way. 

Magic cleaned the dishes, turned the lights on and off, and even pulled the chairs out for you. Magic seemed to be buzzing in the air, and it gave Teddy a sense of comfort. 

What didn’t give Teddy comfort, though - was James. 

James was the reason Teddy was nervous in the first place. Teddy was planning on telling him something after dinner, and he had no clue how it was going to go. 

It didn’t help that James was the one to answer the door when Teddy arrived.

“Hey, Teddy!” James practically shouted, pulling Teddy into an unexpected hug. 

Startled, he slowly patted James’s back and mumbled, “Hey.”

James pulled away, and Teddy struggled to ignore how hot his face felt. “Come on in,” said James, reaching behind Teddy to shut the door.

Teddy walked to the kitchen, which was where everyone seemed to be. He said hello to Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione, receiving comments about how tall he’s gotten, and how old he looks.

The kids were in the living room, and Teddy waved a quick hello to them. Albus made a comment about Teddy’s hair, which caused him to nervously rifle his fingers through the turquoise curls.

Dinner was just about ready, so James and Teddy helped set the table. Once everyone was seated, Teddy ended up in between Harry and Albus, with James directly across from him.

It didn’t help his nerves to have James staring at him through the whole meal. It made him self-conscious about the way he ate, the way his fingers seemed to tremble slightly when he picked up his glass of water. 

He stared at his food and worried about how the conversation was going to go after dinner, when he told James his secret. It was hard not to imagine the worst possible scenario, and it made his stomach churn. It was then Teddy realized he was barely hungry. He ate anyway, because he loved Harry’s cooking.

“Teddy?” Ginny asked, causing his head to snap up. He saw that everyone at the table was staring in his direction. 

“Yeah?” he asked, nervously rubbing the back of his neck.

Harry chuckled next to him, and Teddy noticed the resemblance between him and James. “Ginny asked you about Victoire. Albus said you spend a lot of time with her at school.”

“Oh,” Teddy choked out, swallowing the lump in his throat. “There’s nothing going on between me and Victoire.”

Victoire Weasley was Teddy’s best friend, but it didn’t go further than that. He happened to have feelings for someone else.

Teddy couldn’t help but glance at James, who held his gaze for a moment before looking away. Teddy ignored the incessant pounding in his chest before adding, “If that’s what you’re asking.”

He looked down at his half-eaten food, and tried not to look at James for the remainder of the meal.


After the adults had made all of the kids clean up, Teddy decided that he needed some fresh air. He snuck his way out the front door and onto the porch.

It overlooked the Potter’s lawn, which was so green that Teddy could see the color of it in the night’s darkness. He looked up at the stars, which calmed him down a little.

Sometimes Teddy would look at the stars, and suddenly his problems wouldn’t seem so large anymore.

Wrapping a pale hand around the porch’s banister, Teddy made himself take deep breaths. If he was going to do what he was planning, it was going to take all of the courage he had inside him.

“Teddy?” someone asked from behind him. 

Teddy whipped around to find James shutting the front door behind him. He adjusted his glasses, pushing them up on his nose. “Are you okay?” 

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Teddy replied, turning back around. That was a complete lie, as James’s presence had upped Teddy’s heartbeat greatly. 

Out of the corner of his eye, Teddy saw James sit down on the porch steps, leaving room for Teddy to join him. He gingerly sat down on James’s right, running a hand over his hair again.

“You don’t seem fine,” James said, looking over at Teddy. “You look nervous, or something.”

Teddy looked back at him. James was in a tee-shirt and jeans, which Teddy wasn’t used to seeing him in. James always seemed to come along with his Gryffindor robes, which were almost always disheveled, like his hair.

Teddy looked back to the front yard, and pushed the words out of his mouth, anxious and fast. “I have to tell you something.”

James didn’t say anything, just waited for Teddy to continue. Teddy could feel his gaze burning into him.

“You know how I said there wasn’t anything between me and Victoire? Well, I sort of like someone else.”

The words seemed to pour out of Teddy’s mouth, and he didn’t even have to think about them - probably due to the fact that he had been holding them in for so long.

He forced himself to look at James, who looked back with his big hazel eyes. His hair fell in pieces atop his forehead, which Teddy couldn’t help but look at. He looked back into James’s eyes, and muttered, “You. I like you, James.

A moment passed before James replied.

“Oh.” The word pulled at Teddy’s heartstrings; he had no idea how to interpret that. James took a breath before saying, “I had no idea, Teddy.”

Teddy looked away, back up at the stars. 

