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My top three Twinkle Eye ponies! Fizzy, Galaxy, and Gingerbread <3 It started off with just a doodle of Fizzy, but they got more complicated as I went on ( .__. ’ )

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I really like Twinkle Eye ponies.

The Signs & their Smells
  • Aries: Strong cologne
  • Taurus: The smell of laundry and your own smell
  • Gemini: Cotton Candy
  • Cancer: Vanilla or chocolate
  • Leo: Flowery perfume
  • Virgo: Cinnamon rolls
  • Libra: Bubblegum
  • Scorpio: Pumpkin Spice lattes
  • Sagittarius: Brown Sugar Candle
  • Capricorn: Candy Cane
  • Aquarius: Gingerbread
  • Pisces: Strawberries
Imagine your OCs

Christmas Edition

-Which OC gets way too excited for Christmas? which one hates/gets stressed by Christmas?

-which OC starts celebrating Christmas before December? which OC hates when they do this?

-imagine your OCs putting up the Christmas tree. Which one hangs the ornaments at the top, and which one is too short to do that? Which OC just sits on the and is there for “Moral Support”? 

-Imagine your OCs sitting around a fire wearing sweaters and drinking hot drinks. Which one has the ugliest sweater? Which one has the cute sweater? What drink does each have? (Hot cocoa, Coffee, Tea, Eggnog)

-Imagine your OCs getting into an eggnog drinking contest. Who started it? Who wins? Who breaks up the contest?

-Imagine your OCs decorating a gingerbread house (or sugar cookies). Who makes the beautiful mansion? Who makes the box with too much icing and candy? (Who draws something inappropriate on their gingerbread and who smacks them?)

-which OC puts mistletoe in the best places to catch people. How does each pair of your OCs react to being caught together under it?

-imagine your OCs giving Christmas gifts. What does each OC give the other?

A Little Sugar

Original request from a lovely anon:  OKAY SO BUCKY BEING COMPLETELY AWFUL AT BAKING BUT WANTING TO TRY ANYWAY IS LIKE ONE OF MY FAVORITE HEADCANONS, DO YOU THINK YOU COULD DO ANYTHING LIKE THAT? oh my i should probably include more detail that was so vague, (you can ignore this part if you like!!!) like maybe he’s with this really sweet lovely girl who loves baking and is making some christmas cookies for the team, and he just makes a huge mess and keeps accidentally breaking things but it’s cute

A/N: Okay, I changed this up a little bit bc my brain wouldn’t let me follow the prompt to a T, but I really hope you like it anyways!!!!

Pairing: BuckyxReader

Word Count: 1128

Warnings: None

“Hey, (Y/N), you planning on making cookies this year?” Sam asks, passing me before turning on his heel and walking backwards, looking at me in anticipation of an answer.

“I was actually just on my way to the kitchen to start on a batch!” I answer brightly.

“Nice!” He stops in his tracks and holds up his hand in a request for a high five. I laugh and smack my hand against his. “Just let me know if you need anyone to eat the extra dough or lick the frosting whisk.”

“Nat already claimed the dough and Clint already asked for the frosting, sorry.”

“Damn! Why am I always the last person to know?”

I shrug and pat him on the shoulder. “You get first dibs next year.” At this he brightens. “I might even make some for your birthday if you ask nicely.” I add with a wink.

“We really don’t deserve you, (Y/N). You’re too good to us.”

I shake my head and poke him in the stomach before heading on towards the kitchen.

I gather up the ingredients for sugar and gingerbread cookies from the pantry. As I’m grabbing the cookie cutters from the cupboard above the sink, Bucky shuffles into the kitchen in search of a snack. He stops his rummaging in the fridge and looks at me quizzically.

“What’s up, Buck?”

“What’re you up to?”

“Oh! I’ve made cookies for the team ever since the Avengers were founded. I almost forgot that it’s your first year in the tower, silly me!” The corner of his mouth quirks up in a half smile. “D’you wanna help out?”

