okay how about a bakery au where james is the baker. and thomas tries to flirt with him via gingerbread (“I’ve always loved….ginger.”) but james doesn’t Realise he’s trying to flirt and so he bakes special ginger biscuits and ginger cakes for thomas but thomas secretly actually hates ginger biscuits and ginger cake but he suffers through it For Love


Beautiful rose received from a friend for my birthday. Enjoyed my quark hazelnut cake and Ginger very curious, he started to smell the flower and he wanted to chew the leaves, I had to hide the flower, lol. 

Have a lovely day/evening.

An Ode to Sweets (or a Valentine from Scorpius Malfoy to Albus Potter)

By @autumn-of-ilvermorny

Chocolate Cauldrons, Licorice Wands
Sugar Quills and Chocolate Charms

Fizzing Whizbees, Acid Pops
Pumpkin Fizz and Bertie Botts

Exploding Bon-Bons, Shock-o-Choc,
Chocoballs and Wizochoc

Pumpkin Pasties, Cauldron Cakes
Ginger Newts and Jumping Snakes

Peppermint Toads, Chocolate Frogs
Lick'O'Rish Spiders and Flies of Fudge

Ice Mice, Bat’s Blood
Cockroach Clusters and Jelly Slugs

Mint Humbugs, Sugared Butterfly Wings
Sherbert Lemons and Mint Flossing Strings

Licorice Snaps, Sour Apple Bites
Crystallized Pineapple and Pink Coconut Ice

Glacial Snowflakes, Chocolate Rocks
No Melt Ice Cream and Mice Pops

Fizzy Wizzy, Sugar Straws
Sugar Hexes and Sweet Crystals

Treacle Fudge, Salt Water Taffy
Canary Creams and Ton-Tounge-Toffee

Puking Pastilles, Fever Fudge too
Nosebleed Nougat and U-No-Poo

Fainting Fancies, Hiccough Sweets
Lightning Bolt Shaped Dark Chocolate Covered Rice Crispy Treats

Edible Dark Marks, Glow in the Dark Gum
Blood-Flavoured Lollipops and Droobles Best Blowing Gum

Eyeball Bonanza, Choco-Loco
Chocolate Eggs and Hot Cocoa

Chocolate Skeletons, Jelly Skulls
Honeydukes Chocolate and Wrapped Caramels

Licorice Allsorts and Comfits
Pixie Puffs and Pepper Imps

Although the Potters are on sugar ban,
Of all the confections in the land:

Your friendship is my favourite treat,
Thank you for staying for my sweets!


Cast and crew members on two of the 10 Astaire-Rogers sets celebrate Ginger’s birthday. The first photo is from July 16, 1934, on set for The Gay Divorcee. Fred holds the bottom of Ginger’s costume over his arm while she serves him cake. The second photo is from July 16, 1938, on the set of Carefree. Ginger murders her cake with an enormous knife while Fred smiles handsomely just over Ginger’s left arm.

Witcher Headcanons - Autumn in Toussaint

1.      Every morning, Geralt wakes Yennefer up with French toasts or/and bread pudding. 

2.      The sorceress’ favourite day of the season is Samhain. She adores ghosts stories and the overall vibe of the celebration. Geralt claims he’s not interested, but every year and entirely thanks to him, Corvo Bianco undergoes a proper metamorphosis and becomes a local attraction.

3.      Geralt is a true expert in pumpkin carving. By the end of the season, Corvo Bianco is usually stuffed with pumpkin lanterns. Yennefer always tries to assist and supervises his play with the knifes, but still for some reason, he always finds a way to cut himself.

4.      Almost every day, right before going to bed, the pair sits down in the kitchen to discuss their day. Yennefer prepares the witcher’s favourite roasted chestnuts while he deals with the plethora of dishes they accumulated over the day. It never changes.

5.      Geralt eagerly helps Yennefer with canning. In most cases his help is limited to washing and passing the jars. She’s a bit pedantic when it comes to canning.  

6.      Around late September, Ciri joins her parents in Corvo Bianco to “recharge her batteries”. She does not leave till the snow melts.

7.      With each passing day, Corvo Bianco smells more and more of Chimney smoke, pumpkin and cardamom.

8.      Yennefer insists she’s terrible at baking, but her ginger cake could easily compete and beat masterpieces of the best Toussaint’s confectioners. At least if Geralt and Ciri were to judge.

9.      She makes terrific turkey too, and roasted pork shoulder. Generally speaking, both the witcher and the witcheress give her Sunday dinners top grades. They’d also like to enjoy her cooking more often but the sorceress says she’s too busy for that.

10.  Interest of Raven (Yennefer’s dog) in walks is directly proportional to the intensity of the rain outside. The sorceress appreciates Geralt’s heroism, and more importantly, takes the risk of influenza very seriously. The witcher’s absolutely in love with hot baths and other “rewards” she offers as a consolation prize.

11.  Every autumn, Yennefer switches from wine to mulled cider, obligatorily served in apple cups and with cinnamon sticks. Geralt tamely complies. He loves seeing her slightly drunk and exuberant. (*˘︶˘*)

12.  Once, in the town, Geralt heard a group of boys discuss the best places for “Trick or Treat”. All kids mentioned Corvo Bianco and Yennefer as their first choice. He felt nothing but pride.

13.  Geralt does not mind chilly nights at all. It’s yet another method of stealing cuddles from the sorceress. He’s also in love with duck feather duvets and velvet linen. 