“For how long?” James asked carefully, as if he was walking on broken glass.

Teddy hesitated, drawing in a long breath through his lips. “A couple of months,” he said, barely above a whisper.

“Wow,” James breathed. Teddy heard him gulp.

Suddenly, as if a switch flipped inside him, Teddy stood up, wrapping a hand around the railing by the stairs. “This was a mistake, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have… I’m gonna go-”

“No, Teddy. Please don’t,” James blurted, standing up as well. Teddy was half a head taller than him. 

Teddy quickly went down the steps, starting toward the sidewalk. “I’m sorry,” he said again, so low that he wasn’t sure if James heard.

“Wait,” James said, quickly wrapping his hand around Teddy’s right wrist. Teddy felt him pull, and when he turned around, James kept pulling.

He pulled Teddy close enough to crash his lips onto his.

James let go of Teddy’s wrist so that he could grab his face, tucking his fingers around Teddy’s ear, the other hand in the back of his hair.

Teddy’s mind was completely fuzzy - he couldn’t seem to focus on anything but the glide of James’s mouth on his. The way his glasses bumped against Teddy’s cheek. His hands found their way to James’s waist, which he held delicately.

When they finally separated, Teddy was out of breath. James grinned, looking above Teddy’s eyes.

“What?” Teddy asked, biting back a smile. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Your hair is turning pink.”

Teddy let out a laugh, unable to hide the grin spreading across his face. He felt heat rise to his face.

“So are your cheeks,” James added, dragging a finger down the side of Teddy’s face. Teddy reached up to grab James’s hand, squeezing it.

“Stop talking,” Teddy whispered, glancing at the other boy’s lips. “Just kiss me again.”

James smiled, and did what Teddy asked.

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Hi! Id like to reccomend the fic Apple Pies and Other Amends by ToEatAPeach. Its my new favorite the writing style is amazing, and theres some smut and amazing banter. Also some tags are, alcoholic draco, hermione is forgiving and some slytherin friendship (Theo) and supprotive lucius and narcissa as well. Love what you guys do for the dramioen community btw!!

I read that two days ago, and it awesome!! I really enjoyed the characterizations of the D and H and Narcissa and Lucius too!

Title: Apple Pies and Other Amends
Author: ToEatAPeach
Rating: M
Genre(s): Romance, Hurt/Comfort
Chapters: 30
Word Count: 80,080
Summary: Sometimes you’re sad. Sometimes you need dessert. And sometimes, it’s a little of both.

- Lisa

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I didn't know if you were still taking prompts but something under the idea of Mike and Ginny getting close during spring training and close to opening day one of them has the line, "I can't keep doing this with you."

those who wait | ao3

“Hey, Lawson?”

Mike looked up from slicing tomatoes when Ginny came in, an inquisitive tilt to his head.

She practically skipped through the kitchen, freshly showered and grinning. No question was forthcoming as she slid onto a stool at the island to watch him prep dinner. Most likely, she’d been summoned by the smell of sizzling bacon and wanted to know when food would be ready. There were days that he thought he should regret inviting Ginny—and Blip, who’d declined, and Livan, who hadn’t—to stay in his Arizona house, but he never quite managed to do it. Then of course, she’d do something like grin so openly at him, happy and healthy and on her way to the top, and regret was the least of his worries.

“Back to San Diego next week,” she observed, sneaking a piece of bacon from the paper towel where it was draining and crunching into it. “You excited?”

It hardly mattered whether or not Mike was excited, not with the giddy energy rolling off Ginny. Ever since she’d cemented her spot as a starter again, having made her comeback from last season’s injury, she’d been irrepressible, practically floating everywhere she went. It didn’t dull her competitive edge, but off the field, her enthusiasm and energy were hard to resist.

Well. That was easier to think than the alternative.

(That she was hard to resist.)

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have you ever considered cho and ginny as cute magical girlfriends? ginny is adventurous and wild and cho is clever and curious. they build epic pillow forts together and ginny lays with her head in chos lap while cho plays with her hair and tells ginny about things shes read. ginny writes an awesome song for cho for her bday and plays it for her. cho makes the best pancakes and ginny tries making pancakes for cho but they end up burnt (cho doesn't mind tho. she teaches ginny hot to cook later)