He perks up slightly. “You really want me to help?”

“Of course! Why wouldn’t I?” He shrugs. “Do you like gingerbread?”

He shrugs again. “Sure. Who doesn’t like gingerbread?”

“Tony won’t touch the stuff for some reason. He just keeps the ones I decorate like his suits in his lab to look at.”


“I know, but he’s always done that.” I quickly move past him to grab eggs and butter from the fridge. “At this point, it’s pretty normal for him.”

I hand the eggs off to him and place the butter on the counter next to the powdered sugar.

“Somehow I believe that.” He chuckles quietly. “What do you need me to do?”

“Would you mind cracking the eggs into that bowl over there?”

“Alright.” He nods before ambling over to the counter and popping open the egg carton.

I begin measuring out the flour necessary for both batches of cookies and putting them in separate bowls to I don’t mix them up. Everything is going smoothly until I hear a quiet crack followed by a squelch and a hushed “Shit” from Bucky.

“What happened?” I ask. I turn around to find Bucky red in the face with a crushed egg in his metal hand. I cover my mouth with my hand to stifle the laugh that’s threatening to bubble up.

“I underestimated the strength of my hand.” He answers, his face turning an ever deeper shade of red.

I giggle and step over to him, grabbing the dish towel from the oven handle on the way. “Don’t worry about it, we’ve got plenty of eggs.”

He smiles shyly and picks up another egg. Somehow he manages to smash that one all over the counter and the next one doesn’t meet a much better ending. After the fourth egg, he gets the hang of cracking the eggs and I leave him to that while I mix the dry ingredients together.

Bucky finishes with what I asked him to do and takes to hovering a couple feet behind me, watching what I’m doing. He stays out of my way, deftly moving away from me as I move about the kitchen.

I mix the eggs into the dry ingredients before noticing Bucky standing closely behind me, looking over my shoulder. Smirking to myself, I dip my finger into the gloopy mixture in the bowl and smear some on his nose. His eyes widen and he blinks a few times, backing away from me. I press my hand to my mouth, muffling my laugh. He just looks at me confusion etched into his features.

“Oh, Bucky, I’m sorry, but you should see your face.” I grin at him, losing the battle with trying not to laugh. His brows furrow as he reaches up to wipe away the cookie dough from his nose. He looks at his hand and then back at me, his expression asking me ‘why?’ “You’ve been so serious about this whole baking thing, I just wanted to help you loosen up!”

“(Y/N)…” Bucky slowly walks towards me and I back away only for my back to hit the edge of the counter.

“I was just messing around!” I say defensively, closing my eyes and turning my head away from him. I feel Bucky’s right hand plop down on top of my head softly and I slowly open my eyes, looking around warily. It takes me a moment to realize he’s dropped a handful of flour onto my head. When I dare to look at Bucky I find him smirking at me deviously. “So that’s how it is?”

A grin spreads across his face. “That’s how it is, (Y/N).”

“You do realize that you’ve started a war, don’t you?”

“Bring it on, doll.”

I shake my head before slipping past him to the egg carton he had left abandoned on the counter a little ways away and grabbing a couple of eggs. He whirls around but, before he can catch me, I jump up and smash an egg on the crown of his head, leaving behind the egg, shell and all. He grimaces and I laugh maniacally.

“What’s wrong, Buck?” I ask innocently. “You know what they say, right? Egg is great for your hair.”

He laughs darkly before flinging another handful of flower at me.

The next fifteen minutes are filled by the two of us laughing, yelling and throwing food items at one another, disregarding the baking that was supposed to be happening, steadily coating each other in a layer of egg, flour and cookie dough.

“Hey, (Y/N), when are those cookies…” Clint trails off as he rounds the corner to the kitchen and freezes in his tracks at the sight of the catastrophic conditions of the kitchen and the two people inside.

“Hey, Clint!” I greet, waving at him from my position clinging to Bucky’s back. “Cookies are gonna be a little delayed this year.”

