ginger troll

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((From this meme! Soz this took forever >w<’’ This ask actually references one that Raz did with her kiddies, who are referenced here!))

She wasn’t doing anything. She simply just tried to hide away and not let anybody see her, talking away to her stuffed raptor. It looked more like a hideous monstrosity, but it was a prized treasure that was always seen around the little troll.

Jazali’s hair was long enough so that crazy wild bangs shot out everywhere around her face and hid her eyes, so when another little white-haired girl came by, it nearly jolted her out of the shade of the palm tree.

“Ju Jazhali wite?”

The smaller ginger troll growled warily in response and simply clutched the doll tighter as she glared up at the child with one green eye that managed to peak between her bangs. A moment passed as she waited for a snide comment to come out…but what happened instead made her eyes widen into dinner plates.

“Ju hair is pretteh.”

Jazali didn’t need a mirror to know that a deep heated purple colour was growing from the tips of her ears to cover her entire face. That…wasn’t something she had ever heard before. She wasn’t sure what she was supposed to do, so the little troll stared, as if waiting for the girl to finish the sentence with a harsh joke. But it never came.

“Dyzz! Don’t talk to her.” An older boy called from behind the girl, making Jazali scowl again as she saw the other three familiar kids.

Another boy snickered “She be weird!”

Jazali simply curled back into her doll and looked away, waiting for them to leave. She didn’t look up when she felt something being placed down beside her until she heard the girl, Dyzz, whisper “Dis fa ju.”

As Dyzz ran away, the small ginger child peeked up from her stuffed raptor and found a small blue shell next to her foot. She stared at it, back at the retreating kids, then back at the shell again. Finally the small child picked it up and hugged it to herself. If one’s ears were listening carefully, they would hear a small tiny voice in Zandali whisper out “..tanks.”

The dorkiest thing I’ve done in my life thus far. is hosting a “Think Inside the Box” contest to build your own boxtroll costume for the upcoming release of the film. It took around two weeks to paint every box to the detail, sculpt and paint the dentures, paint and age the poster, and about an hour and a half to get myself bald, pointy eared and blue all over! But it was a super fun challenge and I can’t wait until the announce the top 10 finalists for voting!