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au where bitty comes from a family of, like, eight siblings…and he’s the tallest of them all.

CLAUDIA AESTHETICS: Instagram edition; Archie and Cheryl are dating.

And Archie’s instagram becomes a ginger fest over night. After what happened at the finale, the two of them just seem to grow closer. Nevermind that some people think Archie was with her just because of her money and influence to get him a good career and mentor in music. Because he likes her and she feels safe around him and Archie finds himself comfortable with the redhead. 

Essays in Existentialism: Footie II

MORE lexa soccer player please and thank you!

Previously on Footie

The ride home after a game was one of the best times on the planet. Coming down from the high of playing, from the adrenaline of winning, from the pressure of the team and herself, from that glorious feeling of her muscles twitching with built up lactic acid from leaving every ounce of sweat and preparation on the field. It was an almost sacred time.

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I have to say, that sounds like solid second date territory to me!

    OSTARA (EOSTRE) The Spring Equinox

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                             DATES: Northern hemisphere  March 20-23
                                Southern hemisphere  September 20-23
   Also called The Spring or Vernal Equinox and Easter. Keep in mind that pronunciation obviously differs between accents but, these are the most popular.

If Ostara reminds you of Easter, you’re not wrong! Over the years the name was changed to fit into more standard and modernised systems and while both still represent very similar things, much of the history of the beloved Germanic goddess of fertility, Eostre, aka Ostara has sadly been lost in translation in the eyes of many Pagans. Ostara was represented by things associated with the new light of birth, such as eggs, rabbits, sweets, growth and nurturing compassion which represents the nature of Spring. When it comes to the astronomy aspect of this day, the Equinox is one of the balancing points in the cycle of the seasons. This is because both day and night are of equal length, reminding us of equality and the continuous growth in our lives. 

Ostara is a beautiful spring planting festival that celebrates the return of life to the earth. Represented by fresh flowers, baby animals and eggs, the symbolism paints a welcoming picture for the new energy spirits that have been brought into existence. It is a day to rejoice in the reawakening of the Earth! During this time the God and Goddess are perceived as young adults, projecting youth and innocence before their climb into adulthood. The Goddess, as the Maiden, covers the earth with life and love while the God grows to maturity helping her to make things grow quickly. The Sun God’s strength increases day by day and the Maiden celebrates her fertility. This is a time to plant our gardens, the seeds of flowers, herbs and vegetables and it is a time to honour the masculine and to reflect on what exactly makes us who we are.

The Gods that are associated with Ostara are Adonis, Attis, Ovis, Odin, Osiris, Frigg, the Sun God + more, depending on specific path/cultural background The Goddesses that are associated with Ostara are Eostre, Aphrodite, Isis, Freya, and the Moon Goddesses + more, depending on specific path/cultural background The Colours of Ostara are pretty much all of the pretty pastel colours you can think of. Animals that correspond with this day are Hares, rabbits, snakes, unicorns, Pegasus, lambs fledgelings and other small baby animals. Essences that are perfect for Ostara would be pretty much any type of fresh floral scent, jasmine, violets, roses, sage, strawberry, citrus scents, roses, lotus, magnolia and ginger. Stones that pair perfectly with this celebration are Rose quartz, aquamarine, moonstone, amethyst and jasper Popular things to consume during Ostara are Eggs, honey, bread, seeds, herbal teas, sprouts and green leafy vegetables Decorate your Altar with things like Flowers, seeds, eggs, crafts made from things you’ve found while in nature, images of rabbits and the appropriate herbs and stones. The areas you should put thought into during Ostara include yourself; Ostara is a time to reflect on your accomplishments and progress you’ve made so far in the year and to recharge your energy to continue going down the right path for YOU. It’s a time to continue working that butt off and readjust anything you may need to prevent any snags or problems during the remainder of the year. The key word is MANIFESTATION! Rituals and areas of Magick work are working with herbs and gardens, kitchen/cottage magick, abundance spells and animal work. Some fun activities of Ostara include planting seeds in a magickal or herbal garden, taking walks through gardens, parks, woodlands and decorating eggs.
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anonymous asked:

14 and 22 with eggsy where your a statesman and tequila's little sister. (Bonus points if she has a habit of calling ginger sugarbelle ) ??????

Pairing: Reader x Eggsy Unwin.
Warnings: Drinking.
Word Count: 399
Prompts: “Am I supposed to be impressed?” / “Look at the sky.”

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When Roses Bloom (Trixya) Chapter One - Bramble

I have had this idea brewing in a word document for a little while now and am finally confident enough to post it. This is the project of mine that has the longest chapters. If you like lots of fuck ups Trixya, side established Pearlet, oblivious slow-burn Witney, and mamma bear Peppermint this fic might be for you. Enjoy!

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See You Again.

Requested by Anon: Can you do a Reader/Ginger where the reader was Ginger’s s/o before they split to ‘pursue different careers’, not realizing they both became agents, and then they’re reunited for a mission?
Ginger Ale x Reader
Fandom: Kingsman
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 1053
A/N: I use the name Elizabeth for Ginger’s real name, as it’s mentioned in the Kingsman: The Golden Circle Novelisation that her name is Elizabeth!

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