Clint shakes his head and turns around before walking away. “I don’t even want to know.”

“I’ll let you know when you can collect your leftover frosting!” I call after him.

“No thanks!”

I hope you guys enjoyed it! If you’re feeling up to it, let me know what you thought of it!!

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Nine Days of Christmas [NurseyDex] - Day Three: Baking Christmas Treats

day one | day two | day three | day four | day five | day six | day seven | day eight | day nine |

The soft green light from the clock on Betsy 2.0 casts deep shadows across the empty kitchen, the numbers shining 3:27 AM. A quiet creaking can be heard from the hallway as socked feet creep across the rickety floorboards of the Haus, nearing the kitchen.

Dex appears in the door frame, his hand tight around an old notecard, stained and soft around the edges like it’s been handled countless times. His other arm is full of candles, which he puts around the oven and adjacent counter space before lighting them with the matches he sneaks from a kitchen drawer. He doesn’t want the harsh lights of the kitchen overhead breaking the atmosphere he’s got going on, so the candles help illuminate the room for him. He carefully smooths out the folded edges of the notecard and smiles at the familiar feminine handwriting.

Gingerbread Recipe – Recipe from Nana (Eileen Poindexter).

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Fake gingerbread house (It will never die and be around for Christmas time foreverrrr! :D) 
I have so many pretty photos of this,..I’m trying not to get too crazy and post too many. :P

I also made a video of me making this (not uploaded yet, it’ll be some time D:)


newtmas | 3.7k | xmas fluff

It’s Christmas, and Teresa is tired of her brother’s endless pining (pun fully intended). Featuring a Christmas party, eggnog, and a whole shit ton of mistletoe, Teresa gets what she wants.

Sort of.

written for the newmas mini mini winter bang, adorable art by @newtcrying can be found here!


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Just an Average Avenger

Originally posted by snowbellschristmas

Author’s Note: This is my first fanfiction I’ve ever posted, and I’m super nervous. I created this back during the summer, and I didn’t want to miss my chance. I am open to suggestions and critics. Really nervous, but here I go. Hope you enjoy. Happy Holidays everyone!
PS. I was trying to include as many Avengers as I could, so sorry if I left out some (Bucky, Sam, Rhodey, Maria, Fury, etc). And sorry for the sucky dialogue. 
Words: 2474

You were the newest member of the Avengers, but you didn’t have any powers or anything. You were an assassin with kick-ass combat skills like Nat and Clint. However, you felt that you were the least needed member on the team, because you didn’t contribute anything. Nat and Clint were obviously superior to you, and everyone else had powers.

But you’ve been living with Avengers for six months and got used to the hectics of living in Avengers Tower. Living at the Avengers Tower was so awesome. Everyone got their own floor as their living space, which is like having your own apartment in one large building. Of course, most of the time, everyone just hung out at the main floor and only used their floor for sleeping. You probably were the one who spent the most time on your floor, which wasn’t much. You requested to have two couches, armchairs, and a fireplace on your floor to make you feel more at home.

When Thanksgiving came, you were…. well, to say you were disappointed was an understatement. You thought that the Avengers would get together and do all the festivities. Nope, no Thanksgiving dinner, no watching the Macy’s parade, nothing of the sorts. Instead, you guys had Chinese takeout and spent the day like it was nothing special. Tony was off with Pepper, Clint was with his family, Steve and Natasha were always training, Bruce was in the lab, and Thor, Pietro, Vision, and Wanda were off doing their own thing not understanding these American festivities.

You at least thought there was going to be an early celebration. Something. But no. I mean, yeah you guys were Avengers, but you guys were also normal people too. You were going to take none of this for Christmas.

Christmas was your favorite holiday.

When it hit December, you went online shopping for everything you need for your Christmas traditions you used to do with your family. You got yourself a fake Christmas tree, various ornaments and decorations, a stack of Christmas movies and CDs, and ingredients to make a gingerbread house and sugar cookies. You also got yourself a stocking which you just filled with a bunch of candy that you grabbed during the month like a candy jar.

