ginger mare

Learning to be Gentle//Closed Rp


It was a calm day at the farm, and he barn was ready for a new student to arrive. They had heard that he had some issues with controlling his temper, and so they knew just which horse had at least some chance of helping him. A large chestnut mare called Ginger was waiting quietly in her stall, she’d had a nice roll in the mud earlier, so her new rider would have quite a bit of grooming time ahead of them. Hopefully they wouldn’t be overly aggressive, she thought to herself.

On Route to Merv (Caravan AU with kamiya-ichizoku)

It was always nice to return to the beginning of the Silk Road.

Constantinople, so named for the conqueror who founded it, was abound with goods and exotics, strong scents of spices and coffee, mixing with the earthy stench of livestock and dung. People swarmed to the markets on the edges, awaiting new goods from abroad.

The people of the large city were used to clay pottery, glazed and in warm colors. But they squealed aloud with delight at the special treasure unladen from the Uchiha caravan.

Porcelain. Tea. Ginger and rice. Special mares and stallions, raw nuggets of jade, silvery veins of silver, all ready to be sold to the highest bidder.

Genji laughed his sides sore to see a fight break out when he unloaded his special prize…a pair of Lippizaner horses. They were treasured and sacred to the Europeans who had come to make a fortune here…but he was about to make a fortune himself on selling these rare breeds. Milky white manes of hair, they gently lipped his neck and ears as he led them out with his hands dusted in sugar to encourage them…laughing all the way as he heard the excited uproar.

He had his own pack of racing horses to be put to use in the city later on, but for now-

“Alright my lads,” He gathered their heads close. “You’ve got half the city eating out of your hooves. Let’s make them work for it, eh?”

They neighed in excitement, licking his palms, and he eased them on a stage. “My good people!” He called out. “The most beautiful horses in all Islam and Christendom!”

They cheered wildly, some merchants arguing and begging with moneylenders who awaited those who got desperate. “Alright settle down! Bidding starts at 500,00 taels!”

It seemed an extreme number for two horses, but no one objected. Even at thirteen, his working tan hiding a few bumps of acne, they bidded like crazy. The price went up steadily, by a few thousand taels, until it reached seven hundred thousand-

But Genji had seen the crowd begin to grow exhausted…and poorer, as the moneylenders counted the beads on their abacuses, and he decided to end it. “Sold!” He pointed to the last bidder. “Two Lippizaner horses, for 700,500 taels to the family in the back! Thank you sir!”

The horses whinnied at the end, Genji leading them away and sighing in relief. A fortune! But he sniggered. Knowing him….it’d go all back to horses! Half for the caravan and half for himself, he could buy Arabic breeds to return to Karakorum for an even bigger profit.

And with the white horses relaxing with him by his yurt, he waited for the buyer to arrive…satisfied with the sale.