So I have this head cannon based on my own family that the bat kids have a habit of saying “my brother”/”my sister” like everyone knows who they’re talking about. People who know about the whole batclan can usually guess which bro/sis based on the context, but everyone else just assumes there’s only one brother and one sister. 

Imagine Tim starting YJ and being super secretive about his identity, so no one knows he’s Tim Drake with 7.5 billion Wayne siblings. Which leads to the hilarious assumption that Tim just has one brother, and who does. So. Much

Grew up in a circus, and by circus he means the streets, and by streets he means a palace in Dubai. Born in Gotham but also in the middle east but he’s Cuban and black? Can’t drive a car, but can drive a motorcycle? Is married, but also ‘partners’ with some guy named roy and is also like twelve? Died?? But apparently he got better?? 

And his sister is a mute computer genius who’s both super dramatic, and pretty stoic, faked her own death once?? and is an Asian ginger, and might be the child of Catwoman and Batman??

People would think he’s making it up, except he says these things so casually and with such a straight face that there’s no way it’s a joke. 

Until one day some brave soul is like “Hey Robin, how many siblings do you have again?”

“Well, legally I have three brothers and two sisters. But Duke’s adoption papers are pending, and Babs might as well be my sister. Stephanie pretty much lives with us too, so I suppose that brings the total up to four brothers and four sisters.” 

Which solves one problem, but still doesn’t answer the whole dying? and getting better??? 

Meal Planning Week of 2-19-17

Breakfasts: My go to lately has been marinated tofu with eggs over easy. Protein bomb in the AM. 
Lunches: I’m making something I call my “superfood” vegetarian chili. I don’t really do the whole superfood thing, but I call it that because I’ve seriously stuffed just about every color and major micronutrient in there. 
Dinners: I’m making an experiment. Doing this green curried fish stew idea I concocted. Chilies, lemongrass, ginger, limes, Asian vegetables, etc. More on that later! Also going to make a beet and potato mash we can put over some spinach. We have some veggie burgers left over in the freezer and I figured that would be their side dish. 
Snacks: Grapes were $.88/lb! WHAT!? Definitely grabbed some of those. Also got my beloved bananas. 


Summary: Rick leads Negan into a trap only to have an unexpected turn of events causing things to heat up between them.

Pairing: Negan x Rick Grimes

Word Count: 3337

Warnings: NSFW, strong language, violence, apocalyptic gore, dubcon, domination, angry sex, asphyxiation with a scarf, ass slapping, fingering, anal sex, orgasm denial, Rick being a prick

Tags: @negansmutweek @negans-network @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash

A/N: Written for Ash’s 2K challenge and Negan Smut Week. Somehow all my smutty one shots slowly evolve into dark erotica. Sorry not sorry. Rick had a mind of his own here. Not my fault. Did I actually write this?

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franceslbradshaw  asked:

My love! you are so strong-creative-intelligent-stylish-beautifully spiritual-and loving! What is your favorite vegan lunch place in Brooklyn? I am going to Newark for a jazz show Sunday and we want to get some food you love :) Also, (forgive me if you have answered this before) what is your favorite meal to cook for a dinner party? What are some ways you re-direct conversations at dinner if they get to talking about destructive and counter-productive shenanigans no one needs to hear?

Oh my gosh my Frances look at what a sweet message this is you peach! There’s always Champs for yummy diner food, and then there’s Little Choc Apothecary for crepes if you’re looking for something more precious, and Wild Ginger is amazing too for Asian food! But really most places  you end up in Brooklyn should have vegan options! My favorite thing to cook for a dinner party is something other people can help with, like a big pizza or a curry that people can help chop veg for, things like that. Unless I’m going all out and then I’ll make something fancy like seitan piccata or mushroom stroganoff. I redirect conversations with a simple, “Let’s talk about something else, this is not what I need to be talking about right now,” and most people if they’re good people will respect that. I love you so much sweetpea! Everyone should follow this sweet soul!

i was humoring myself with headcanons today while dying at work and making las allergic to ginger is awful. many asian-styled foods are made with ginger . . so drawing the parallel, he couldn’t eat hoshidan food unless it didn’t have ginger ( which ginger is VERY prominent in many dishes ). 

the boy will eat anything you put in front of him with no question, and so when he doesn’t eat hoshidan food people are like ???? is he just being rude and picky ?? but lmao he eats it to not seem snobbish and breaks out in hives and just—-gdi las.

also no gingerbread during the holidays and he’ll eat one if elise offers it to him. he can’t tell her no . .stop this.

Someting about Mexico 

- Yes, we spoke Spanish, but more than 30 Pre-hispanic languages are spoken, in my case NO, i don’t speak any prehispanic language and i don’t like to learn one. 

- Not all Mexicans has dark skin and be short, you can see white’s, blondes with blue, green, brown and grey eyes, gingers, very tall persons, asians, American Natives (in the North of Mexico),  yes they are Mexicans. I never seen any  Polynesians person here (Cook Island, Hawaii. Samoa, Fiji, etc)

-  Mexico is not Los Cabos, Cancun, Rivera Maya and Playa del Carmen 

- Mexico contains several cultures and ethnic groups. 

-  Not everyone in Mexico have the name of Juan, Maria, Guadalupe and Pedro.. 

- Not everyone here are poor, has 15 kids and living in the middle of nowhere 

- There are huge differences (economical, cultural, social etc) in all Mexico 

- Do not generalize, please 

- Mexico has a lot of diversity. 

- Not all Mexicans has “American Dream”, and we are not obsessed to live in USA -_- 

- 85 % of people, who jump the border, are from Central and South America 

- Yes, many speak several languages​​, either by culture, work or academic stuff 

- Mexico is not like in the movies of the 40s, we do not live in the desert. We neither dressed as Indians or mariachis 

- The Independence from Spain (Spain is in EUROPE), beginning in September 1810 . The May 5 is otherwise. 

- Mexico is in North America, North America is the northern block ( as the name implies ) , countries that comprise it are, Mexico, Canada and the United States.

 - Unfortunately, there is my country Mexico, a very large number of people who base their life on religion and football socer.

 - There are over 30 pre-Hispanic cultures; they are not only Aztecs and Mayas 

- The richest man in the world lives here, is Mexican and is called Carlos Slim 

- Mexican art is not only Frida K . and Diego Rivera. 

- Most importantly , leave your stupid stereotypes aside , come to visit the many cities , beaches and nature reserves in Mexico .

  • Me: *coughs*
  • Parents: You're sick, aren't you? You're sick.
  • Me: What? No, I'm not-
  • Parents: Here, slice this ginger, boil it and drink the water then eat the ginger with three spoonfuls of this weird black paste.
  • Me: *blows nose*
  • Parents: It's swine flu. Omg it's that new-fangled disease going around. You're going to die.
  • Me: No, it's just really dusty and-
  • Parents: We've already booked an appointment with your doctor and the acupuncturist. In the meantime, eat this ginger, it's good for you.
  • Me: My head really hurts...
  • Parents: It's a concussion isn't it? I knew you shouldn't have gone snowboarding.
  • Me: No, it's not. I just-
  • Parents: We're going to see the doctor in 15 minutes to get your head scanned and you have an appointment with the acupuncturist on Tuesday. In the meantime, eat this ginger.
  • I feel like my parents just have a surplus of ginger lying around the house and use me to get rid of it. Newsflash, I'm an Asian who hates ginger. Dishonour, dishonour, yaddi yaddi yadda.

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