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Voltron Halloween HCS

How do I celebrate Halloween? By making literally everything Halloween related, like y'all should see my house during Halloween. Anyway hcs…

•Pidge and Keith go all out, they cover every square inch of the ship or wherever they in every Halloween decoration they can find, they have like 666 Halloween decorations from years before… they still get more
-Also Pidge having to be dragged away from the fog machine bc Pidge just won’t leave it alone, at this point Apple wants to buy the fog machine just bc Pidge has made it so extra and high tech
-Keith and Pidge pull the best pranks on Lance, Keith is like an amazing actor so Lance falls for the pranks every time, it’s not his fault tho, it’s a new prank every time and they’re hilarious so he gets over it

•Poor Hunk is scared by everything and has like the worst reactions to jump scares, almost falling into a bucket of dry ice Pidge accidentally left out, tearing down a whole wall of fake spider webs, stuff like that, my poor baby
- but when like Shay is scared or he thinks she’s gonna be scared he immediately toughens up, literally says “I ain’t ‘fraid of no ghost”, it’s adorable, he’s adorable

• one of the only reasons Hunk even tolerates Halloween is because he can match costumes with his beautiful rock girlfriend, they do sickeningly cute couple ones too like the princess bride and Han Solo and Princess Leia

•The team has a movie marathon of all the Ghostbusters movies especially the new one, they save the new one best for last, Allura practically screamed that they withheld such an amazing movie from her for the entire marathon, she’s extremely gay for every girl in the movie and Shiro may be a lil’ jealous but he honestly can’t blame her

•September 1st, first day of the pre Halloween month, every year at 12 am, Pidge booms “This Is Halloween” through the corridors of the castle ship or wherever Pidge is at 12 am, screaming the lyrics while running around with Halloween decorations, it’s terrifying

•Also things Pidge does in September 1at, Pidge declares that the only thing that can be played on the tv is Halloween movies, no one really disagrees bc it’s either that or football and none of space fam even likes football
- also Pidge owns every Tim Burton film out there, can even recite the entire script of the Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride

•Lance is eh on Halloween until he remembers that he can dress up in sexy Halloween costumes, he then starts agreeing to go to the Halloween stores with Pidge and Keith, Keith nearly dies when Lance comes out of the dressing room in a sexy devil costume (why he dies, whether from laughter or something else is up to you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )
-also ever since Lance turned 18 he’s worn ridiculous sexy Halloween costumes every year (but never in front of his family tho, nah then he like goes even more extra, I’m talking amazing Grim Reapers with horrifying yet mesmerizing make-up, the Prince-iest Princes around, a whole homemade Iron Man suit, his younger siblings and all the kids on the block of his childhood home eat up, they love it)

•Also Lance celebrating Day of the Dead, I’m not sure if that’s celebrated in Cuba which is where he’s mostly headcanoned but like I’m taking mostly about headcanoned Mexican! Lance, just imagine it, all the Day of the Dead stuff, sugar candy skulls e v e r y w h e r e, to add onto the amazing costumes headcanon he has, he would be gorgeous in a flowery Day of the Dead suit with amazing skull makeup

•Shiro didn’t really get or like Halloween that much until Pidge and Keith started going crazy about it, then he found it adorable and played along with all the Halloween stuff like a good space dad
- also him and Allura in a ton of matching Halloween costumes so c u t e

•Coran doesn’t really understand it at all, but he does love Hunk’s witches punch which is green sherbet, ginger ale, and a large cube of dry ice at the bottom
green and smoky = Altean food, he still doesn’t understand how Hunk got so good at making an Altean drink

•Speaking of Hunk making Halloween drinks, while he hates scary Halloween stuff he LOVES making Halloween treats for the team to enjoy they’re so cool and pretty. Pidge is practically addicted to them at this point. I’m talking like homemade pumpkin shaped cookies with his secret homemade icing dyed usually black, green, or orange, “stuff is to die for and then come back as a Zombie wanting to eat these instead of brains” as Pidge has said

