stopfinnick  asked:

Oh my goodness. I just read all your comic con liveblogging (and also the security nightmare) and it had me second-hand fangirling. That was so freaking amazing that you got to meet them and they were, as we all suspected, some of the sweetest dorks in the universe. Anyway, sorry you had to deal with all that crap at security, but thanks for sharing your experience and I now just kinda want to be you! :-)

Thank you, bby! <3 It was shit at the moment, but I had a blast overall!!


I have selected the winners! SORRY FOR THE DELAY! There were two runner-ups that I already followed, so they will be denied the following prize. CONGRATULATIONS WINNERS!




  • a follow back
  • a promo
  • a page on my blog for a month (It will be April or a month of your choice, just let me know sometime today (March 29, 2013) or by tomorrow, it doesn’t matter :) )
  • a piece of “art” drawn by me (tell me what you want and I will draw it to the best of my abilities, but no promises it will be glorious. Just look for my art around in my tag. AND NO PORN!)
  • a ficlet of your OTP (I need to know what ship you want, the limit is 2, angst , fluff, or smut, and I need to know a comfort zone :) )
  • AND a background for your desktop, tablet, phone, whatever. Just give me the dimensions and what you want :D I have new skills so YAY!

So message me WITH:

  • Your OTP
  • Your comfort zone
  • Smut, angst, or fluff
  • What you want me to photoshop for you
  • What you’d like me to draw
  • What month you want to have your page on my blog

And I will get started as soon as I can which should be whenever because I’m off all next week :D YAY!