30 Day Bleach Challenge: Day Sixteen - Fave Fan Ships Part One (10)

10. GinMatsu (1/10)

It’s weird because I do like this ship and Gin does show he cares in his own weird way, but I just think that Rangiku can do better.  Maybe it’s because I can relate to her situation?  I don’t know.  If she loves Gin, then its all good I suppose.

9. AiHina (2/10)

Mmm, I don’t know about y'all but I think that this ship is so sexy.  A sweet, innocent girl lured by a seductive, bad boy.  Overall, I’m a good girl so this is like my own personal fantasy lmao. 

As far as AiHina goes, I honestly think that Aizen is going to turn good-ish as the story goes along.  There is a reason why Kubo didn’t kill him off.  This theory, plus the fact that he played the role of “sweetie-pie captain” so well leads me to think that he’s not all bad. 

8. KenUno (3/10)

KenUno gives me a passion filled, destined for disaster type vibe.  It’s sexy and tragic and weird and sweet and evil all at the same time.  I like unconventional love stories that aren’t all bunnies and smiles and kissy faces.

7. UraYoru (4/10)

Best friends with benefits?  I am a UraYoru fan as either lovers or best friends.  I could see it going either way.  What I love most about this is their chemistry with one another.  It’s like they get along so well and can understand the way the other thinks and operates.

6. ShiYori (5/10)

This would be the funniest relationship to watch.  Like can you imagine how often these two would fight?  Shiyori may seem like it wouldn’t work at first by the way Hiyori treats Shinji.  However, when she gets critically injured by Gin, you can see how much Shinji truly cares for this girl.

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“Si mañana te conviertes en una
serpiente, y comienzas a devorar
humanos, y de la misma boca con
la que devoraste humanos, me
gritaras "¡Te amo!”, ¿Todavía
puedo decir “te amo” de la
misma manera en que lo hago
—  Ichimaru Gin, últimas palabras a Matsumoto.