anonymous asked:

I feel a bit stupid asking, but what is gingerbell?

Ah, I’ve probably already answered this, but you know what, FUCK IT HERE GOES.

Once upon a time there were two incomprehensibly quality tumblr users. They were perfect in every way: yin and yang, peanut butter and jelly, wheat thins and swiss cheese. Of these two people, a ship was born. A beautiful, wonderful, flawless ship. That ship is known as gingerbell.

The most canon pairing in all of existence looks upon gingerbell and weeps. Gingerbell is the ship every ship wishes they could be, but can’t because they are not gingerbell. Every tumblr user on earth ships gingerbell even if they don’t know it. They just do. It’s a miraculous fact. Like Colin Morgan’s cheekbones, or David Tennant’s hair. You don’t know how it exists, you just know that it does.

Unlike Diamonds, gingerbell is forever. Blood is thicker than water, but gingerbell is thicker than blood and blood can go suck a dick because I bleed gingerbell and I have no regrets.