Jerome x Reader

“You should try talking to (Y/N), he was obsessed with her, you might get more answers.” One of the dancers pointed you out for Jim who hurried over and stuck his hand out for you to shake.

“I’m Jim Gordon, you’re friends with Jerome?” He asked and shoved his hand in his pocket when you glowered at it.

“No, he’s a nut job, why would I be friends with him?” You sighed, glancing at Lee when she hurried over.

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another edible wealth spell

Sunny Money Muffins

1 box yellow cake mix
1 cup toasted sunflower seeds (chopped pecans if preferred)
1 tsp almond extract OR orange extract
1 pinch allspice, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, AND nutmeg

Mix cake batter according to the package instructions, envisioning bright riches; then stir in by hand (clockwise) the extract, spices, and sunflower seeds. Bake in a greased muffin tin at 350 F. until done (about 20 min.).

- The Kitchen Witch Everyday Magic Book, by Mimi Riser


Cast and crew members on two of the 10 Astaire-Rogers sets celebrate Ginger’s birthday. The first photo is from July 16, 1934, on set for The Gay Divorcee. Fred holds the bottom of Ginger’s costume over his arm while she serves him cake. The second photo is from July 16, 1938, on the set of Carefree. Ginger murders her cake with an enormous knife while Fred smiles handsomely just over Ginger’s left arm.

An Ode to Sweets (or a Valentine from Scorpius Malfoy to Albus Potter)

By @autumn-of-ilvermorny

Chocolate Cauldrons, Licorice Wands
Sugar Quills and Chocolate Charms

Fizzing Whizbees, Acid Pops
Pumpkin Fizz and Bertie Botts

Exploding Bon-Bons, Shock-o-Choc,
Chocoballs and Wizochoc

Pumpkin Pasties, Cauldron Cakes
Ginger Newts and Jumping Snakes

Peppermint Toads, Chocolate Frogs
Lick'O'Rish Spiders and Flies of Fudge

Ice Mice, Bat’s Blood
Cockroach Clusters and Jelly Slugs

Mint Humbugs, Sugared Butterfly Wings
Sherbert Lemons and Mint Flossing Strings

Licorice Snaps, Sour Apple Bites
Crystallized Pineapple and Pink Coconut Ice

Glacial Snowflakes, Chocolate Rocks
No Melt Ice Cream and Mice Pops

Fizzy Wizzy, Sugar Straws
Sugar Hexes and Sweet Crystals

Treacle Fudge, Salt Water Taffy
Canary Creams and Ton-Tounge-Toffee

Puking Pastilles, Fever Fudge too
Nosebleed Nougat and U-No-Poo

Fainting Fancies, Hiccough Sweets
Lightning Bolt Shaped Dark Chocolate Covered Rice Crispy Treats

Edible Dark Marks, Glow in the Dark Gum
Blood-Flavoured Lollipops and Droobles Best Blowing Gum

Eyeball Bonanza, Choco-Loco
Chocolate Eggs and Hot Cocoa

Chocolate Skeletons, Jelly Skulls
Honeydukes Chocolate and Wrapped Caramels

Licorice Allsorts and Comfits
Pixie Puffs and Pepper Imps

Although the Potters are on sugar ban,
Of all the confections in the land:

Your friendship is my favourite treat,
Thank you for staying for my sweets!

Big Brother. (Jerome Valeska x Reader)

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Request: I came up with this on my own. I imagined what would happen if Jerome had a younger sibling (girl/boy). This is just my headcanon but I think he wouldn’t try to make their life a living hell. In fact, he would be the best brother ever and try to protect them from Lila abusing them as well? This is AU by the way and way before he turns crazy!

Tags: abuse, swearing, siblings, girl/boy, running away, AU, IT’S SAD I’M TELLING YOU

Pronouns for Y/N: They/them/their because the younger sibling can be either be a girl/boy depending on the reader. The reader is around 9-12 years old in this fic.

Songfic: Start Again by Gabrielle Aplin

Jerome stood and stared at the small child running around a fire lit inside a trash can, following the same steps they took, chanting out random words as if it were a song to summon a greater demon. He never had an experience of doing such a thing, he was often paranoid that people would stare at him and holler insults if he tried prancing around a trash can in circles.

But not this kid he was looking at, he had never imagined a day where they would throw tantrums because they always listened to him. The last time he had seen them cry was when they got scared of Sheba the circus snake when she hissed, and fell onto the pavement and scraped their knee from wearing exposing shorts that would fly up if you jumped. 

