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Strolling through the upper wards, Dimmel pauses at the sight of an unfamiliar shop. A weapons store. He doesn’t need anything, but nostalgia makes him glace at the stock. “How long has this place been here?”

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Krogan make his knee throb in phantom pain. “What do you want?” he asks guardedly.

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He spends a lot of time walking around and watching people. It’s easy to tell the slow amble of a window shopper from the purposeful stride of someone on an errand and there’s something unusual, almost hesitant about the movements of the human woman ahead of him. “You lost?”

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Just watching the jittery salarian is making Dimmel antsy. “What?” he finally snaps.

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Another military type; it’s obvious in his stance. “Shouldn’t you be fighting the good fight somewhere?”

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There aren’t a lot of salarians, especially female, that Dimmel is taller than; looking down at her is a slightly surreal experience that he takes a moment to savor. “You need something?” he asks, reluctantly polite.

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[Connie wanders into the store, intrigued by its unassuming appearance and the cheery face at the counter. She would’ve thought that arms sellers would be more… serious. Weathered, scarred, maybe scowling. And male, although that just might be old human gender biases subliminally absorbed from B-grade action vids. At any rate, the young, spritely redhead’s smile has drawn her inside despite knowing she’ll probably not buy a thing.]

Hello. It’s a nice store you have here.

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