whateveryoudo-dont-blink asked:

6. 7. (I expect more nice things! C; ) 5. ^-^

6: I would probably save it to spend it on something sensible like college or somewhere to live and some of it I’d probably spend on friends and family because I like giving people things and making them smile.

7: I like my smile, my eyes, my nose, I like my hair and I like my ears, I don’t particularly like my weight but I’m working on that and doing more exercise and doing less pigging out on unhealthy food before I go to bed. 

5: I can’t say much for weird, em… I suppose sometimes I dance around the living room and sing really really loud but I’m not sure that’s really classed as weird is it? I mean everyone does that don’t they?

whateveryoudo-dont-blink asked:

Gurrrrl i don't care if you've seen 2000000 of his videos or 2! asdfghjkl;lkjhgfdsdfgh!!!!

Oh my god, I’m going to love you forever and ever and we’re going be like best friends forever and ever and just bjdf`avbafhvfbadavb/;af av;sfhjfad!!! We just have so much in common, it’s unreal, maybe we were separated at birth and moved to different parts of Scotland for our own safety because if we were together, our combined hyperness for all the things we have in common would be a danger to the rest of the population :o ;)