•ALSO (can’t believe I just got to this) Pidge and Lance are huge hoes for making The Very Best Costumes Like No Costume Ever Was kinda costumes, Pidge is amazing at special effects on costumes while Lance is amazing at adding detail to it, they go viral every Halloween

•Hunk and Pidge making the coolest Halloween special effects, nothing too scary but the effects are just honestly mesmerizing like ghosts floating along the walls or cloudy night skies with a sliver of a silver moon on the ceiling, they should honestly being doing movies or something
- everyone comes for these effects like even the Garrison would allow them to put off a few classes for some really amazing light/mechanical shows

•the team decorating the lions for Halloween
-lions don’t get it at all but they know through their bond with their Paladins that it makes their Paladins really happy so they roll with it

•spooky scary skeletons getting blasted through the castle at random times, one time someone blasted it at 2 am and Coran nearly had a heart attack, no one can tell if it’s Pidge or Keith doing it, neither with fess up
- at random times it’s actually Lance but he always fesses up bc he does it to be the center of attention
-Pidge and Keith just do it bc they’re secretly chaotic evils

• Pidge, Keith, Hunk, and Lance making skeleton war references all the time, Coran is convinced this is an actual thing that happens on earth until he goes there and nothing happens, he was bummed out for weeks, poor space uncle

• orange glitter everywhere, no one knows where it’s coming from, it just comes and goes with the Halloween season

• ghost stories with Pidge are banned, little space gremlin made grown men and women and Galrans pee their pants from those stories, only Coran is allowed to listen to the stories because the man has no concept of fear. He thought walking up to Galran soldier with piggy back riding Hunk was a good idea, fear is just something that has never occurred to him

• other things that are banned:
-taking Hunk to haunted houses, fake or not he’s just not about that haunting life (Lance isn’t either but Hunk only knows that and tries to keep it on the down low bc he’s a good friend)
-letting Keith and Lance go alone to Halloween stores (no one wants to know what happened all they know is the two already got banned from one store when they went alone and that’s enough reason)
-letting Lance near the glitter (he always finds it anyway and then proceeds to throw orange glitter over Keith’s head saying “Learn to be fab”)(this may explain why orange glitter is everywhere)

•Lance and Keith secretly pretend that they don’t know what the other is going to dress up as and get costume for the counter part of that
-they’re so obvious tho like why do they even try everyone has figured it out by the second time it happens and they pretend they totally aren’t matching

•Lance and Keith finally being in a relationship one Halloween, but instead of something cute and couple-y Keith is the Wicked Witch of the West and Lance is Glenda the Good Witch (but think more about this in the whole Wicked the musical way, like those two were secretly gay for each other and not even constant heteronormativity in it can stop me from believing in that)

I might do more later or even write a drabble of some of these later, feel free to do drabbles of these headcanons, but I’ve written about this for like an hour and a half now non-stop

I kind of miss my brother rn so I wrote this kinda late apologies for errors or anything else, im running on pure determination.

ok i took these two requests into account and chose the prompts I liked from both so yeah compromises i guess

part 1


The Christmas party went off without a hitch – well, as far as hitches go. Jellal had significantly depleted the cookie supply minutes before the party had even begun, and Juvia may or may not have dropped some window cleaner into the punch bowl. No one would die. Probably.

“Where did Gray head off to?” Jellal asked casually as the familiar faces of guests began to pour in.

“I think he went to go get more supplies.” Juvia covered before pressing her lips into a hard, thin line. She still wasn’t quite sure what to make of the whole mistletoe-fiasco that had occurred a little over an hour ago.

Still, Gray was a vital part of the party – he knew all of the guests, everybody would be expecting him. Jellal would get suspicious if he didn’t show up at all.

“Oh. Gross, it’s Natsu. Distract him.” Jellal pleaded before escaping out the back porch. Jellal didn’t actually hate Natsu, but ever since he and Lucy had started dating, Jellal found it impossible to speak with him. Both Jellal and Juvia had known Lucy since she was in diapers, and even Juvia had to admit it was weird hearing somebody talk about her in a sexual way.

“Heya Juvia, wow, you sure got pretty over the year.” He complimented. Normal people might’ve taken offense, but since it was Natsu, a boy that told her she was fat in first grade, she took it with a grain of salt.