It was now halfway through December, and you spent most of your time on your floor. You had your whole floor decorated. Christmas lights were hung on the ceilings in every room. Your stocking hung on your fireplace. It was on the side of the living room with the TV, diagonal to the fireplace. A Christmas tree was sitting in the corner, in between the TV and fireplace, with a bunch of ornaments on it and a star at the top. You always had Christmas music playing throughout your floor, and when you didn’t, you watched Christmas movies. Of course, all of this happened in between your training and missions, but anytime in between, you were at your floor. The Avengers thought it was weird how you always disappeared and never joined them when they went out or hang out in the common area.


Like every night, the team and you had dinner, but as soon as you finished eating, you headed back to your floor. Right now, “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree” was blasting on your floor. You finished making your gingerbread house which you displayed on your small dining table, and at the moment, you were decorating a batch of sugar cookies that you just made. You had quite of collection of sprinkles, frosting, and cookie cutters.

The Avengers were hanging out in the common floor, watching TV, reading, talking, etc. However, your missing presence didn’t go unnoticed.

“Hey guys,” Tony exclaimed, catching everyone’s attention. “Has anyone seen Y/N lately?”

Everyone shook their heads.

“When dinner was finished, she just scurried back to her floor. She’s been spending a lot of time there,” Steve explained.

“Brother Steve is correct. Y/N has been keeping a distance,” Thor exclaimed.

“What do you think she’s doing?” Clint asked.

“I don’t know,” Tony stated.

“Maybe we should go check on her,” Nat said.

“I don’t know,” Bruce said. “Maybe she wants to be alone.”

“Y/N isn’t like that though,” Wanda stated.

“She’s always so positive and stuff,” Pietro added.

“Pietro is right. Let’s go check on her,” Vision said.

Everyone got on the elevator and headed down to your floor.


When the elevator brought them to your floor, all of their eyes widened. They were amazed at how pretty your floor was. They stepped off the elevator.

“Woah,” Clint said.

Everyone nodded, agreeing to his reaction, still looking at all the decorations.

They headed towards the kitchen to have your back facing them, while you were still decorating your cookies.

“Y/N,” Tony exclaimed. You jumped not realizing someone was here due to the fact you were focusing on the lyrics of the song.

You turned to see your whole team looking at you.

“This is amazing,” Tony continued.

“Uhhh, thanks Tony,” you replied, while pushing your hair back with the back of your hand due to frosting being all over your hands. You were slightly embarrassed for some reason.

“When did you do this?” Steve asked, gesturing to the whole floor.

“Last week,” you responded.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Natasha said. You swore you heard an offended tone through her words. Everyone but Nat, Clint, and Steve started wandering off to look around your floor.

“Well, Christmas is my favorite holiday, and for Thanksgiving, you guys did nothing. So I did my own thing,” you explained.

“Did you make this house of cookies?” Thor asked, pointing at your gingerbread house.

You nodded.

“That’s quite good Y/N. It smells quite good as well,” Vision complimented.

“Thanks Vision.”

“Are those sugar cookies?” Clint exclaimed with an excited expression on his face.

“Yeah, I’m almost done decorating them,” you stated rubbing your hands on a towel. “Do you guys want to watch a Christmas movie? I’ve got them all.”

“That would be great. I haven’t seen a Christmas movie yet,” Wanda said. Pietro nodded in agreement to his sister.

“Okay.” You got up and put “Home Alone” on, a Christmas classic. You then turned off your music. Steve, Clint, and Natasha offered to help you decorate the rest of the cookies, while everyone else settled on the couches or arm chairs, facing the TV. You looked around with a smile on your face, seeing all the Avengers finally enjoying the Christmas season. You were especially happy, due to the fact it was because of you.

