ginko nuts

Ginkgo Nuts

So my co-werker recommended this.

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Ginkgo nuts.

I knew what they were when i passed by a tree, littered with plum like fruits, that smelt like dog shit.

the leaves look like this

and the “nuts” look like this


what you need is some bowls,

.. pliers….

and other stuff..

separate the fruit, from the nuts, then… with the pliers crack ‘em, and remove the good stuff.

cook them over a medium heat for a couple minutes.. and vouala….

they were… 

pretty good. Every one at my work seemed to think they were a lot better then they really were but… it was good.. worth the trial to find out at leaste… but maybe not again.. it was a lot of work to de shell em and all…

here’s a video that humored me


i also heard they had some sort of ill effects if one eats to many.. like memory loss… or… i dunno… something.. i ll look into it…