Manchester Orchestra are presenting their album as a visual mood ring on their blog, using emotions from all over Tumblr to premiere the new songs from COPE.

On Thursday, April 3, the band will project their fans’ moods into an interactive installation surrounding an album playback and live acoustic performance. 

We invite you to participate.

Visuals by gingergroupdesigns.  

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Gallery L1
828 Ralph McGill Blvd
Atlanta,GA 30306
all ages / free

RSVP here. Entry is limited to capacity, so get there early!



On Thursday, April 3, 2014, fans drove from as far as Alabama to take part in a unique experience with one of their favorite bands. 

Teamed up with gingergroupdesigns, Manchester Orchestra reimagined their Tumblr throughout the L1 Gallery in Atlanta, as they told the story behind their new album, COPE.

The front walls were dressed with lyrics from the album and the drawings of keyboardist, Chris Freeman. Further inside was a more dynamic curation.

Attendees entered their feelings into tablets stationed around the room. Their moods triggered visuals from the Tumblr community and what they wrote was projected alongside. The art filled the walls and ceiling around the stage area, encompassing the crowd of 200 as they watched the band perform a stripped-down set.

Two songs into the set, lead singer Andy Hull asked the audience to sit on the floor so they could all see the band and the art that they generated together. For a band that is used to playing big stages with bigger sounds, this was a special night that they and those in attendance will always remember. 

To top it all off, each fan got to go home with a piece of the wall.

Big thanks to manchesterorchestraband for their imagination and music, lightningfreeman for his illustrations, gingergroupdesigns for creating the installation, to The Uprising Creative for their technological prowess, Loma Vista Recordings, Vector Management, the kind folks at the L1 Gallery for their hospitality, and of course, the amazing fans who came with an array of emotions, but left in all smiles.

Photography and GIFs by diwangvaldez.

The new album, COPE, is available here.