ginger terror


blue: so when r u guys gonna date and marry and have a whole brood of ginger children to terrorize My Life lol

cece: shut up blue ur being dumb

talon: >:-) i cant w8 for my 4-6 ginger children with my goddess wife cecilia 

cece: TALON >:-0


Haha well I’m promising backstory on DarkpathAU and this is just the beginning of that, the uh… ‘setup’ comic, if you will. 

Hiro might be kinda sorta starting to realize something is a little different about this specific 'imposter’, though his mind is trying to refuse all possibility that this guy really is Tadashi. Though considering he just took a bullet for him, well

Hiro’s a little ticked off to say the least. (Also this kid really needs to stop getting face injuries I mean seriously)


katzuichi  asked:

Kick a ginger day exists?!!! WHAT THE WHAT

Don’t even get me started.

I don’t know about other countries, but in the UK, gingers are tormented on a large scale. As someone who is Ginger, I have been physically, verbally and emotionally abused, even sexually harassed on a few occasions, almost every day I chose to step outside into the community. Yes, and I am also at risk of being killed.

Imagine that. Then South Park arrives and decides it would be a great idea to make things even worse and create Kick A Ginger Day.

I understand wholly that discrimination against gingers is not considered the worse type out there. However at this current moment in time, being a target every year this Kick A Ginger Day begins to near, I’m absolutely terrified. I’m terrified about going outside as it is, but on Kick A Ginger Day, this terror is turned up to eleven. The chance of people acting against gingers increases, and the rate of ginger suicides also increases, and news bulletins are more likely to pay attention and report them only as they are now at their most brutal.

I’m going to link you to just two accounts where gingers have taken their lives close to Kick A Ginger Day. (warning for triggering content in both) Both aren’t particularly very nice, but the first one was especially upsetting to me: The Case of Simon Walter, The Case of Helena Farrell.

Some more accounts of violence against Gingers, some linked with Kick A Ginger Day, others spontaneous:
• A frightening account of a girl assaulted for being ginger
• Kick A Ginger Day Attacks
• More Kick A Ginger Day Attacks
• Victims of Ginger Hate Crime Find The Courage To Finally Speak Out (this one is very interesting)
• Kick A Ginger Day. Again.

EVEN THEN, they STILL don’t even OFFICIALLY CONSIDER Gingerism a form of hate crime.

1-2% of the population are Ginger - that’s less than quite a few minorities out there - and are more prone to certain health risks. You don’t have to be white to be Ginger either, as you will have seen in that circulated post. (Oh god I couldn’t even begin to imagine what non-white gingers must have to go through.) Gingerism is dated back centuries, too:
• Redheads were more likely to have been sacrificed in Ancient Egypt, and there were ceremonies where they burned redheads alive because they thought it was so unlucky.
• They were especially targeted in European countries such as Ancient Greece as being associated with vampires and witches. In Ancient Greece, it was believed that gingers would come back as vampires after death. In Spain, redheads were accused of being witches who stole hell’s flames and were burned.
• Adolf Hitler banned ginger marriage, claiming it would mean “deviant offspring.”
• In The Bible, Eve, who went evil after biting the snake’s apple, and Satan, are both depicted as having red hair, it being the ‘stain of sin.’
• They are still stereotyped as more sexually promiscuous, deceitful, fiery, sharp-tongued, bewildering and morally degrading to be associated with. If you live in Corisca and you pass a ginger, you are expected to spit and turn around. We’ve even been considered in actual scientific accounts to have been possible alien hybrids. (Source).

So there’s some facts. It’s more than what meets the eye.

In a nutshell. I understand that there is a lot going on in the world right now. I do understand we aren’t the most hated. But please. Please, Tumblr. Kick A Ginger Day is on January 12th this year. If you see a Ginger being attacked, especially during this time, speak out, because chances are they’re petrified to or think that what they’re going through isn’t considered 'good enough’ to make something out of. I know creating this post I kept thinking the same thing despite how many times I’ve been assaulted by groups of people, touched inappropriately, received genuine death threats and make into a joke by multiple adults, those younger than me and those of the same age. It shouldn’t be a case of “just dye your hair” or “~~~iiiiii think your hair is a looooovely colour you should feel graaaateful and priiiiveleged for having such a rarity on your head uwu~~~” This is another excuse to torment someone.

If you’ve managed to read through all of this, words cannot describe how thankful I am.

I apologise for making this ask into an information post, but this issue is extremely personal to me, and given the opportunity to present it has been something I’ve waited for for a long time. It would mean so much to me if you could signal boost this on behalf of all gingers out there who have suffered from this kind of abuse. Make this known, make this serious. Help stamp this out alongside the other forms of cruel prejudice out there.

Thank you.