Alan Sepinwall got show runner Mike Schur to tell both stories and included the quotes in his weekly review:

We were just shooting and someone came up to me and said “Newt Gingrich is here.”  He was meeting with the governor later and wanted to have lunch at St. Elmo.  I approached him and apologized for ruining his lunch plans.  He was very cordial and nice.  Morgan Sackett asked me if we should try to have him do a cameo, and I figured there was no way — he’d have to vet the show and stuff… But then I said, you know what?  Have Rob Lowe talk to him.  30 seconds later I got a text that he wanted to do it.  

I went into a trailer where I found Newt Gingrich, Roy Hibbert, Aziz Ansari, Adam Scott, Rob Lowe, Jim O’Heir and Chris Pratt casually chatting.  It was bizarre.  (I think the fact that Biden, McCain, Boxer, and Snowe have all been on this year helped.)  We quickly pitched on what he could do, and Aziz (I believe) was the one who made the Gingrich-Gergich connection.  We “wrote” (by speaking out loud) a mini-scene that could be tossed in without ruining what came after.  Shot it in three takes about 30 minutes later.

It was really fun, and we figured, hell, the whole point of the story is that they have a crazy night…(my favorite part is when Hibbert comes in at the end, there’s a shot of Pratt throwing up his arms, like, “You’ve gotta be kidding me.”)

Pratt hit from 25 in practice and wanted to go for 30.  We did four takes where he missed, and told him to move in because we were running out of time.  He said, “No.  I’m going to hit this one.  Make sure you follow the ball because I’m hitting this one.”  And he drilled it.  It was very inspiring.

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"For being so brilliant, they sure are dumb.” - Mama Palin on the lamestreammedia :)

With Santorum out, Gingrich for president...?

Rick Santorum’s decision to suspend his campaign for the White House came both too early and too late.

It has long been clear that the former Pennsylvania senator could not amass the necessary number of delegates to secure the nomination, but his dogged determination to slog on despite the facts gave his quest a certain Quixotic nobility.

Santorum won 11 contests — none of them key states, and some of them by a whisker, but enough to show that there was a thirst in the Republican Party for someone with a little more personality, and conviction, than the too-smooth, anodyne frontrunner, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

Now, with the polls in his home state showing that he could very likely suffer an embarrassing loss in a “must-win” contest, Santorum’s exit looks either like an uncharacteristic acknowledgement of reality or a cowardly refusal to face the consequences of his own rhetoric.

It could also be much more: Santorum’s failure to endorse his rival, who is now all but certain to clinch the nomination, could be just a sign of the enduring bad blood between the two men — the relic of a long and bitter battle…

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When the Gods wish to punish us...

…they answer our prayers.

More impressive in Italian (Quando dio, ole castigarci al mondo, quello che desideriamo), but it’s the only way to describe Newt’s rise. There had been talk amongst Democrats that a Newt nomination would be great.

I still think that Mitt Romney will win the nomination, but not as much as before. I am starting to think there are very significant cracks in his campaign and we are less than a month away from the first contest in the GOP Primary. If the incessant polls aren’t annoying enough, just wait for the media to completely lose all inhibition when actual votes are being counted.

Who knows, maybe he has peaked and will plummet like all the contenders before, but if Newt maintains this lead, manages to win some early states, and somehow win the nomination, it will not be the easy romp to reelection for Obama that is believed. Newt may resemble a bumbling idiot, and frankly, he may actually be one. However, it is important to remember that he was the one that engineered the Republican majority of Congress in 1994. The ‘Contract with America’ may have been hokey, but let’s be honest, messaging works. Romney, in contrast, came out with a 59 point plan for the economy. I appreciate complexity and recognition that governing is not just about soundbites, but good luck selling it. Gingrich knows how to win and how to speak to the masses. He may not have the best ideas, but put side by side with Obama, he may actually look like his equal rhetorically. Not factually, but certainly on the stump.

The biggest reason why Democrats should fear a Gingrich nomination is the electorate. Newt, for the reasons mentioned above, will stay ‘in the game’ long enough to make it interesting. The election will be close and with the economy already in a precarious position without Europe’s troubles looming over the rest of the world, who knows where we will be this time eleven months from now. People can get desperate. I know where I am voting and I know what type of economic world view I prescribe to, but I also know that I am not other people. So much is up in the air, and in a close election, there could be just enough votes swinging to Newt in key states for him to actually win. It certainly won’t be a landslide, but it could happen.

Lesson: Be careful of what you wish for.