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Soothing Tea for Menstrual Cramps

Period having people know how painful cramps can be, especially at the beginning of the cycle. This tea is designed to ease cramping by relaxing the muscles of the uterus and aiding in relaxing cycle-related nausea. The herbs used in this blend are traditional remedies for menstrual pain, used for centuries all over the globe.


  • ¼ tsp mugwort - helps stimulate smooth menstrual flow, normalizes and calms the nervous system, regulates menstrual flow
  • ½ tsp red raspberry leaf - cleans the blood of excessive hormones, soothes breast tenderness, supplies the body with many of the nutrients lost during a cycle
  • ½ tsp mint - eases discomfort from cramping, helps ease nausea, regulates bleeding, adds flavor, soothes and comforts
  • ¼ tsp ginger - eases nausea, relieves uterine pain, adds flavor
  • ½ tsp parsley - has strong analgesic and antinociceptive properties, acts as an anticeptic 
  • 2 cups of water - purified water works best but tap water is also suitable
  • Quart sized mason jar with lid - for storing the mixture
  • Optional - sweetener, lemon, cinnamon sticks


  1. Add the herbal mixture together in a tea strainer. Place strainer in a quart sized mason jar.
  2. Bring 2 cups of water to a rolling boil and pour into the jar over the tea. 
  3. Screw on the lid and let the tea steep for 15 minutes. 
  4. Once the tea has finished steeping, remove the strainer. You can divide the tea up into 3 parts in separate jars, or measure it out each time so that each dose is exactly 2/3 cup. It must be stored in the fridge. 
  5. Drink the dose in the morning when you wake up, at midday, and before bed on the first day of your cycle to ensure best results.


This tea is has a very earthy, bitter flavor. Those who are not fond of teas to begin with will most likely not enjoy this brew. Copious amounts of sugar is recommended to improve the taste, but you may just have to hold your nose and gulp it down…

I realize there is some concern with ingesting mugwort. The FDA recommended safe dose is 1 teaspoon per 8 fluid ounces of liquid, and this tea calls for ¼th of that amount because of the dangers associated with overdosing on mugwort. However, If you do not feel comfortable taking this ingredient, you can simply exclude it from the tea or turn this tea into a spell jar instead. 

You can add some magickal components to this tea as well. Here is a sigil for relieving menstrual cramps that you can draw on your abdomen or on the jar used for storing your tea. You can also turn this into part of a tea ritual. I have instructions for one here for healing and relaxation. I recommend researching the magickal properties and energy of each herb used in this tea before use so that you have a grasp on the energy given to you through these plants. Really, your magickal creativity is the limit for this tea!

WARNING: Do not take this tea if you are pregnant, breast feeding, or at risk of becoming pregnant. If you are taking any other medications, check with your doctor first before taking this tea to ensure it will not interact poorly. Please ensure that you are not allergic to any of these ingredients before taking this tea, even in small doses. Do not take more than the recommended dose. Do not take this tea more than once per week. 

🌿Cheap Witch Patchwork Soup🌿

Patchwork soup, a name my boyfriend coined for my most often made pick-me-up soup! It’s probably not practical to post this in the summer but David got struck down with a rough cold and he needs a pick me up for his interview tomorrow! This is a crockpot recipe because I’m a lazy witch but I’m sure you can cook it on the stove just fine. Feel free to change the recipe or measurements as you please, I’d rather you enjoy the taste, and remember everything tastes better with a little love.💚✨


  • 4 cups of chicken stock or vegetable for a vegan option
  • 3 russet baking potatoes diced in small pieces(you can usually find these for $1 a pound, so it comes out to .50-.75cents)(healing, grounding)
  • one cup of diced carrots or a 6oz can of diced carrots
  • 6 oz can of corn(protection, good health)
  • 10 oz can of cream of mushroom
  • 4-6 diced chicken breasts(how many you use is up to you, I like to get thinly sliced ones from walmart because it’s usually $4-5 and less fatty, black beans are a good vegan option)
  • 6 cloves of garlic or two tablespoons(healing and protection)
  • crushed black pepper(protection)
  • sea salt(cleansing, protection)
  • thyme(healing, health)
  • coriander or cilantro(same plant different parts)(healing, health)
  • 3 bay leaves(protection, healing, purification)
  • 2 tsp onion powder or a small onion(healing)
  • 1 tsp tumeric(healing)

It’s time to make some fucking soup.There’s not a lot of brewing and stewing in this recipe so your intention goes into the ingredients; focus on healing energies when you cut up your ingredients. The first layer of your soup should be the diced chicken, on top of that place your potatoes, then the carrots and corn. Remember each layer is another layer of healing to your soup! Now it’s time for your lovely spices, when putting them in your soup poor it on top in a clockwise motion, do the same for the cream of mushroom and broth afterwards. Cover and cook on high for six to eight hours! Stir once more clockwise before serving to fill it with extra love and healing energy. Pairs well with mint or ginger tea. Enjoy!🍵

anonymous asked:

this might seem like a weird question but do you have any tips to help your cycle? I've heard about yoga and meditation (yet to try at that time of the month). I struggle to leave the house at that time, I just don't feel as at peace as I do in the rest of the month.

is your emotional state during your cycle your biggest concern? things like yoga & meditation can help cultivate a feeling of calm and peace. i think most people note that when they’re on their cycle, they feel sensitive or feel like their emotions come in waves. personally, i started to feel better during my cycles when i shifted my perception of them (i will say that i have normal / regular cycles & they are a breeze, so idk if this advice will resonate with someone with uncomfortable, painful, or irregular cycles). i began to view my cycle as a sign of my health and found comfort in my body’s ritual. when i do notice my emotions becoming a bit more sensitive, i like to spend time by myself and indulge in self-care, journalling, meditating, etc. 

if you’re experiencing physical discomfort every cycle that is disrupting your feeling of peace or inhibiting you from doing things in your life, please consider visiting a doctor. cramps & pains are normal when they’re mild but if excruciating, they can be the sign of a condition. i like to drink warm tea (green, ginger, or mint tea are my favorites with honey & lemon!) and do yoga. being mindful of what you eat can help too; dairy & sugars–despite how much we can crave them–don’t do our bodies any good while we’re on our cycle. 

here are some yoga poses & flows to help with cycles. kundalini yoga for tension / balancing energy might help too! 