“Thank you Natsu. How’s Lucy, is she here yet?” And that my friends is how you successfully take care of an annoyance. Distract them with something shiny.

“She went to go grab some marshmallows, she felt bad for not bringing anything. We’re still going strong! I just wanted to tell you that because for some reason everybody doubted that we’d make it past a month. But not you Juvia, I knew you had faith in the Na-Lu since the very beginning.” Natsu babbled with a dazzling smile. Despite his shortcomings, he really was dedicated to Lucy.

“Oh, definitely. You haven’t heard from Gray either, have you?” Juvia casually slipped in.

Natsu shook his head. “Not yet. Bastard probably decided to skip out, cuz he’s too cool for parties.”

“That sounds like Gray.” Juvia lied. He would never skip out on a party, even if he did believe he was too cool. He never missed out on a chance for free food, years of him coming over coincidentally when dinner was starting was enough to vouch for that.

Juvia excused herself and went to fill up on some punch. It was an old family recipe that she and Jellal had accidentally invented one thanksgiving, a mix of ginger ale, rainbow sherbet, and tropical punch all swirled up into a cooler to make the perfect non-alcoholic solution to a Christmas bash.

Juvia spotted a flash of red hair and immediately abandoned the punch.

“Erza!” She called urgently, flagging her down by jumping and waving.

“Mm, Juvia! You look so good, holy shit,” she mumbled as Juvia hugged her. Erza became a close friend of Jellal and Gray by senior year, Juvia looked up to her in a big-sisterly sort of way. Of course, this had everything to do with the fact that Jellal had a massive crush on her.

“Have you seen Gray?” Juvia asked abruptly, mentally cursing herself seconds after for not starting with ‘how’s college?’ or ‘how have you been doing?’.

Erza raised a single finely plucked eyebrow before responding.

“I actually did, he was going out back just a minute ago.” She answered. “Why? What’s up?”

“I uh…he asked me to grab him a pop, but I don’t know what kind he likes.” Juvia lied. His favorite was cherry Pepsi.

“Make the lazy asshole get it himself.” Erza answered simply. She always had a much easier solution to everything, one of the things Juvia like most about her.

“Maybe I will, I better go tell him. Catch up with you later?” Juvia asked, not waiting to hear her response. She was already halfway out the door to the deck by the time Erza said anything.

“Sure, don’t get too distracted, crazy kid.”

The backyard was somewhat covered in people, most of which she recognized (duh, these were the kids she grew up with, after all). The grass could also use a mowing. Hm.

Juvia spotted Jellal and Gray leaning against the fence in the back portion of the yard, where the fence separated her yard from the road. No cars were driving by at this hour, though she did live in a fairly suburban area where few cars drove by even during rush hour.

She walked up closer to them, training her ears on their words carefully. They were talking about hockey, something Juvia really didn’t want to get into, but whatever. She had unfinished business with that boy.

“Hey guys,” she said, hopping up next to them and swinging her arm over the top of the fence. She silently envied their height advantage and the way they could effortlessly drape their arms all over the fence, meanwhile she struggled just to keep a single arm up.

Jellal smiled and Gray found something else to look at.

“Hey, Juvee, nobody’s lit the house on fire, right?” Jellal asked jokingly.

“You’d see the smoke,” she reminded, but even in conversation felt her eyes drift back to Gray. He refused to look back at her, studying the growth of dandelions towards the bottom of the fence.

She just had to get rid of Jellal, but that’d be easy enough.

“Hey, Erza was looking for you.” Juvia offered smartly. Jellal jerked his head up like a puppy at the mere mention of a walk.

“Really? Is she inside?” He asked, taking a few awkwardly placed sideways steps towards the back door.

“Yup. You could probably lure her to the mistletoe…” Juvia mused, and Jellal was gone in a flash.

Gray made a grumbling sound in the back of his throat, something that might’ve been considered a laugh if he wasn’t so desperately trying to ignore her.

“Hey,” Juvia pressed, not allowing herself to back down.  “Are you gonna talk to me, or not?”