“You see? Sheba is a nice snake.” Jerome gently draped a band aid over the small but stinging cut and gave them an ice cream cone. That kid smiled at the sight of vanilla. 

That kid was Jerome’s young sibling.

“Bro J!” they called, tossing a twig in the flames. “I’m summoning an alien!”

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This month’s full moon ritual honouring Freyja, ft. ginger wine, fruit cake, amber & love powder. Out of shot: ecstatic dance. 🌕🌹

Recently I’ve been having some issues with gender & sexuality - expressing myself sexually & being comfortable with my identity & in my own skin has always been fraught for me. I was definitely taught as a young girl to fear & hate my own body & my sexuality, overcoming that trauma is a work that is still ongoing. But I feel that I have turned a corner recently & Freyja has helped me so much with that.

This ritual was a celebration of Freyja & of me learning to love & have confidence in myself as a woman.

Hail to the Vanadís!

mentacomchocolate  asked:

I would like to see a AU with the Eldarya guys/people in a coffe shop

Let’s be honest: it’s going to be the single least efficient coffee shop in the city. But people will keep coming for the eye candy… >u>

Warning: Longest head-canon, ever. 14 characters, each with their own little stories.

Nevra, the Head Waiter

Naturally, this snake oil merchant with fangs ladies’ man is going to be where the action is: on the main floor, catering to all the customers personally. (Because no one can trust him in handling kitchen or bar-top equipment.) He’s got the drive, the guile, the inbred hospitality, and the metaphorical eyes on the back of his head to pull off even a morning or evening rush single-handed. And later brag about the triple-figure tips, phone numbers, and juicy gossip he collected that day to his coworkers in the back-room, even when his voice is hoarse and his feet have lost all feeling. Nevra actually keeps track of his ‘scores’ in his personal agenda-book, always ready to outdo himself every month. (Because let’s face it… there is no competition for him from the rest of the servers.)  

Though quite a few of his coworkers feel like putting fresh garlic in his next espresso (for himself or for his ‘beloved customers’), they can’t do it for a few reasons: 1.) The customers and tips that Nevra brings in make up half the café’s total income. The place will sink without his pretty, monocular face on the floor. 2.) He’s actually generous with his coworkers. Newbies on the staff know they can rely on him (until they’re used as customer bait during evening rushes for ‘experience’). And he never keeps any of his tips for himself, always making a point of strutting to the collective tip jar to put in what looks like the price for a new smartphone. So whether they like him or not, the gigolo has to stay.    

Nevra is quite proud of his job, and hopes to eventually see the café become the city’s next ‘must-see destination’ (or, more likely, buy and renovate the place as part of his network of high-end dining spots). So he doesn’t tolerate unprofessional shenanigans on his floor (beyond swapping phone numbers, which is sanctified activity as far as he’s concerned). What’s guaranteed to tick him off: if a customer is boorish to one of his babies junior serving staff, if one of his coworkers half-asses an order, or if he catches anyone stealing from that tip jar he’s filling. In either case, the criminal party can expect to find themselves sheepishly shuffling to the door under the force of Nevra’s gimlet smile.

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casualoddities  asked:

Been reading WtM since near the start and really really love the fic. Here's a food question; out of all the dishes that Peeta and Katniss make and enjoy together what's your favourite? Are there any that you've made yourself? Also what was your favourite one shot that you've written? (I think mine was the Threshing Floor.)

Awwww, you are so sweet!! Thank you so much! <3 Oddly enough, I was just looking back at Ch 6 yesterday - the part where Peeta makes toast-and-honey-topped hot chocolate (based on my own recipe :D) to welcome Katniss to her new home, which might be my favorite food moment (even though hot chocolate isn’t, strictly speaking, a “dish”). But there are so many others that stand out to me too!

  • Grandma Brognar’s fried chicken (someone asked me about that awhile back and I’ve been meaning to reply - I found a recipe similar to the one that inspired it, where you simmer the chicken in wine after frying)
  • The soup (basically, potato corn chowder) that Katniss falls asleep eating after hunting the New Year’s buck
  • The whole breakfast on the sofa in Ch 10 - the first time Katniss tastes bacon! (Cheese bun bacon sandwich dipped in a runny yolk!)
  • The fried peaches and cream that top the griddle cakes in Ch 7
  • The ginger cake with custard that they split at the end of Ch 8 (Katniss’s first supper with Peeta)
  • The rabbit stew Peeta makes from Katniss’s first haul (with wild rice, mushrooms, shallots, and garlic)
  • The peanut butter (and chocolate chunk!) cookie dough Peeta makes after they go skiing for the first time
  • The ginger “dove cake” with the orange curd filling and marzipan glaze
  • The post-New Year’s griddle cake bake :D
  • The entire breakfast Katniss makes for Peeta in Ch 14
  • Pretty much any occurrence of cold chicken or bread pudding!

