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Prompt: 2) Hinny dueling, set anytime post-battle. Cocky harpy vs. wipe-the-floor-with-you Auror? First summer trauma coping? The angst/fluff potential is endless

A/N: so this is a combo of the prompt ^ from @julxr4 and inspiration from @blvnk-art‘s grown up hinny fan art, particularly this comic.

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Harry’s pretty capable, as far as new fathers go.  No major injuries or illnesses to report, and he thinks James seems pretty happy, all things considered.  So when Ginny goes to spring training for almost a month, he does alright.  Aside from missing Ginny like – something he would miss a lot.  Sleep deprivation is not particularly conducive to similes.  Or grooming.  Between a full workload with the Auror Office and handling James on his own every night, certain things get shunted to the side.  And it’s a pretty easy choice if he’s deciding between shaving and taking a kip for a quarter of an hour.

Which is why Ginny comes home to her husband lying spread eagle on the floor with the tiniest Potter splayed across his chest, playing with his newly grown beard.  “Alright Potters?”

James claps his chubby hands and topples back against Harry’s now raised thighs in excitement.

Quickly, Harry catches James around his middle and soon enough has his entire family wrapped in his arms.  Ginny’s warm and firm under his hands, freckles and just a touch of sunburn across her shoulders, her chocolate eyes sparkling in that way that lets him know he’s not the only one who’s been lonely.

James pitches toward Ginny, his kiss overly wet and gummy, while Harry nuzzles her damp hair.  “We missed you.”

Ginny takes James into her arms, showering him with kisses before using her free hand to scratch at Harry’s beard.  “This is new.”

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Recommended Reading: Bawson Edition Part Three

As I’m sure all of you know, Fox in all its wisdom (note sarcasm) cancelled Pitch. As heartbreaking as this is, the cancellation of this wonderful show in no way diminishes my love for these characters or my love for the stories created in this fandom.  Now me personally, I’ve never needed my OTP to be canon to ship it, just like I don’t need the show to still be on the air for me to participate in the fandom (proud Spuffy shipper here).

With that being said, here is my promise to all the talented writers in this fandom, if you keep writing, I’ll keep reading and recommending, and together we’ll all keep the Bawson fandom alive.  (To take a peak at my first list of Bawson recs click here and for the second click here)

Adjustments and Compromises by  2shytheshippy Usually, stories like these begin with some kind of disclaimer like: this started out innocently enough.

This is not that type of story.

anything we want by Anjali_Organna The night before the Padres are due to start their first spring training without Mike Lawson in over a decade, Ginny shows up at his house.

Bawson AUs by  Ellabee15    A group of Bawson AUs  

Coming Down   by ClassyWillow  Ginny hasn’t answered anyone’s calls for two weeks, until Mike finally calls.  

Experience is the Best Teacher by Bullpen_Antics Ginny has questions… Mike has answers…   

Falling One-shots by ClassyWillow A series of Ginny and Mike one-shots

Forget Me Not by  MagicInHerMadnes Instead of her arm, it’s Ginny’s head that gets hurt during her no-hitter game.

Friends (with a comprehensive benefits package) by oddlyfamiliar After a game of Never Have I Ever during a night of team bonding, Ginny discovers a few things about Mike that she can’t stop thinking about.

guys like you   by elegantstupidity  Ginny knows that playing Never Have I Ever at a house party is just going to lead into TMI Territory.What she doesn’t expect is for it to lead to some of the best sex of her life..

Helpless by  MagicInHerMadness  College AU. Mike and Ginny meet at a frat party

In your corner ‘til the end by Lady_in_Red Season 2: Spring Training. Ginny worries about making the roster, Mike is even surlier than usual, and flashbacks explain a lot.

More Than Friends by MagicInHerMadness Ginny and Mike experience an interesting change in their relationship in the middle of their junior year of high school.

Mornin’, Sunshine  by   Dynamic_Ideation  “He liked to take her in the morning just like this, to wake her up when she was soft and malleable, at her most vulnerable and open. ”

there’s no place like home  by  darlinginmyway Mike’s grandmother is having her 90th birthday party, and he needs a girlfriend for the weekend.

They slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered  by  oddlyfamiliar  She’s been patient. She has been so goddamn patient. It hasn’t been easy, but Ginny’s pretty sure that it’s worth it, that they’re worth it. And now they’re here.

Tomorrow is Mike’s last game before he retires from professional baseball.

 Part 2 of You never really know someone until you talk to them at 4am

Tuned In by ClassyWillow One night at Spring Training was all it took to end Ginny Baker’s season and Mike Lawson to feel like a proper asshole for it.

vivid, electrifying detail by darlinginmyway Evelyn wants details—vivid, electrifying details.

Waiting is the most difficult bit by oddlyfamiliar  Usually, Ginny’s arguments with Mike end with one of them storming off. Sometimes, they just bicker for days, until one of them eventually forgets what they were even arguing about to begin with.Somehow, this argument ends with Mike handing her a vibrator in the middle of a dark and crowded nightclub, and calling her bluff.Ginny really didn’t see this coming.

Walk A Mile (With You Beside Me)  by  HookedonCS    “You like chasing. You don’t like having.” The words Mike Lawson’s ex-wife once told him play like a mantra in his head sometimes. It might have dulled as his budding relationship with Ginny Baker begins to soar (even when they are the only ones to know). But the baggage Mike carries through life can’t be ignored forever. Not by him. And not by Ginny. So where does that take them both when Ginny begins to ask the questions? And where does that leave them when Mike begins drowning in that mantra again?  

The What In the How and the Why  by 2shytheshippy  “It is known that there are an infinite number of worlds, simply because there is an infinite amount of space for them to be in; let your soul stand cool and composed before a million universes.” Douglas Adams/Walt WhitmanBecause there are infinite universes with infinite Bawson stories to tell. Canon Divergent, AU’s, and prompts galore; stand alones, mini series, continuations, etc. 

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linny postwar headcanons for @rravencclaw and @hpfemsecretsanta . I had a ton of fun with this! it’s a little chaotic, but i hope you like it! it’s not really a reflective post-war thing. i just wanted them to be happy. 