After the cookies were done, you made everyone a cup of peppermint hot chocolate. You passed out the hot cocoas. You put the cookies and marshmallows in various bowls to spread them around to everyone. You settled on the couch next to Wanda and Pietro, whose eyes were glued on the screen. You were all watching “Home Alone”, when Tony, who was sitting at the table, threw a marshmallow at the back of your head. You gave him a glare, before grabbing another marshmallow bowl, taking a hand full, and chucked them back at him.

You laughed at the process, with everyone else joining your laughter.

“It’s on, Y/L/N,” Tony exclaimed.

“Bring it Stark,” you remarked.

Soon enough, everyone was having a marshmallow battle. Marshmallows were flying everywhere. Some of them were actually catching the marshmallows with their mouths.

By the end of the night, everyone was asleep on the couches and chairs, while “A Christmas Story” was playing. Tony, Thor, and Steve took the arm chairs, lightly snoring away. On the couch, Wanda was leaning on Pietro’s shoulder with Vision on her other side. On the other couch were you, Nat, and Bruce. Nat and Bruce nodded off, with Nat leaning on his shoulder. You chuckled at the sight of this. You took a quick picture of it with your phone. Later, you would make a three dozens of Christmas cards using this photo.


In the morning, you got up before everyone else and made chocolate-chip pancakes. Steve got up first; of course. He was always an early riser.

“Morning Y/N,” he whispered.

“Morning Cap,” you replied. You gave him a stack of pancakes, where he ate at the countertop. You continued making a ton of pancakes. Slowly, everyone was waking up and enjoying your pancakes. You, of course, put Christmas music on, while everyone were having little conversations.

“So kid,” Clint said with a mouth full of pancakes. “Thanks for last night and for breakfast. We kinda needed this break.”

You blushed at his compliment, for you couldn’t take compliments. You then looked down to finish eating your pancakes. “My pleasure”

“Can we do it again tonight?” Nat asked. Everyone turned to look at you.

“It would be my honor,” you replied.

Everyone smiled at your response.


After that, everyone headed back to their floor, to start their normal routines.

You were excused from training due to preparations for tonight. Throughout the day, everyone was thanking you and telling you how they were excited for tonight. This hangout turned to a massive sleepover at your place. Tony was bringing air mattresses. You chuckled at this, because your floor wasn’t that big. You would have to move the dining table. You decided that we would all make gingerbread houses, to make sure everyone had a proper Christmas season. You also ordered stockings from Target. They had different stockings with their faces and symbol, which you laughed about. You put the delivery on rush order, so you would get it by tonight. You then went out to the store to get the supplies you needed to make the houses. You also got foldable tables so you could actually make them.

Many offered to help, but you declined their help nicely. You didn’t want something to go wrong, so you needed full control of everything. Everyone would head down to your floor after dinner and dinner was in a hour. Everything was ready. You had gallons of frosting, tons of decorations, and nine gingerbread houses already made. You were tired. Forget training, baking and running around was much more tiring, but adrenaline was pumping throughout your body due to the excitement. You didn’t make yourself a gingerbread house, because you already made one and you knew that you would have to help others.


When it was dinner time, everyone rushed to eat, because they were too excited for tonight. They had no idea what you had planned, and it was so difficult to keep it a secret.

You were thinking through your plan again to make sure everything was prepared. You were so excited that about the stockings that just thinking about it made you have a stupid grin on your face.

“What are smiling about?” Nat asked.

You looked up to see everyone staring at you. “I’m just excited for tonight.”

“Oh, and what do you have planned for tonight?” Tony asked with a smug smirk on his face.

“You’ll see. It’s a surprise,” you responded.


After that, everyone went off to get ready for the sleepover. They then all went to your floor with pajamas on. It was so amusing seeing Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in pajamas.

When they got to your floor, they were surprised to see multiple tables set up with gingerbread houses and decorations on them.

You greeted them at the elevator. “I thought that we can all make gingerbread houses.”