Most of these came from my imagination, alas. I enjoy cooking and feel like I have a small knack for it, but I haven’t had a lot of opportunity/resources/training as yet. :( As a small child I loved to steal tidbits of cold chicken when my mom cut up a roast chicken (for adding to soup, Rice-a-Roni, etc.), and she made bread pudding (from stale loaves of grocery store white bread) a couple of times, which was so simple and delicious at once. I can make a decent batch of egg dumplings, though, and I think the closest I’ve come to making a WtM!Everlark dish in my real life is the chicken ‘n’ dumpling soup that Katniss eats in the bathtub after her first hunt in Peeta’s woods. :)  

Awww, I’m so flattered that you like The Threshing Floor! <3 It’s hard to choose a favorite between my babies (even though few of my pieces stay oneshots, so there aren’t that many to choose from)! TTF will always be a fave but I love The Steward and the Bow-Maiden so much too (I wore myself to a thread trying to make an Everlark fic read like Tolkien :P), and for all that Torchlight is Primko and Janek/Alys, it’s top of that list as well - and then there’s Breadcrumbs and Mockingjay-Maid…! 

But right now I think Embracing the Season might be my favorite. It was a challenging, even brave fic for me to write in a lot of ways and I was so happy with how it came together. It’s a little like The Steward and the Bow-Maiden in that I don’t think it especially stood out or made a big impression to readers in general but it hit me really hard - and then went off into the universe, carrying large pieces of my soul with it.

Thank you so much for your lovely note and questions! <3 *hugs*

You guys. I have discovered the most incredible dessert in existence.

Chocolate rum cake with ginger buttercream frosting.

Chocolate rum cake by itself is good, solid. Ginger buttercream frosting is light and sweet and you can just taste the ginger.

But together.

Together the rich solidness of the cake only makes the ginger sweetness more striking. And as the initial burst of ginger-sweet icing recedes it leaves the solid chocolate cake to see in on your taste buds, somehow stronger than it was when it was alone. It’s all very nearly overwhelming.

Forget washing it down with milk, you need whiskey and gunpowder tea to chase the sweetness away.

WFF’16 – Faze

Title: Faze (ao3 mirror) by @chan-chanyeol​ 
Rating: PG
Ships/Characters: Chen/Reader
Length: 3.8k
Prompt: “We’re co-workers who hate each other but you had too much to drink at the staff christmas party and admitted your love for me i don’t know how to act around you now” AU

Summary: Office parties are fun until you get too drunk to remember them. (office!au)

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anonymous asked:

Taeko Yamada x Ayano Aishi headcanon?

- Taeko is the control for Ayanos aggression

- Taeko is still skeptical of Ayano sometimes

- Ayano is super protective of Taeko

- Taeko and Ayano joined the Photography Club together

- Taeko and Ayano also adopted a little ginger cat they named Cake


anonymous asked:

Black cat recipes with pasta (no spice) and sweets like cake pops, anything Halloween, anything frosting filled, dark chocolate, chocolate pie, maybe a lava cake thing and cookies. Maybe put in some snacks too.


That sure is a tall order. ^^ I’ll do the pasta and the sweets but I’d need more info about some snacks you’d like. You’re welcome to send in another ask for those. Here’s some pasta and sweets for you!

Creamy Avocado and Spinach Pasta 

Pumpkin Ravioli with Brown Butter Sauce and Pecans

Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Balsamic Sage Brown Butter

Fresh Pumpkin Pasta

Nutella Red Velvet Poke Cake

Ginger Beer and Pineapple Pisco Cupcakes

Molten Dulce de Leche Cakes

Gluten Free Dairy Free Chocolate Olive Oil Cake

Caramel Apple Truffles

Paleo Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes

Gluten Free Chocolate Avocado Banana Silk Pie

I hope you like these and I may or may not be collecting some special spoopy halloween recipes for the last week of October. Hehe. It’s my favorite holiday after all!

Thanks for the request! ♥