With Santorum out, Gingrich for president...?

Rick Santorum’s decision to suspend his campaign for the White House came both too early and too late.

It has long been clear that the former Pennsylvania senator could not amass the necessary number of delegates to secure the nomination, but his dogged determination to slog on despite the facts gave his quest a certain Quixotic nobility.

Santorum won 11 contests — none of them key states, and some of them by a whisker, but enough to show that there was a thirst in the Republican Party for someone with a little more personality, and conviction, than the too-smooth, anodyne frontrunner, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

Now, with the polls in his home state showing that he could very likely suffer an embarrassing loss in a “must-win” contest, Santorum’s exit looks either like an uncharacteristic acknowledgement of reality or a cowardly refusal to face the consequences of his own rhetoric.

It could also be much more: Santorum’s failure to endorse his rival, who is now all but certain to clinch the nomination, could be just a sign of the enduring bad blood between the two men — the relic of a long and bitter battle…

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