“C’mere.” He said, turning towards the road and folding his arms over the fence so he could lean towards the road. “Remember when we were kids, and we used to throw grapes at cars that drove by?”

Juvia smiled thinly. The wild grapevine was still clinging to the fence, even today. She remembered the grape-throwing quite well, especially the time a car actually stopped and Gray, Juvia, and Jellal all hid under the fence while the driver angrily searched for the brat kids that got grape guts on his side window.

“Yeah.” She answered, unsure of his reminiscence had any sort of point to it.

“It was a lot easier when we were kids.” He mumbled, yanking his hands off the fence so hard the metal shook. He then twisted around and started stalking back inside the house.

“Gray, wait…” Juvia called after him, confused by his sudden outburst and worried that she was missing a piece of the puzzle.

He said nothing until they were safely inside, surrounded by a throng of familiar faces. It was there Gray seemed to be more in his comfort zone, oddly enough.

“I don’t know what to do with you, Juvia.” He admitted, swirling his hand in the ice box and fishing out a cherry Pepsi (which she had picked out especially for him, but she didn’t need to tell him that).

“What do you mean?” She asked out of concern for herself.

“A lot has changed since we were kids. I can’t sleep in the same room as you anymore, I can’t hold your hand one the way to the bus stop,” he groaned, almost like he was frustrated with the passage of time.

“What the hell are you talking about? Gray, are you dying?’ Juvia asked, waving a hand over his eyes to make sure he was fully conscious. He grabbed it and sighed.

God, dammit.” He whispered, and he looked at her so hard she thought they both might explode. He was staring at her like she was a diamond ring locked in a box, and he could only get the key by dipping his hand into a vat of acid. Like Saw, or something like that. It was successfully creeping her out.

“Gray, tell me what you’re thinking!” She demanded, frustrated by his lack of response. He studied the look on her face for a second, before moving again, deeper into her house.

After a few seconds of almost angrily pushing through people, they were standing in the entryway once again, the scene almost identical to the one after making cookies earlier that day, save the dozens of people around them.

“I’m thinking a lot of things, Juvia.” He said, and there was something about the way he said it that made her think that he was just getting started. “Like the fact that you got really beautiful – you always were, I mean, but you look so gorgeous right now and I fucking hate it. And this cherry pesi is really good. And you’re brothers gonna kill me – oh, fuck it-“ he wailed, and then he grabbed Juvia’s face with both his hands and kissed her as hard as he could.

She barely even registered the surprised gasps of the people around them, including ‘they’re doing this here?’ and ‘how indecent’ because she practically melted into his arms the second he grabbed her and she was hanging onto his shoulders for dear life. Hell, the room could be spinning upside-down and she wouldn’t even notice, she was drowning in the softness of his touch and the taste of his lips against hers.

“Hey-ey Juvia, have you seen the…what the fuck?!?”

And…that was quite possibly the worst time for Jellal to walk in on her…ever.

“Jellal-“ Juvia gasped, having disatached herself from Gray when she heard her brother’s telltale pterodactyl shriek.

“Ah, shit.” Gray distressed, unwrapping his arms from Juvia’s waist and holding them up in defense, slowly, in the air, a if Jellal were wielding a double-barelled shotgun.

“…Gray?” Jellal asked, dangerously calm as his fists balled up at his sides.

“…y-yes?” Gray answered, paling at the sight of his best friend’s wrath.

“…As a friend, I’m gonna go ahead and advise you to run.” Jellal seethed, his arm blindly reaching for something blunt.

“Run, Gray.” Juvia repeated, giving his hard back a firm shove in the opposite direction.

“Uh…I’ll call you.” Gray said to Juvia, and in a flash, both boys were off in an epic chase of life and death.

Juvia sighed. There certainly were worse ways to end a night, after all, she had gotten herself a kiss, and Jellal could only chase him for so long before he got dehydrated.

“I knew there was something going on between you two,” Erza chastised, nudging Juvia’s shoulder in a congratulatory way.

“Really?” Juvia asked watching her brother swing at Gray with an oversized aluminum bat. “I didn’t.”