“Is this what you were smirking about?” Steve asked.

“Nope. There’s another surprise.”

They put their stuff down in your room and came back to the living room.

“Here. I got you guys aprons, because I know this will be a big mess after.”

You handed them aprons, which they obliged and put on. You put on Christmas music, and they started decorating their gingerbread houses. It was so funny. Thor and Pietro were impatient about waiting for the frosting to dry. You ended up helping the both of them. Clint, Tony, and Wanda kept eating the decorations. At one point, Clint smudged frosting on Nat’s cheek, which prompted a short frosting war. Steve, Natasha, Bruce, and Vision were actually really good at it. Probably because they have patience and are perfectionists. In the end, everyone finished. You laid out their houses on the counter. Everyone helped putting away the tables and setted up the beds.

“So what’s the surprise?” Bruce asked you.

You giggled at this and disappeared in your room. Everyone looked at each other confused at your antics. You appeared with a box in your hand. You already opened it earlier to make sure your order was right, so you opened it right up. You grabbed the stocking on top, which was Captain America’s. You threw it at Steve and continued doing it to the others.

Their reactions were priceless- wide-eyed, jaws dropped, and blush creeping up on their cheeks. They had their face on their own stockings.

“What the hell?” Clint said.

You laughed so hard. “I saw these online, and I had to get them.” You then grabbed the hooks from the box and started to hang them on your fireplace. The Avengers slowly placed their stockings on the hooks.

“Though that was amusing and I love seeing myself on a stocking, what is the purpose of these?” Tony asked.

“Well, we’re all not going to be together for the holidays, so I thought instead of gift exchanging, we do stockings.”

“What is the purpose of a stocking?” Pietro asked.

“You put candy, chocolate, and little doo-dads in it for the designated person. We each get something little for everyone and place them in the stockings. In the end, it will be full, and we all get them as gifts. Is that okay?”

“Sounds great kid,” Clint said. Everyone nodded in agreement.

We all claimed our spots. Some on the couches, some on the arm chairs, and some on the mattresses. You ended up on the end of the couch. You played Elf, and settled in your spot. In the middle of it, you fell asleep because you were drained.

Tony nudged Steve and gestured him to look at you. A smile crept on his lips, and he nudged Clint. Clint smirked, got a blanket, and put it on you, grabbing everyone’s attention. Everyone was grateful that you got them together. You didn’t know it, but you were the glue that kept everyone together. You were probably the most valuable member out of the team; they would all agree. They see and do so many bad things, but this made up for it. That’s the story how you made the Avengers Christmas. This would now be a tradition from now on.

Christmas Leisure

Originally posted by swagmama

Request - A  cuddly winter day or night at home with Elijah

Pairing - Elijah Mikaelson X Reader

Word Count - 867

A/N - Hey lovelies, I am so sorry I’m behind a couple of days with my Christmas imagines. I promise you all I’ll get them done. I’ve just had a lot of family stuff going on and it’s been manic and emotional and mentally draining at times but they will follow I promise. I’m also excited because next on my list is Leonard Snart and I’ve never written him before.  ❤ ❤ ❤

Elijah had spent the entirety of day fixing Niklaus’s mess. Elijah wasn’t normally too agitated by Niklaus’s shenanigans but as always when things didn’t go completely Niklaus’s way in a fit of anger he decided to threaten you. Elijah would not stand for anyone threaten your safety even if Niklaus apologised profusely after he realised what he had said. Niklaus didn’t need any further enemies, he was struggling to contain the one’s he already had. Besides, Niklaus didn’t mind your presence, there were times where Niklaus found your presence particularly soothing. 

So as Elijah stepped into your shared home, his muscles slowly began to relax when he smelt the warm spicy scents of cinnamon and ginger. Elijah smiled as he closed the door. Elijah had wondered when you would start baking Christmas cookies, your Christmas tradition that had been set while you were a child and lead on into adult soon became one of Elijah’s favourite things about Christmas. The rich and divine smells of you baking gingerbread. Then there would be days where you just worked on sugar cookies. Elijah just stood in the hallway inhaling the scent that Elijah has begun to associate with Christmas. 