  • ginny always felt strange about her relationships during her earlier hogwarts years
  • especially her relationship with harry 
  • But she decided maybe it was just her imagination, and played the role of the Chosen One’s Girlfriend well
  • I mean, she did like Harry a lot
  • maybe just not how you were supposed to like your boyfriend
  • but she kept it up
  • then came her 6th year and the battle of hogwarts
  • she didn’t really have time for feelings because honestly there was so much happening and she just hoped her family would be alright
  • the summer before 7th year, ginny was so relieved when harry pulled her aside and said he didn’t have the space for a relationship
  • she felt so free and she was happy that neither harry nor her had been hurt
  • ginny spent her 7th year mostly with luna and neville
  • especially luna
  • luna was like a gorgeous fairy
  • she was intelligent and kind and amazing
  • and the war had made ginny appreciate her even more
  • she imagined losing luna and it cut through her like a sharp knife
  • ginny could listen to luna talk for hours
  • and she did
  • regularly 
  • because what good was studying if you could be listening to the cheerful voice of Luna Lovegood?
  • ginny gets even more into quidditch during her 7th year, if that was possible
  • luna goes to all of her matches and practices, cheering loudly from the stands
  • ginny even manages to convince McGonagall to let her commentate another time
  • luna focuses only on what ginny is doing and claims she’s “really the most talented quidditch player ever and she’s also got really shiny hair”
  • ginny almost falls off her broom at that
  • luna is not allowed to commentate again
  • ginny, luna, and neville study together occasionally 
  • but ginny and luna often get sidetracked
  • to which neville shakes his head and rolls his eyes and gives ginny a knowing look
  • ginny doesn’t know why he does that
  • or maybe she does
  • she just doesn’t think about it too much
  • life during their last year at hogwarts continues on like this
  • pleasant and light
  • trying to escape the war through friendship 
  • but all the while ginny feels as if something besides the past haunts her
  • one day in the spring, ginny spots two fifth year girls walking together down the corridor
  • they’re holding hands
  • ginny watches as one of the girls shifts slightly and kisses the other one on the cheek
  • and just like that
  • it hits ginny square in the chest
  • maybe she … likes luna?
  • dissimilar to the way she likes other people
  • in a softer way
  • in a romantic, toe-curling, cheeks-blushing, heart-aching kind of way
  • in a way she’s never liked anyone before
  • maybe she’s always liked luna
  • that seems right to ginny at that moment
  • she’s liked luna since the instant they met
  • suddenly ginny feels much calmer
  • calmer than she’s ever felt
  • she knows exactly what she’s going to do
  • for she is a gryffindor. brave and bold
  • and she’s waited a painfully long time for something to feel so right
  • she’s not going to wait any longer
  • so, for better or for worse, she marches her way down to the grounds
  • somehow she knows exactly where luna will be
  • like magic
  • a different kind than the one she is used to
  • it’s a beautiful magic
  • ginny walks her way over to the greenhouses
  • she finds luna leaning against one of them, reading a book and winding her long, blonde hair around her finger
  • ginny stops for a second just to take this girl in
  • this amazing, wonderful girl
  • she takes a deep breath
  • then she calls out a greeting to luna
  • walks right up to her
  • and just kisses her
  • luna doesn’t even act surprised
  • she just melts right into the kiss
  • she drops her book and slowly brings her arms up around ginny’s neck, curling her fingers gently into ginny’s hair
  • the two girls just stand there kissing near a greenhouse
  • for an eternity or a minute
  • no one could say for sure
  • when the kiss breaks, their faces stay close together
  • ginny has tears in her eyes
  • “woah”
  • “uh-huh”
  • luna can’t keep herself from smiling
  • she’s been waiting for ginny to kiss her for years
  • it’s even better than she’d imagined
  • after a few seconds, luna reaches down and grabs ginny’s hand
  • they walk back up to the castle together
  • and just like that
  • they’re girlfriends
  • they graduate hogwarts together
  • move into a little flat not far from The Burrow
  • luna decorates it with flowers 
  • ginny populates it with quidditch memorabilia and comfy cushions
  • luna writes for the quibbler and ginny plays quidditch
  • they spend their lazy days sitting out on their tiny balcony
  • luna paints portraits of ginny
  • and ginny tells luna stories and asks her questions and tries to distract her with kisses
  • they’ve never been more in love
  • they get married on a hilltop in springtime
  • on the 7 year anniversary of their relationship
  • they invite only family and close friends
  • the ceremony is short and sweet
  • followed by hours upon hours of dancing
  • until the sun finally sets on two impossibly in love young women
  • despite the horrors of the past
  • they’re happy

anonymous asked:

I didn't know if you were still taking prompts but something under the idea of Mike and Ginny getting close during spring training and close to opening day one of them has the line, "I can't keep doing this with you."

those who wait | ao3

“Hey, Lawson?”

Mike looked up from slicing tomatoes when Ginny came in, an inquisitive tilt to his head.

She practically skipped through the kitchen, freshly showered and grinning. No question was forthcoming as she slid onto a stool at the island to watch him prep dinner. Most likely, she’d been summoned by the smell of sizzling bacon and wanted to know when food would be ready. There were days that he thought he should regret inviting Ginny—and Blip, who’d declined, and Livan, who hadn’t—to stay in his Arizona house, but he never quite managed to do it. Then of course, she’d do something like grin so openly at him, happy and healthy and on her way to the top, and regret was the least of his worries.

“Back to San Diego next week,” she observed, sneaking a piece of bacon from the paper towel where it was draining and crunching into it. “You excited?”

It hardly mattered whether or not Mike was excited, not with the giddy energy rolling off Ginny. Ever since she’d cemented her spot as a starter again, having made her comeback from last season’s injury, she’d been irrepressible, practically floating everywhere she went. It didn’t dull her competitive edge, but off the field, her enthusiasm and energy were hard to resist.

Well. That was easier to think than the alternative.

(That she was hard to resist.)

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