gingerbread bites


Sugar Coated Class Playset Detail Photos

(WARNING: Images are huuuuuuuge in file size and in actual size. Please be aware and do not attempt on mobile.)

Okay, just going to run off a bunch of things to mention if that’s alright? 

Also, if you have any questions about the set that are not answered here, please don’t hesitate to send me an ask.

Utensils & Food: 

  • Each utensil has a unique design. I was unable to capture it but the inside of the blue ladle has a heart design.
  • The underside of the pan has a glittery rough finish that mimics cast iron.
  • The gingerbread house has a bite taken out of it and each side is different.
  • The sweets (including the gingerbread house) have pegs that fit into the top of the cooking surface.
  • The blue glove is squishy rubber and fits pretty much every doll I’ve put it on.
  • The small cauldron hangs on the yellow candy-can like hook sticking out of the oven. The cauldron also has a place on top (in the bubbles) to stick the wooden spoon in.

Seating & Storage:

  • The sugar-wafer bench opens up so you can store the food and utensils. It does not have much room and does not close or stay closed very well. I suggest another method of storing your tiny food items.
  • The Gingerbread-man chair is somewhat flimsy but will hold lighter dolls.

Cook-top and Oven:

  • The blue door on the top of the oven opens.
  • On the other side of the oven where you pace the fire, there is a door that can be opened.
  • When assembling the cook-top, slide the blue butterfly-looking pieces through the posts on either side of the cook-top BEFORE PLUGGING THE POSTS INTO THE COOK-TOP. You’ll see what I mean when you get it.

The stand with the blueprint is a bit flimsy and the blue print is on card board that is fairly easy to damage. It’s that kind that reallllly likes to bubble up when even a touch of liquid gets on it too.


  • She has a gingerbread-man bracelet and earrings.
  • Her ring appears to be a gingerbread house?
  • Her chef’s hat is also a headband with a gingerbread-man detail on the front.
  • Her belt will most likely not want to sit properly over the skirt and ride up a little. I fixed that by holding the skirt down around her legs with one hand and attached the belt beneath the waistline with the other hand. It scrunches the skirt down a little but it keeps the belt in place.

Removing Ginger:

It was a nightmare to get Ginger out of the box. The area that she’s kept in is glued on either side to the inside of the box. If you’re saving the box (like I did) please be aware of this because it can tear open the front of the box. I used very thin scissors to pry across the top where the cardboard was glued together. Disassembling the box may not be an option to get around this as for whatever reason the outside of the box was taped to hell and back and even the slightest pull on the tape would start removing the surface print.


It’s a bit expensive but I am very happy with it, over the moon really, especially in comparisons to some of the other playsets. The problem lies in the fact that the items are somewhat fragile and difficult to take apart. It doesn’t fold up into a neat book or anything like that it’s just individual furnishings. 

Some of the plastic, you’ll realize, is the stuff that can’t be bent over and over again, its pegs weaken each time so taking it apart over and over again to store it isn’t the best option and will inevitably cause to to break.

It’s tall, really tall. The oven wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for the chimney and the cook-top itself is also absurdly tall. They are very awkwardly shaped, the whole darn thing is.

Don’t get me wrong, this playset is great, I adore it but the only options of storage are shoving it on a shelf with some doll stuff (like I did), finding a box that can fit it which can take up more room than you want, or risking pulling it apart over and over and stuffing it into a reasonable sized box.

Nevertheless. I do recommend it if you’re a fan of Ginger, cooking, deserts, or just extra little food items. It goes really nicely with the Beanstalk Bakery set too.

Anyway! I hope this helps you make your decision whether to buy it or save yourself some cash for more dolls. Good luck, take care and happy doll hunting!