@gingerdeity Ryou was walking along the cluttered city sidewalks, eager to get home after a long day’s work - and, for that matter, a long night planning a tabletop campaign. His exhaustion carried him from block to block, and he paid little attention to where he was going, eyes fixed only on the sidewalk. It was inevitable, then, that he bumped into someone.

He skittered backwards a few paces in an attempt to keep his balance, and finally looked up in alarm. “I am so sorry-!” he said, wincing.

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He hadn't paid attention, he just ran in a direction. Spooked by blurry men in uniform asking about him, or at least bringing up his name to people. Now he was just blind in a place he didn't know, he could hardly tell if it was sunny or shady. It seemed to be both. Though Synthia would be more reliable to ask, she was being her usual granny-self, not interested in helping. He mumbled to himself, ".... I shouldn't have run..." as he tried to step carefully. He seemed more of bumbling drunk.

The rustling and sounds of alarmed birds around the man seemed to suggest that he was in a forest. Not exactly the best place to be when you had poor vision, but it was possible he could loose his pursuers within the trees.

Or at least, that was the idea until he stepped/tripped over something large laying across the ground. This would’ve been bad enough, had it not also been accompanied by an angry hiss/snarl.

gingerdeity  asked:

(Am I late to throw in the rage child?)"Oi, Sca-.... why are you so short," Aster started to yowl, only to soften his voice in a question. Vincent still towered over him, but it was more of why wasn't he towering taller. His red eyes took in the difference, before snorting, "it's adorable! ......Uh, I-I mean you look st-stupidly human."

“I barely look different from when I wear my amulet, Prickles…” he growled.

He had a point… currently the only thing that would seem out of place with him was the silver eyes and purple hair, but he was still around 6 ½ feet tall…