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This week on Things that Surprise No One, Leslie’s sketches keep getting messier and messier

The Rock Wall And The Crystal Wolf (Fan Fiction)

Pixel’s words echoed through Tick Tock'a brain as he tried to work.
-Tell her, okay?
Oh yeah, If it was as simple as that. But it wasn’t.
It’s just.. When he was around her.. He got this feeling… He couldn’t explain it..
She was perfect. Always so happy.. So..bubbly…
“Tick Tock”
Her caring eyes…
“Tickkkk Tock”
She was..
“Tick Tock!” 

“What?” He asked, Monotoned. He blinked, Staring into the eyes of the pony he was describing in his head moments ago.
“The doctor is already walking through the tunnel! You were just standing here so I had to come back and get you. Hey, Are you feeling okay? You’ve been… Spaced out.. Recently” Derpy asked gently.
“Oh.. Yeah. I’m fine, Positive.” Tick Tock reassured her quickly.
“Okay..” Derpy mumbled, Unconvinced.
They started walking through the dank cave, Following the noises of the Doctor’s hooves ahead. Derpy stayed quiet, Unusually. Tick Tock tried to clear his mind of any thoughts that might force his attention from the task at hoof, Which, Right now, Was trying to catch up to the Doctor, Who was only a few more feet ahead.

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The Green-Eyed Inventor (Fan-Fic)

Tick Tock paced rapidly in his room. He was working on this new invention and it felt like he couldn’t get anything right. First of all, The gears were all wrong and they wouldn’t move in synch, Causing the whole thing to.. Well, Obviously fail.

The ginger unicorn yelped as suddenly everything started bouncing. The floor, at least. The TARDIS was bouncing and moving all over the place.. Not his floor. He cast a minor spell to keep his things put so they wouldn’t move and he grunted as he skidded his way across the floor, managing to stand up somehow and make it to the control room. Derpy was already there, Trying to keep herself from falling as she stood by the panel. The Doctor was all over the controls by now, trying to land the TARDIS. “What’s happening, Doctor?” Tick Tock clenched his teeth as he tried not to fall.

“The TARDIS’s controls have gone all weird.. They won’t work and-” The Doctor yelled as he slid across the floor, Crashing into the wall as the TARDIS came to a screeching halt. “Ahh!” Derpy squealed as she fell into Tick Tock, Sending them both flying against the floor. “Woah” Tock grunted as Derpy’s head banged into his chest as they came to a complete stop by the TARDIS door. The Doctor stood and shook his head, walking over to the two. Derpy stood, blushing slightly as she moved away from Tick Tock who had landed on the floor, under her. He got to his hooves and blinked. “I suppose we should go out then” Tock muttered, trying to get rid of the slight headache he had gotten from banging his head against the floor. “Avante, Then!” The Doctor said cheerfully, opening the door and stepping outside. Tick rolled his eyes and followed suit, Derpy flying out not much later.

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I am way too bored lately & am currently waiting on the boy for date night schemes, so I’m gonna go ahead & apologize for the recent selfie invasion, but I needed to gush about this eyeshadow for a minute. It’s Too Faced’s Chocolate Bar eyeshadow collection & it smells like motherfucking chocolate & is made with cocoa powder. This is my first time trying out wings & I smell like a goddamn Hershey factory. No complaints. I am not very lady-like with all this cursing. Oops. Don’t care.