ginger luv

stanning lance = loving yourself

stanning keith = being stubborn

stanning hunk = self-care

stanning pidge = having a good time

stanning allura = living the best possible life you can

stanning shiro = an unstoppable force (your love for shiro) meets an immovable object (all the nasty shiro content)

stanning coran = drinking on a beach and crying into your fruit punch

22 of not ur avg school tipz
  • will maybe increase ur chances of doing well in college
  • these are suggestions, but tip 22 is strongly recommended

source: me, a dying second year student

  1. invest in a small portable blanket bc sometimes big study areas can be cold ESP during long periods of time when the sun has gone down. also if u live in cold place and u taking winter semester!!!! 
  2. also u might wanna consider bringing cosy socks with you so u can be all comfy when u study 
  3. do u know what place has unlimited wifi, lots of food, lots of walking space (4 ur breaks), pretty views, + is never closed (usually all these things anyways) ur local airport. my local airport also always has the perfect amount of background noise 
  4. i can diarrhea work when i put on some turnt up music when im doin subjects like physics and math. number based courses idk try it maybe??? IDK MAN IDK!!!! 
  5. have a study signal. like only turn on ur desk lamp when u ready 2 study otherwise leave it off even during ur study breaks. this way ur body knows when it’s GO TIME!!! i stole this tip from that rly famous yt video w the white man who is a psychologist it’s a rly good video 
  6. tip six is to go watch that video 
  7. bill ur school 4 all ur acne products!!! ha ha i’m kidding kinda 
  8. don’t quit ur extra currics when shit gets hard ull regret it and spiral down into a hole of procrastination. busy is good !!! learn from my mistakes!! (this 1 varies ofc) 
  9. party L O T S. ESP if ur working extra hard. it a positive correlation. or if ur not into partying do some social stuff whatever u like but whatever it is MAKE TIME FOR IT!!! KICK BURNOUT IN THE A S S 
  10. 2x!!!! this is a gift when ur trying to review concepts via yt videos. bump down if 2x is too fast but eventually ull get the hang of it and u’ll b balls to the walls smart
  11. coffee doesn’t have to take over your life. if you need to be caffeinated but it makes u too anxious to focus (me) then try some tea. david’s tea the buzz is rly good n has ginger in it i luv ginger 
  12. study motivation: the best way to cheat is by storing the information in ur head. this makes it way more exciting 4 me i’m so dumb!!! 
  13. don’t fix what isn’t broken. if ur study routine or note taking system is all working there no reason 2 go follow ur fave studyblr’s way. this is common sense i think this tip is just a reminder 4 myself honestly 
  14. exercise!!!! eat clean!!! u will feel much more productive n adulty so ur self loathing will decrease and im sure self loathing and productivity r negatively correlated 
  15. imho 4 me it’s best to do NO work on my way to school bc i already hate having to go to school so any way of making that process easier make it so i at least look forward to it more. if ur a real functioning adult ofc u can use this time to b productive??¿ 
  16. ur school supplies does NOT have to be expensive but imho I THINK u should have an enjoyable experience using ur school supplies even if that means spending a couple dollars on 1 pen!!! luv urself i always feel better whenever i look forward to writing 
  17. it’s totally ok if u have no idea what in the balls u are doing w ur bullet journal. ive been bullet journaling for more than 2 years now and what the hell
  18. wake up early!!! my family r the loudest ppl alive so the best work i do is in the morning. u also feel like a productive adult. this is dependent on lots of things ofc but try it?? rmr it is easier to wake up at the time you want and u will just naturally fall asleep earlier than forcing urself to sleep at a certain time to wake up earlier. 
  19. get sleep but figure out how much you need to perform ur best. usually best to do during summer. i personally feel best with 7 to 7 and a half hours of sleep
  20. do smt mindlessly productive in the morning like washing the dishes or just in general cleaning. it gets you going and feeling productive without much mental effort. I find it helps me prepare to do school work.
  21. make time for ppl. your studies are important (as important as you want them to be), but rmr that assignments and study time are much easier to schedule in but ppl aren’t going to be here forever. take the time to spend with ppl esp if you’re young. take some time to go fuck shit up w some amazing bitches!!!
  22. stay away from frat boys

anonymous asked:

I have questiooooons like did Thomas tell Miranda he had a crush on James? Or did she guess? Did she tell him that flirting via books may not be enough and that he would have to make a move?? Did they both fall for James at the same time and strategize to bring him in their nets??

oh I am absolutely certain that miranda knew the second thomas knew. SAME WITH JAMES. I love her sitting in the carriage secretly watching james stare at thomas and being like, [clearing throat] “my husband is prettttty fantastic, isn’t he?!? ;) ;) ;)” fjdskfdsfjdslf THAT WOMAN SAW EVERYTHING

I’m also certain she was very supportive of thomas’ feelings for james, but, as we know, she was always the one who was aware of the danger they were in, so she likely advised him to be very careful. which is to say, she probably had to dissuade thomas from making TOO MUCH OF A MOVE. (”what if I kiss him out on the streets” “thomas no” “what if I kiss him in front of my father” “thomas no” “what if I send my father a painting of james and I kissing” “oh my god”)

note: I luv my son Thomas “I Don’t Give a Fuck” Hamilton ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

as for your question about them falling for him, I’M NOT SURE! I see thomas’ and miranda’s feelings for james as rather different things *scratches chin.* I do think they were both sort of taken with him at first sight. miranda noticing that james sees the truths of the world and glimpsing the Flint part of him, and immediately being intrigued, then that love growing into something very complex and multi-layered. (she says herself she was mistress when he needed love, wife when he needed understanding, but first and above all mother, which interestingly suggests that she “birthed” Flint™.) meanwhile thomas was clearly smitten with james upon first meeting - his humor, his intelligence, his opposing viewpoints which thomas saw as so incredibly valuable - and, as we know, that blossomed into deep romantic love. so I GUESS YES, BUT WITH NUANCE O:) I think they both were like “omg I luv this ginger” immediately but then each of those relationships developed in different (BOTH BEAUTIFUL AND IMPORTANT) ways.

and I’m not sure if they strategized so to speak (though it certainly is fun to think of that ehehehe) but I can absolutely see them talking in bed about how special he is and how much they just want to SHOW HIM LOVE and get him to be FREE OF HIS SHAME!!! >:( less sneaky plotting, more like they just wanted to give him a little nudge and then they (correctly) guessed that he would fall into their arms all on his own thereafter :’’)