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sicilian haze , the italian dream we have woven for ourselves after being ripped to shreds. waking up to sun and stars and a quiet melody of nothingness , the simple life we deserve. we’re the moon and the gleaming sun , the pink colour when the day meets the night.

I wanted to write a fic for the friday thing, but I couldn’t get the words to fit correctly together. So instead I’m giving a list of hc’s that I was gonna use in the fic that I couldn’t write. It was gonna be a Hinny fic.

  • aromantic pansexual Ginny with multiple sexual partners but never falling in love; eventually that’s what ended a lot of her relationships.
  • aromantic demisexual genderfluid Harry who figured out they were demisexual when they started having wet dreams about her (canon for that, lol)
  • Ginny helping Harry figure out that they’re genderfluid, as they were freaking out about it during their fourth year, what with the Yule Ball shit going down.
  • They freaking love cuddling - especially after they play a game of Quidditch
  • Speaking of Quidditch, these two nerds can have a 3 hour conversation on what tricks they could use against Slytherin, throwing a Quidditch pun or sex joke in about every five minutes
  • These two adrenaline junkies will be exploring the Forbidden Forest at all hours of the night. Hagrid has to keep eye on the tree line for them rushing out after messing with a animal.
  • After the war, they help each other deal with their PTSD and stuff.
  • Holding each other after nightmares.
  • Marrying because hello married couples’ discounts
  • They’re kids getting used to switching between calling Harry Dad, Mom, and Creator (something Ginny started, the kids caught on, and Harry find absolutely ridiculous)
  • Them not naming their kids after dead people; instead, they’ve got gender neutral names (just in case, ya know). Jesse Potter, Alex Potter, and Sam Potter.
  • generally just Harry and Ginny being in a cute qp relationship with their little womb nuggets as sidekicks
Some silly Luna x Ginny things

- idk what the canon heights are but I like the thought that Ginny is a lot taller than Luna, and their builds are different because Ginny is a Quidditch player and Luna isn’t

- Luna wears Ginny’s jumpers and robes all the time and Ginny finds it so cute
- Mrs Weasley knits Luna her own Weasley jumper but Ginny is outraged when it fits her perfectly rather than being huge and adorable

- Luna makes huge banners to hold up and support her gf at Quidditch matches (other Ravenclaws get bitter over her supporting Gryfffindor but Luna doesnt give a shit)

- Ginny 100% supports Luna’s animal searching ambitions and will listen to her theories no matter how bizarre they seem
- Luna protecting Ginny against pureblood supremists who​ hate the weasleys, and Ginny standing up for Luna against anyone who calls her loony (although they can stand up for themselves too)

- Luna making Ginny protective jewelry and Ginny helping Luna braid flowers into her hair

- just Ginny and Luna being cute girlfriends who care about and support each other

golden trio? I think you mean silver triad. ginny sharing defense against the dark arts notes and kisses with luna and neville. luna and neville cheering for her during quidditch matches loudly enough for the entirety of gryffindor house. luna sewing them both really odd clothes that they’re kind of off-put by but which they wear anyway bc luna made them (and ron makes fun of them all the time but he’ll hit anyone else who tries to)

polyamorous luna neville and ginny generally being cute and important. I think that’s what you were really looking for.