13 years later, Kyle is one of the top 10% in his class. He originally majored in law pursuing to be a lawyer however, he lost interest and wanted to become somewhat different from his parents. He wants something out of the realms of law so he majors in Philosophy pursuing to become a public relations representative. Most students perceive Kyle as nothing but an “A+ student”. He is passionate about giving speeches, ideas, and philosophy. He tends to work excessively to a point where he becomes insane or even passes out. Although Kyle can be an excessive work-a-holic, he does participate in multiple sports. The sports include: football, basketball, and track and field. For football, he is a receiver, for basketball: a point guard, and for track and field: he does hurdles and 400 meter sprints. Surprisingly. Kyle is able to maintain a well-balanced work ethic. Sometimes things don’t go well with him. He faces a lot personal complications between Eric Cartman, Kenny, sometimes his best friend Stan, and others to whom Eric influenced. Kyle is one of the well-known student who has a shortest fuse. Most describe him as the “hot head red head”, “hot tamale” or “no-chill red pill”; in Eric’s case, “Gingervitis”. Once infuriated, he berates whoever insults him. People are a bit iffy to socialize with him however some could get along with him very well. Despite his temperamental actions, Kyle is a cautious, humble, and a diligent person. He is good friends with Stan, Token, Tweek, and Butters.

fun fact: A couple of students found Kyle sleeping in the library. This usually happens almost all the time.

scarletminx  asked:

Are gingers allowed on here @eric XD

Fuck no, dude. The only two gingers allowed here are Kyle and my daughter, Eva. My daughter is the only ginger with a soul, and Kyle, I guess. Gingers are banned from this blog, fuck them. I know I became leader of the gingers for a short time but it’s different now. Gingers are gross, and there’s no cure for gingervitis.

You guess?

I’m kidding, babe. You have a soul. A tainted Jew soul but you got one.

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sterek. "(703): How'd the date with the redheaded dentist go? (202): She didn't like my gingervitis joke" :)

“Seriously,” Scott says, and Stiles doesn’t know if it’s a rhetorical question or a statement. It may be both, Scott has this unique ability. “Stiles, seriously.”

“You can stop it with the seriouslies now, Scott, really, I get it,” Stiles replies. He buries his head in his hands, and heaves a deep sigh.

“Dude.” Scott looks at him doubtfully, eyebrows creased into a judgemental mode, like he’s questioning Stiles’ sanity or something. Which wouldn’t actually be the first time. Scott tends to question Stiles’ sanity even on a good day. It’s good, though, Stiles needs that; Stiles needs Scott to put him back on track whenever he strays. “This has been, like, the tenth date you messed up.”

Stiles splutters. “Excuse you,” he scoffs, indignant. “I didn’t mess it up. I didn’t mess up any date. It’s not my fault that—”

“The people you date are not Derek?” Scott finishes. Stiles is kinda angry that they’re skyping and he can’t really clobber Scott over the head with something.

“That’s—that’s—” Oh uh, stammering. “That’s ridiculous is what it is,” he manages after another moment of wordless flailing, points an accusing finger at his webcam.

Scott snorts, clearly unimpressed. “If you mean you not getting your head out of your ass, then yeah, it’s painfully ridiculous, I agree.”

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chaotictori  asked:

What hair colors would the boys like on their girl? Like name two are three colors (I wanna re dye my hair but before I do I must know XD)

i wish i would dye my hair :(( but.. work D: 

JIN: light brown or pink 

SUGA: black, deep purple

JHOPE: black, blonde

NAMJOON: blonde, dark brown 

JIMIN: black, orange/ginger

V: the whole fucking rainbow

JUNGKOOK: black, red