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How many kids does Batman have 😂😂😂

I hate you and this question I’m gonna stick to main time line stuff, I love the alternate universe children of Batman but there’s not enough room. 

so in 1940 Bruce tripped over an adorable circus boy orphan, Dick Grayson:

Dick would be an only child for a long time, but over on Earth-2 (the world where all heroes started during WWII) Bruce got married to Catwoman and they had a daughter, Helena Wayne who became Huntress

she died in Crisis on Infinite Earths

then there was the time that Bruce and Clark had kids together, no really

any ways in 1983 DC wanted to move Dick over to the Teen Titans full time so they needed a new Robin, so Bruce tripped over another adorable orphan circus boy, this time in ginger! Jason Todd 1.0

then Crisis on Infinite Earths happened, and DC reworked Jason’s origin story, gone was ginger circus boy and here was the little tire thief we all know and love 

that’s Jason Todd 2.0 with natural black hair. Of course poor Jaybird died, interesting fact unlike Dick Bruce adopted Jay, any ways 

Tim Drake, at first Tim was different from Dick and Jason because he had a father and step-mom but DC killed off first his mom then his dad 

So Tim became Tim Drake-Wayne, but before that, there was:

Cassandra Cain was the daughter of an Assassin raised to speak the language of violence, at first she couldn’t talk but could read body language to a nearly super human level, adopted kinda half and half between Bruce and Barbara Gordon 

finally of course there’s Damian Wayne, who is of course Bruce’s son with Tala al Ghul 

oh also DC made a new Earth-2 as part of the New52 so there was a new Helena Wayne 

She was Robin on our earth, got sent to the main earth and became Huntress, went back home and became Batman (yes MAN) 

One should special mention Stephenie Brown and Barbara Gordon who never lived with Bruce or were adopted by him but he served as their mentor and father figure in many ways and are some times talked about as his “daughters” they’re part of the family for sure. 

EDIT: I totally forgot Duke Thomas, and Terry McGinnis and Matt McGinnis… sorry boys love you!

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Duuude!!! Congrats on 500!!! I freakin' love your fic and meta, you're super cool, everyone in this gotdamn fandom should be following you tbh ^_^ If you're taking drabble prompts, maybe something about Dirk finding a stray cat and Todd being all grumpy Dirk-we-don't-need-a-cat-take-this-thing-to-a-shelter-oh-shit-I'm-cuddling-it-fuck-it's-cute-okay-scratch-that-this-is-our-cat-now because you uhhhhhh write Brotzly to perfection? If that sounds fun to write! If so thanks in advance, you rock! <3

@don’t-offend-the-bees Thanks friend! <3333 Hope this is alright!

Todd wakes up to a large, heavy, fluffy something landing heavily on his chest. He blinks open his eyes and sees Dirk grinning above him. The ugliest ginger cat Todd has ever seen is sitting on his breastbone.

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do you like natural ginger redhead jason or natural ravenhead jason more

first of all, hispanic jason is my favorite jason and dc will have to pry that headcanon from my cold dead hands 

I know that jason being a natural ginger is problematic because it’s implied that bruce made him dye his hair?? which is kind of creepy and weird, if not outright abusive, so there’s that. BUT I really love the idea(s) of:

  • tiny twelve year old jason who is a brand new robin looking up to his big brother original robin dick grayson so much that he dyes his hair black just so he can be more like his big bro
  • OR, angst-y preteen jason dying his hair black as an act of rebellion bc he’s a little punk
  • OR, (and this one is a little heartbreaking) jason realizing how painfully obvious it is that he’s adopted and dying his hair black so that maybe, just maybe, he can pass for bruce’s biological son/dick’s biological brother
  • jason as an adult who is too busy to be as vigilant with touch-ups as he was in his teens, so he almost always has an inch or two of strawberry-blonde roots peeking through his black hair
  • roy and kori seeing jay’s roots and roy joking that the only prerequisite for joining the outlaws is that you have to have red hair and green eyes  
  • jason accidentally purchasing dark purple hair dye instead of black because he didn’t look at the box closely enough, and he lives his life with deep plum hair for a good month and a half before dying it back

the black with the white streak will always be my favorite though

Day Twenty-four: conjugal visits

Hello new followers I don’t know where I’m going to find more pornstar Jason to keep you all entertained

Instead I bring you the only clear solution to this whole haircolor debate: hot Jason on Jason action.


Dick’s first thought was that Jason had escaped from prison, which was not an unreasonable guess to make. Hell, no one with Jason’s intelligence and skill stayed locked up for long in Gotham, no matter how many security upgrades the prisons and the asylums got. However, a quick call to Gordon nixed that notion: Jason Todd was still safely locked behind bars, and still a natural redhead, whereas the Jason Todd gleefully shooting up lowlifes in Crime Alley was sporting a five-o'clock shadow as dark as his hair.

Something was amiss, and a few Bat-grenades and a lot of wrestling with rope later, Dick Grayson was determined to come to the root of the situation.

Dick hauled Jason into an interrogation room and undid the ropes as the door locked behind him. Jason glowered but Dick ignored him, leaning against the wall and gesturing to the far end of the room. “Jason,” he said, “Meet Jason. I believe you two might know each other.”

Jason Todd put his palms flat on the table and leaned forward, raking his eyes up and down his ginger doppelganger. “It’s like looking into the sexiest mirror,” he said, clearly intrigued.

Jason shifted in his chair and stretched his arms above his head, his handcuffs making a heavy clink as he did so. “You’re not too shabby yourself,” he said, grinning.

Dick rolled his eyes. “I’m supposed to believe that the two of you don’t know each other?” he asked. “You look identical. Your fingerprints, at least as far as Brunette Jason would let me take them, are identical. Since I can’t figure out a reason why anyone would want to impersonate you just to get themselves thrown in jail, Jason, you must be working together for him to obtain that kind of information.”

“Why does he get to be the real Jason?” Ginger Jason asked. “I’m as real as he is.”

“Because I’ve never seen Jason Todd dye his hair,” Dick replied. “So tell me, how’d you do it?”

“Dickie-bird, if I knew how to do this, don’t you think I’d make more of me?” the Jasons answered in unison. They shared a smile across the table, a smile that implied certain things that Dick had not anticipated. Dick had a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach.

“So,” Jason said, raking his fingers through his hair, “What would a guy have to do to upgrade this visit to conjugal?”

Dick scowled. “Not happening,” he said.

“It wasn’t really a question,” the other Jason told him, already starting to crawl across the table. “All I’ve been able to think about since you brought him in here is sucking my own cock.”

Jason gave Jason a predatory grin and grabbed him roughly by the hair. “God damn do I like the way I think,” he said, licking a long line up the length of his neck.

Dick contemplated for a moment whether it would be a bigger insult to the Cowl to stay and get violently ill, or flee the room like a scared little girl. A low moan made the decision for him soon enough, though, and he couldn’t slam the door behind himself fast enough.

Jim Gordon was waiting on the other side, trying not to laugh. “Not one of your brightest ideas, Batman,” he said.

“When you’re right, you’re right,” Dick agreed.

help me guys

I seem to remember reading (unless I dreamed it, lel) an issue of (I think) Detective Comics with pre-crisis ginger Jason Todd, and Man-Bat kidnaps him and is all “oh I’m gonna make you my son by injecting you with my blood” or something yeah I know that’s weird

seriously what issue was that. DID I DREAM IT OR NOT, THAT’S WEIRD.


Fourth of July with USA Eagles!

From The Classics To The All-American, Hope You All Are Yankee Doodle Dandies Today!

Happy Fourth, USA!