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Favorite ice cream flavor? Really boring but I love your ideas and you bullseye the members ^^

You’re a darling Anon ;D thank you! And it’s not boring at all~ I assume you wanted Org XIII right?

Xemnas: Darkness. Vanilla and Chocolate

Xigbar: Rocky Road

Xaldin: Coffee

Vexen: Lemon or Ginger and Honey

Lexaeus: Strawberry

Zexion: Green Tea

Saix: Mint

Axel: Apart from Seas Salt, Maple Walnut

Demyx: Bubblegum

Luxord: Rum and Raisin

Marluxia: Raspberry Ripple

Larxene: Salted Caramel

Roxas: Apart from Sea Salt, Cookie Dough

Xion: Apart from Sea Salt, Cookies and Cream

Thank you for your ask!

~ Mod Star

I have been hit by a cold, so I won’t be posting much over the next few days.

Instead, I’ll be downing this fortifying cocktail of calendula, mints, chili peppers, ginger, liquorice root, cranberries, and green tea. It’s times like these I appreciate having a green thumb.

Hopefully I can kick this in a day or two and resume regular updates.

In the meantime, feel free to enjoy any of the curated archives linked at the bottom of every post!

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How did you loose so much weight? My New Year's resolution is to be healthy and loose some weight. Any tips?

I lost 90 lbs in a lot of different ways, good and bad. I’ll only share how to do it the right way, the healthy way. I have learned a lot, so here would be my big tips.


  • Ratio of carbs to protein to veggies should be 1:1:2. So you should have double the veggies as protein and carbs. This will make you full on low calorie foods.
  • Don’t skimp out on protein. Protein is what gives you long term satiation. Like, have you ever eaten a HUGE salad, felt stuffed, and then hungry an hour later? It’s because salad is mostly water and minerals. Protein takes longer to digest and will hold off hunger. Aim for less oily proteins though, like white fish (cod is my favorite), shrimp, tofu, or really lean turkey. I’m vegetarian so most of my protein comes from greek yogurt and egg whites, which are phenomenal protein sources!!! ps. I don’t eat egg yolks bc they’re just fat and added cholesterol. Most of the protein is in the white.
  • Eat “brown” food. These are complex carbohydrates; brown rice, whole grains, beans, lentils. They are more protein-filled and have a lot more fiber, which, like protein, takes a long time to be digested and will fill you for longer. Other sources of fiber include fruits (with the skins!) and veggies that are really crunchy like celery, kale, etc. Again, with the skins.
  • Drink a tall glass of water before every meal. It will curb your hunger. Similarly, drinking green, ginger, raspberry, or mint tea has that affect, and mint/ginger tea are good for digestion and cleanse your body of toxins. (Which you may have if you’ve been eating unhealthily for a while)
  • Honestly, vegetarianism is what sparked serious weight loss for me. I still have fish from time to time, just because you need a little bit of fat and it is so packed with protein, but meat adds a lot of fat and sodium into a meal, leading to high blood pressure and cholesterol problems. I was vegan for a long time and lost 40 lbs during my time maintaining that lifestyle.
  • Eat mindfully and put your fork down after every bite. People tend to eat way too quickly, and your tummy can’t gauge when it’s full until about 10-20 minutes after you should be done. So eat slowly, enjoy the food. Homecooked meals especially are enjoyed with company, when eaten slowly. :)


  • I can’t stress enough that diet and exercise blend together in a wonderful harmonious balance. They amplify the positive effects of each other. I always eat better on work out days, and eating well gives you energy to work out. You can work out and eat like shit, or eat well but be sedentary, but just like cookies and milk, the two are meant to be melanged.
  • I still hate the feeling of being tired on the elliptical or after mile 4 or 5. I still dislike the panty fatigue. But guess what? You feel so energized after you’re done. So with working out, if you don’t even want to get up and go, just GO for 1 minute. Then go every single day to the gym and add 1 minute. After 1 month, you’ll be at 30 minutes, which is most peoples’ normal time on cardio!
  • Mix it up. You could do 5 minutes on a bike, 5 on elliptical, 5 doing a slow jog. No matter what, you’re getting your muscles moving, your heart pumping, it’s all the same in the end. Don’t feel bad if you get tired at first. Getting tired means you’re getting a work out!
  • Make a great playlist. Muse is a great band for me, and I also do Backstreet Boys a lot (shut up). It’ll speed the time by and make you go faster.

So yeah, those are some tips, I hope it helps! Let me know if you have more questions. Don’t compare your weight loss to numbers or other peoples’ bodies. The MOST IMPORTANT thing I’ve learned is that if you aren’t getting in shape and eating well for you, than who exactly are you doing it for? No one is just like you, so you shouldn’t have a workout just like theirs. Figure out what works for you, maybe get some ideas online, and then test out the waters! Health doesn’t need to be rushed. It is a long term part of life.