ginger lovin

↠ Before filling in my chem notebook today, I treated myself to a trip to Target and found this pumpkin spice candle (the fiercely glowing mug) in the dollar section for $5! The mug is super cute and the scent is heavenLY, I highly reccomend!!

Awwwwww. So I’m sitting at school, on break and eating my salad, with my laptop open, and all of a sudden I see this lady, probably in her thirties, skid to a stop beside me. She’s looking at my screen and she’s like “Oh my God, your screensaver is SO SO beautiful. Wow…”
I just smiled and said Thank you!!! It’s a line from one of my favourite songs by this Ginger lad named Ed" 💚🐻😍

This is the screen on my laptop:

Also: this was a Google Find, NOT my creation, all credit goes to the owner!