14.  Both Ciri and Geralt adore caramelized apples. They’re nevertheless forced to delight in them in secret as the sorceress found them the biggest killer of teeth and banned forever ago.

15.  The witcher’s favourite part of the season remains the preparation for upcoming Yule. He starts the entire procedure with hunting for festive sweaters and finishes with a proper gift for the sorceress ( he hardly ever knows what to get her, beside she’s always peeping and ruins the surprise).

Big Brother. (Jerome Valeska x Reader)

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Request: I came up with this on my own. I imagined what would happen if Jerome had a younger sibling (girl/boy). This is just my headcanon but I think he wouldn’t try to make their life a living hell. In fact, he would be the best brother ever and try to protect them from Lila abusing them as well? This is AU by the way and way before he turns crazy!

Tags: abuse, swearing, siblings, girl/boy, running away, AU, IT’S SAD I’M TELLING YOU

Pronouns for Y/N: They/them/their because the younger sibling can be either be a girl/boy depending on the reader. The reader is around 9-12 years old in this fic.

Songfic: Start Again by Gabrielle Aplin

Jerome stood and stared at the small child running around a fire lit inside a trash can, following the same steps they took, chanting out random words as if it were a song to summon a greater demon. He never had an experience of doing such a thing, he was often paranoid that people would stare at him and holler insults if he tried prancing around a trash can in circles.

But not this kid he was looking at, he had never imagined a day where they would throw tantrums because they always listened to him. The last time he had seen them cry was when they got scared of Sheba the circus snake when she hissed, and fell onto the pavement and scraped their knee from wearing exposing shorts that would fly up if you jumped. 

“You see? Sheba is a nice snake.” Jerome gently draped a band aid over the small but stinging cut and gave them an ice cream cone. That kid smiled at the sight of vanilla. 

That kid was Jerome’s young sibling.

“Bro J!” they called, tossing a twig in the flames. “I’m summoning an alien!”

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hollyand-writes  asked:

A Christmas prompt for you, if you’ve got time to do one (and if you feel like it, of course)! Carver/Merrill, number 38 from that list... :-)

“Last Christmas, you broke my heart. But I’m still not over you.” Whew, right on time! It’s 11:48 p.m. on Christmas day in the UK as I’m posting this. :D I hope you won’t mind this little piece of incredibly trope-y, convoluted drama.

“The mulled wine smells really nice, doesn’t it?” Merrill says, throwing a handful of dried cranberries into the hearth-cake dough. She’s wearing a headband with rattan halla antlers and a hand-knit sweater, now powdered with a layer of sifted flour. “Hawke said it was your father’s recipe.”

Carver shrugs as he stirs the mulled wine. The cinnamon sticks and vanilla pods swirl in the saucepan, the flesh of the orange slices purpling. “If ‘throw the spice mix into cheap wine and simmer it’ counts as a recipe, then yes.”

“Oh.” Milk splashes on the table as she dribbles some into the dough. “Still, it’s quite different from the version I grew up with. We’d just use the same spices as for the hearth cakes: ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg, so no anise or orange peel, with honey or maybe some puréed dates or even a chopped apple and—sorry,” she says with one of those thrice-damned giggles of hers that just make him want to sweep her off her feet and kiss her. “I’m rambling.”

“You are,” he concurs, more harshly than he intended, regretting the words the instant they’re out of his mouth.

She laughs again, but it’s a little strained this time. “That—that wasn’t very nice, now, was it?”

“You said it first,” he retorts. Maker damn it, why can’t he just apologise instead?

“I did, yes. Sorry. I’ll just shut up now.” And she does, kneading in perfect silence before flouring the tabletop—and it’s worse, of course it’s worse, with that silence thick as the dough between them, only filled with the rustle of the wine simmering on the stove and the slow back-and-forth of the rolling pin.

Carver throws an agonizing look towards the doorway, hoping to see his sister return. Void, he’d even take Fenris’s scathing remarks if it meant a distraction.

How long does it take to set up a bloody trivet, anyway?

Just his damn luck. Taken hostage by the mulled wine, doomed to watch it simmer while Fenris and his sister are busy getting everything ready to bake the hearth cakes … and only then does it occur to him that it must’ve all been on purpose. Of course his sister would invite only Merrill and him early, then find a way to leave them alone together in the same room. Minding everyone else’s business is just what she does, romantic, meddling fool that she is.

But Carver feels, oddly, most betrayed by Fenris. Not that there’s much in the way of friendship between them for Fenris to betray—and maybe this is what makes it doubly frustrating: that Fenris—Fenris, with his bloody puppy eyes and his bloody flannel shirt and his bloody rolled-up sleeves—now thinks himself happy enough to meddle into other people’s affairs. And why wouldn’t he be? The way his sister is glowing, she probably expects a marriage proposal before the night is over (now wouldn’t that be mortifying?), or she’s expecting, period, and—

And why does that bother him?

Bloody mulled wine. Bloody hearth cakes. Bloody Satinalia.

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What's your gut feeling for today? Is fuckery in the air or will it truly be a day to give thanks?

My gut is feeling pumpkin gnocchi and ginger spice cake. As far as fuckery, probably only what is manufactured by the Shamzies aboard the Good Ship Crackpot. It’s a sad trip to the dollar store
where cray crays play, on the polluted beach
of delusional bay, photoshopped pictures and red markers, everywhere……