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During Sandor and Tormund's conversation in the most recent episode, the one where Tormund says 'ginger's are beautiful, we are kissed by fire,' and then continues to talk about Brienne? There is only one moment during this conversation where Jon can be seen onscreen, and it's during the line 'I have a beauty waiting for me at Winterfell, if I ever get back there.' I'm certain this was done on purpose.

Such a good catch, Nonny! 😉🙌🏻

Jonsa is endgame, it is known. 😘

Like I mentioned in my last post, Ginger called Mina for playing but she wanted to play with me, so she brought me the mouse. When she wants to play, she usually drops the mouse on my feet or she runs around then jumps on the sofa, bends down, then wait that I come for playing, after she wants me to throw the mouse, she runs to pick it up and comes back to me with the mouse, lol.

After Ginger was calling her, for few minutes it was quiet when suddenly the bull started mooed, lol, he has his moment when he calls the female but sometimes he moo in the night and it’s loud, lol. So in the night we fall asleep with the cow bells/church bells and sometimes the moo of the bull, lol. In Vancouver I used to fall aslepp with the sound of ambulance as I had the General Hospital very near. I prefer the cow bells. :-)

So Mina was playing with her mouse and Ginger wanted attention, my husband was sitting outside and Ginger jumped on the table and started to play with his ballpoint, little troublemaker, lol. But he is so cute.