New 4U stuff! It’s all a big throwback to the 1996 era of Tamagotchi toys. The two new faceplates both resemble classic Tamagotchi shells.

For the touchcard download, the user will be able to raise Mametchi and Oyajitchi with their classic sprites. New food items (Rice 96 and Candy 96) will be available, as well as the original “Left and Right” game, staring Marutchi. The player’s Tamagotchi can also travel to the original version of Tamagotchi Town (as it was in 1996), and visit friends like Ginjirotchi, Masktchi, Kuchipatchi, Nyorotchi, and Tarakotchi.

This special pack will be sold on its own, as well as bundled with a 4U. The set comes out in May 2015.

Today I finally got to do something I never did back in the early days of tamagotchi’s…. I got the tamagotchi cd-rom!

I hatched him at 3pm and holy crap did it take my little babitchi a long time to change to marutchi, never knew this version took a hour long nap either! The voices so far though are SOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!! Hoping to get any character on him (but would really love to get Ginjirotchi since he’s my fav p1 adult =^-^=).

Today was a good day, Radish got his third discipline along with getting to know his 2 P2 brothers Blue and Webster. The four of us spent a good majority of the day outside enjoying the nice warm weather (since the last few years it’s been unnervingly hot outside… like anything past 95 is too hot for my liking).

Around 3pm we meet up with a friend downtown by the library and hung out till a little after 6pm when it started to sprinkle so me and my tama’s went home. Around 7pm Radish got sick so sometime tomorrow I’ll have Tamatchi on him, just gotta catch his last discipline before he changes and all wil be good =^-^=

Also I don’t think I mentioned who I’m going for on Radish so I will now, I’m going for my all time fav P1 adult Ginjirotchi since I haven’t raised a ginjirotchi since my last P1 Pancake’s screen cracked after he slipped out of my hands going downstairs (going to be a lot more careful with little Radish so that doesn’t happen with him).