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Ginmione (Ginny x Hermione) aka OTP

who hogs the duvet

Ginny, because she’s the most competetive and grew up with so many brothers who kept stealing her things. Not that Hermione gets cold because of this because for the very same reasons Ginny hogs Hermione too

who texts/rings to check how their day is going

Ginny. Hermione is usually too lost in her work. But when Ginny goes away for a training camp it is Hermione who makes sure to send her a letter every day, but only after she finishes work

who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts

Ginny, partially because Hermione always gives books or writing utensils (or other utensils) and partially because Ginny has an entire quidditch team+staff who she can ask for help

who gets up first in the morning

Hermione. Even when Ginny has to leave early Hermione wakes up first to wake up Ginny. That girl will not be woken up by any alarms

who suggests new things in bed

Hermione. Because lesbian sex isn’t as straightfoward as gay or straight sex Hermione does a lot of research on the subject. Sometimes she even starts lengthy explinations during sex about the things she read which kind of annoys Ginny though at the same time it’s a huge turn on
who cries at movies

They both pretent not to, with Hermione criticising unrealistic parts of the plot to keep herself from seeing the full sadness/happiness of the movie while Ginny tries to focus on the weirdness of muggle technology and Hermione’s voice. Until one of them whispers “it’s just so sad/happy etc” and then they both cry

who gives unprompted massages

Ginny. She learned a couple tricks from her team’s masseuse and Hermione is always stressed

who fusses over the other when they’re sick

Hermione. She immeadeatly contacts the healers in her network and looks up all the symptoms in every book she can find. Usually she’s confinced Ginny is dying just when the redhead is actually feeling better

who gets jealous easiest

Ginny. Again something caused by her brothers. Once you’ve got something you never let it go because otherwise Fred and George might just turn it into a spider. Not that Ginny has to get jealous often because Hermione tends to scare any suitors off herself with lengthy Percy-like rants about the dullest of things (making Ginny go from jealous to barely holding in her laughter within seconds)

who has the most embarrassing taste in music

Ginny, and she’s not apologetic about it. If you don’t want to share a shower with her while she’s bellowing out Megan Trainor then you’re not a match for her. Hermione finds this very odd at first but soon enough Ginny has her joining in in the most epic shower duets

who collects something unusual

Hermione. She collects everything that might be of intrest at any point later in life. Their appartment has an entire room full of filling cabinets and books

who takes the longest to get ready

Hermione, at least when she’s really making an effort to tame her hair. 

who is the most tidy and organised

Hermione. This does not need an explination

who gets most excited about the holidays

Ginny. Hermione usually forgets to have fun in the stress of writing christmas cards, beating both Draco and Harry as well as Ron and Blaise when it comes to decorating the house, baking things, coming up with a present that isn’t a book (and usually failing, not that she minds much because books are awesome)

who is the big spoon/little spoon

Hermione is the little spoon because Ginny always climbs half on top of her and then falls asleep. They don’t do traditional spooning though, usually it’s just a mess of limbs

who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports

Ginny. This does not need an explination

who starts the most arguments

They both do it about equally often. Ginny because she gets very devensive since she usually had to figth against 6 brothers instead of one girl and Hermione because I am right goddamnit

who suggests that they buy a pet

Neither. Ginny is away a lot and Hermione works late. When Draco spots the first signs of a burn out though, after Hermione throws herself into work because Ginny is away for a half year to train in australia, he scemes together with Harry Blaise and (very reluctantly) Ron to buy her a dog, forcing her to at least get out of the house (or come home at all, sometimes she falls asleep on her desk)

what couple traditions they have

They always start their dates saying “we will not talk about work” only to be talking about work 5 seconds after. It’s a tradition now (just as they always buy three deserts and share each of them)

what tv shows they watch together

English detectives, where they always pause the TV to discuss their own theories, sometimes even forgetting to ever finish the episode. They both have Say Yes To The Dress as guilty pleasure, but they never watch it together

what other couple they hang out with

Draco and Harry (where Ginny and Harry always fight over who cooks, with both of them claiming to be better than the other and pretending to vomit when they haven’t cooked the meal themselves, and Draco and Hermione quietly discussing work gossip, though they always pretent to be talking about policy stuff as soon as their spouses start listening because we do not gossip) the most but they visit Dean and Seamus and Blaise and Ron too, though not nearly as often

how they spend time together as a couple

Because they both have exhausting jobs they mostly hang on the couch together watching TV, though they always have very active vacations with Hermione dragging Ginny to every museum she can find. At first Ginny doesn’t protest because she loves it when Hermione gets exited, later she doesn’t protest because she discovered her own love for musea. Ginny even asks Hermione to marry her in a museum

who made the first move

Ginny invited Hermione over for drinks in her new appartment, Hermione made the first move (after downing half a bottle of wine, she was a bit nervous). After that Hermione just never left

who brings flowers home

Neither. Flowers always die, potted plants are much more fun (though they never buy those themselves, Neville gives them)

who is the best cook

Ginny. Hermione is a decent cook because she always watched her dad cook, but Ginny always had to participate in cooking with her mother (who is a lot less modern than Hermione’s parents. It took her quite a while to accept Ginny’s girlfriend and Harry and Ron’s boyfriends) since she was a girl

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you stuff! (please do this was so much fun to write)

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: Put Your Trust In Me

By @huffle-what

2775 words

Albus is absolutely horrid at keeping secrets. Even if he’s convinced this one will destroy him.


