Harry Potter was brave, selfless, and kind but he was also impulsive, un observant, and stubborn and put himself in harms way for others without thinking of the consequences

Ron Weasley was incredibly loyal and would give up anything for those he cared about but he was also insecure and judgmental and petty in some situations

Hermione Granger was clever as anyone and had the determination to get things she thought important out there for everyone to see but she was bad at admitting her wrongdoings due to a strong fear of failure and often came off as rude because she felt the need to show others she was right

Sirius Black was strong willed and would put himself in dangerous situations for anyone he thought deserved it but he was damaged and spiteful and when angry would spit out hurtful things to simply win an argument

Remus Lupin was caring and accepting and always made time for those who needed it but he was self loathing and felt he was undeserving of others care and love resulting in him often pushing others away so they wouldn’t get too close

Molly Weasley was giving, generous, and would do anything for her children, blood or not, but she was prejudiced and often said things in the protection of others that were rude and hurtful

Albus Dumbledore was kind and warm and was there as a reminder of protection but he was cold when he needed to be and would give up anything for the greater good of the world

Draco Malfoy was determined and strong but he was spiteful and pompous and he was a scared boy caught in a bad situation that he handled even worse

Neville Longbottom was kind and thoughtful but he was self doubting and unsure of himself causing him to act feeble at times

Ginny Weasley was confident and passionate but she cared too much and thought things out too little often putting herself in danger for other’s wellbeing

Every character that we all love and care for has downfalls just like every one of us do but that doesn’t stop us from loving them and seeing the good through the bad. Just because you have parts of you that aren’t so pretty doesn’t mean nobody can look past them and love you besides them, we do it everyday with these characters. Nobody writes books about perfect people for a reason

Current Ship Top 9 Tally

Linny: 21

Pansmione: 13

Ginsy: 9

Flonks: 7

Parvender: 6

Ginmione: 5

ChoLuna: 5

Dorlene: 5

Fleurmione: 4

Ginny x Cho: 3

Parvati x Susan: 2

Minerva x Wilhelmina: 2

Fleur x Cho: 1

Pansy x Luna: 1

Hermione x Cho: 1

Lily x Marlene: 1

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