ginger striders

that-ginger-bitch  asked:

dave, how do you feel about all this time you're spending with john? are you having fun?

DAVE: tired as all hell dude
DAVE: dont get me wrong i always have a shit ton of fun with him but i havent been getting much sleep lately considering how much he seems to be showing way more of an interest and relying on me
DAVE: along with school stuff kinda going straight down the shitter
DAVE: i get wanting to be comforted and supported and distracting yourself from the real shit
DAVE: like im all here for that 200% and will always be 
DAVE: but completely ignoring his problems isnt going to help him in the long run 
DAVE: this shits kind of a big deal and not the kind that can be really ignored or set aside to deal with later like time is one motherfucker you cant let just slip by when youre dealin with
DAVE: yknow
DAVE: mortality and shit i guess man i dunno
DAVE: i guess what im trying to say is i wanna make the guy feel better because seeing him sad is as heart wrenching as a twelve year old boy asking his dad why his pants get shorter whenever so much as someone fuckin breathes
DAVE: but the fact of the matter is that not coming to terms with stuff now is probably going to make him lose it completely sometime later on
JOHN: (i wonder what aliens would think about society if all they had to go off of was wayne’s world…)