As you heard the door closed, you realised that Elijah had returned home from aiding Niklaus in his problem. Dusting off your hands on a tea towel you began to exit the kitchen. You frowned when you noticed Elijah’s exhaustion. 

“Elijah is everything okay? How did your trip with Niklaus go?” You asked as you began to walk towards him, Elijah noticed the white speck of icing that had gotten stuck on your nose, you always had been a messy chief

“The less said about Niklaus the better at the moment. The day has been rather strenuous and I would very much to forget the past day’s events. What have you been up to my love? Something smells divine?” You slowly undid the buttons of Elijah’s winter jacket. Winter had certainly settled itself in. The cold was keen to nip at any unprotected skin. Slipping off Elijah’s jacket you hung it on the rack with a smile on your face, as you unwrapped the scarf from his neck, hanging that up almost. Elijah slipped off his gloves placing them on the table that was placed in the hallway, he also dropped his keys into the towel. 

“Follow me and I’ll show you.” Taking Elijah’s hand I lead him down the hallway, you brought Elijah into the kitchen. Elijah nearly had to look and look again. There were plates of gingerbread and cookies. 

“My love everything smells so delicious. You certainly have been busy today.” Elijah moved to wrap his arms around you, moving the icing off of your face before putting his thumb into his mouth sucking off the icing. You wrapped your arms around his neck, before kissing him softly repeatedly a couple of times. 

“Hey, why don’t you go and relax in the living room while I sort something things out?” Elijah nodded as he slipped away into the living room as you quickly arranged a plate switching between gingerbread, cinnamon and sugar cookies before heading to the living room and placing them down on the coffee table continuing your passage you headed to the liquor cabinet, where you grabbed a bottle of scotch and Bourbon with two glasses, you placed them down on the table also. 

“Let’s forget about Niklaus and all of his enemies, let’s just focus on being alone together right now. Why don’t you choose a Christmas movie and we’ll snuggle up on the couch and enjoy each others company?” Elijah shivered as you touched his face softly, running your hand through his hair. 

“I will be one moment.” Elijah disappeared reappearing moments later. He had changed into more comfortable clothing. It was something he didn’t wear often but when he did, it was mesmerising, how good Elijah looked in sweatpants. He sped through movie choices before joining you on the couch two warm glasses of Bourbon in his hand. He passed you one as you took a sip loving how the warmth slid down your throat. You rested your head on Elijah’s chest, Elijah caught your leg moving it so it was sprawled across his lap, making you move deeper into Elijah’s chest. 

“You know I’ve been thinking, maybe we should invite Rebekah, Hayley and Hope over for Christmas. We have often spoken about holding Christmas here and Niklaus has forbidden it, what do you think?” Elijah asked he looked down at you, kissing you softly on the forehead before moving down to your lips, feeling Elijah’s breath on your face was intoxicating, you leant up keen to connect your lips with his, soon Elijah broke apart.

“I think that sounds great. We’re keeping the door open for Niklaus because you two will end up making up at some point.“ Elijah couldn’t argue, Niklaus and his relationship were anything but normal but it had those moments where it did actually work. Elijah settled back and enjoyed the time he had with you where he wasn’t being hunted or hunting down someone for wronging him, he could just send time him and you. 

Space family cookies!!! I wanted to make these forever ago but…I only just decorated them (because of that some of the originals got eaten and my sister recut Sabine, Kanan, and Zeb for me, this is why half are gingerbread and half are sugar cookies XD)
I also made a Loth cat because why not?
I kind of based the designs for these off of @meldy-arts season three sticker things, because they were simple and cute!
I was going to write or draw something else for Christmas but…this might be all I do XD
Merry Christmas Eve! (And Merry Christmas too cause it’s almost here!)