ginger ombre hair


Hey guys!

So a lot of you really liked my previous post about the things I got from so here are the ones I got yesterday ;)

Burgundy velvet dress ($9.00)

Black dress ($15.00)

Bikini (high waisted) ($17.00)

Floral top ($13.00)

2 Chokers ($4.00)

As always, you can ask everything about the site or the clothes :D

I hope you all have a wonderful day 💗


The year of the fiery ombre~ I’ve been so not into changing my hair this year because I’ve fallllllen in love with this hair coloring, but once finals are done (in 6 days!!!!) i’m going GREEN! I’ve been craving fun colors once more and the only time I have do them is during break. So exciiiiiiited to change it up! 

PS. If anyone does the six selfies thing will all of your fun hair colors this year, make sure to tag lovelydyedlocks so I can see them! ♥︎