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You said something about thinking the posters in Joey's room represented characters? Could you go into that a little?

Sure! It was mostly things like the neverending story reference poster referencing a childlike empress who was only in the movie for like 5 minutes, and other flavor text on that poster i think mentioning how they cut the movie right in the middle of the story

I thought that was a reference to Trizza Tethis/”Childlike Empress” only being in the game during the end cutscene/“5 minutes” in the episodic game Hiveswap/”Act 1 Game ends in the middle of the story of Hiveswap”

so I had the thought that possibly other flavor text in that poster could also have something to do with Trizza as well, like an insight into the kind of person she is and whatnot

then there’s the other poster which was the Princess Magical Healing Deer Shika thing japanimation which I originally thought was about Dammek since he’s the deer troll but now is possibly about Joey herself

as Princess Shika’s name means Deer, (Joey ends up being the “orphaned troll” adopted by Dammek’s Deercat Lusus) she heals with the power of magic (Joey as Mage of Life), has lots of animal friends/communes with animals/goes around healing animals (Joey is a Veterinarian) but also has a cousin “Baroness Kitsune” who is never shown how that she’s related to her but always referred to as some kind of weird cousin, I think that might be a clever reference to Dog Eared Jade, would is tangentially related to Joey in some way that the word cousin might best encapsulate

but that poster in general is pretty like, Deer = Dammek as Shika means Deer in Japanese, just like Dammek I think means Deer as well, I’m not sure, oh wait no Damma is latin for Deer

so i had the theory that the flavor text in the other posters on that wall might refer to other possible trolls/characters as well, especially the GINGER ROGERS one, as “GINGER ROGERS” is technical a valid troll name

but I have no idea who they might be referring to, other than characters we haven’t seen yet like Cridea and Fiamet (And Dammek really, we haven’t actually seen much of his character besides the Xefros’s stuff)

*EDIT* like my theories is something like, yknow how the samus poster references the character as “a bounty hunter practically raised by birds” in troll terms, that could be a Teal Blood or higher legislacerator in training, some body who hunts for the law and who has a bird lusus ya?

The dorkiest thing I’ve done in my life thus far. is hosting a “Think Inside the Box” contest to build your own boxtroll costume for the upcoming release of the film. It took around two weeks to paint every box to the detail, sculpt and paint the dentures, paint and age the poster, and about an hour and a half to get myself bald, pointy eared and blue all over! But it was a super fun challenge and I can’t wait until the announce the top 10 finalists for voting!