gini's art

Ti tengo, nello sguardo dell'anima
come la fiaba il lupo,
come un mezzogiorno piovoso
la casa vuota
il cibo sul fuoco,
allora amore
sei un bambino
che spegne la candela
fffú, in un soffio,

(Chandra Livia Candiani, La bambina pugile ovvero La precisione dell'amore)

© Chiara Gini :

slauvian  asked:

WHATS UP YAQIN. CONGRATS ON 400!! ((you just couldnt wait for twenty more, could you?)) 🐡💎🍉 for @lunalovey ¿¿¿ i think my fave blogs right away during my first week here were (forgive me for any url changes i dont remember anything) padfootd, pctter, jilys, hermionesmenacinglook, ickle-ronniekins, howlingremus, and lumosweasley (gini has gr10 art). but also follow my meme blog yaqin you'd love it @meeeeemes

vivian you didn’t read it properly!!! but i’ll give you an exception because ily and for being amazing! im glad you like my blog title!! i was so close to 420 :(

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