Albus has a secret he’s been keeping. From his siblings, his parents, even Scorpius… his best friend. But he’s not doing a very good job at keeping it. Don’t get me wrong, no one knows it, they can just tell something’s wrong. Albus isn’t a very talkative or loud kid when he’s not around Scorpius, but for him to be this quiet and distant, something’s going on.

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749. After the War Harry was unsure where to live. He had Sirius's house, and sometimes he'd stay there. But he found that being there longer than a week made him have strange dreams. He'd frequently stay at the Weasleys’ house, but it was so often overcrowded that he couldn't get a moment alone. Finally, he bought a flat in London but he found it too lonely. He wanted company and asked Neville to move in and they were great roommates for the next three years.
Gothel Headcanons

My favourite character in the whole of the Descendants canon is Ginny Gothel, daughter of Mother Gothel from Tangled. So I decided to think up some headcanons for them both.

- Ginny and her mother live in an apartment close to the bazaar. Their apartment stretches over a street and stands like a bridge over it (connecting the two buildings across from each other). 

- Gothel is a good friend to Lady Tremaine; they frequently get together after school to drink sour wine, eat mouldy cheese and complain about their students.

- Gothel works a side-job in the Tremaine’s beauty salon but resents the job just as much as teaching and hates her bosses.

- Ginny received a Hyena pup when she attended Evie’s 6th birthday. They named him Teli - it’s Swahili for ‘gold/braid’. She has grown to hate him over the years and enjoys kicking him/slamming doors in his face.

- Gothel leaves most of the house work to Ginny. She does it reluctantly but is pretty good at cleaning.

- Ginny sees herself as better than vandalism and her preferred crime of choice is theft. She steals from hawkers at the bazaar all the time. She usually trades stuff in a Madame Medusa’s pawn shop for makeup and beauty tools.

- Mother Gothel never really lets Ginny leave the apartment. Of course Ginny sneaks out anyway. (She has a rope made of a iron-pipe and rags hidden in a basket under her bed).

- Mother Gothel constantly berates her daughter on her outer appearance. The Evil Queen is bad to Evie, but is compassionate - Gothel is an outright bully who feigns her nitpicking as ‘only doing it your own good’.

- Physical affection isn’t something the Gothel’s do on the regular. They hug every now and then, and sometimes Ginny gets a kiss on the forehead - but that’s it really.

- Ginny has a thing for bad boys like Harry Hook - sort of like her mother with the Stabbington brothers.

- Gothel drinks. A lot. There’s a wall-length wine cupboard in the kitchen that is decorated with half-empty bottles of wine scavenged from the barges. She likes to get drunk to Rapunzel’s records playing on the broken record player in candlelight in the living room. Her old chair she used with Rapunzel in the tower is her preferred spot to pass out in.

- When Ginny was younger, she’d used to sit outside the living room listening to the music and would wait until her mother was asleep and the record had ended to start cleaning up.

- The finishing touch was draping an old blanket over her mother’s chair and blowing out the candles. Then she’d go to bed, aware she’d have to make breakfast in the morning.

- As she got older, Ginny learned to cife small amounts of alcohol from each bottle, compile it into a new bottle, and get herself a fun drunken night out for her and her friends.

- Gothel has never cooked Ginny a proper meal. She usually leaves early in the morning and comes home hours after Ginny is home from school. Ginny usually handles the kitchen. Gothel rarely eats.

- Ginny never really goes into her mother’s room. The door is kept shut and sometimes locked. Mother Gothel doesn’t really use it much.

- Although they’re surrounded by denim and leather, the Gothels never usually change their fashion. They usually always wear dresses and capes with sandals or wedges.

Sorry, this got a little bit depressing towards the end - I just assumed their relationship wasn’t really co-dependent. It was more like Gothel relied upon her daughter more than the other way around. I have many many many more, but for now here’s the best I’ve got.