ginger in the tardis


I wanted to show off Braxiatel’s new TARDIS collar and Seal of Rassilon tag, but he was having none of it. 

Typical secretive Brax. He also keeps a massive, unauthorized stash of toy mice under the couch in the living room, and I’ve definitely heard him refer to it as “my Collection.” 


“I can’t believe I’m not ginger this time!” The Time Lord exclaimed, pacing around angrily in the TARDIS.

You sat not far away from him on the ground, your arms around your legs and your head resting on your knees. Lucky little you had to listen to the Doctor complain about not being ginger in his current reincarnation. You figured that if you rolled your eyes any more, they may just pop out of your head.

“Doctor, have you ever considered, I don’t know, dying your hair ginger?” You snapped, annoyed with his constant complaining.

The Doctor whipped his gaze at you and opened his mouth to reply sarcastically, but your idea wasn’t half bad. “Hmm.” Was his reply, and with a smile, the Time Lord nodded. “You’re a genius, Y/N. This is why I keep you around!”

You rolled your eyes once again, but you couldn’t help smirking at him. For a 900+ year old man, the Doctor acted like a child.

Requested by Anon~

Never. Again.

written for the @timepetalsprompts weeky drabble prompt ‘never again’.

453 words, rated Teen, Nine/Rose with Jack.

Summary - Jack gleefully tells Rose all about she got the hangover she’s nursing.

read it on ao3

Rose stumbled into the galley with wild hair and bleary eyes.

“Morning, Sleeping Beauty.” She shot the Jack a nasty look through bloodshot eyes and he chuckled. “Not feeling so pert, eh?”

Rose glared at him harder, then went to the fridge. “There’s a single can of ginger ale in there,“ he said. "Just for you, Rosie. I think the TARDIS must have known you would need it.”

Rose grunted unintelligibly and grabbed the ginger ale and sat down across from a smiling Jack. “What happened?” she croaked.

“The best hen night I’ve ever been party to happened. It was glorious, Rose. Thank you for taking me along.”

She raised her head enough to stare at him. “How the hell are you so chipper? Did you let me get drunk all by myself?”

“Oh no,” he said jovially. “I got pissed, too. Couldn’t drag us home for a while there. The Doctor came to get us.”

“The Doctor saw me like this?”

“Oh honey,” Jack grinned before he took a sip of his tea. “You were delightful already, but when he showed up it got really interesting.”

“Interesting how?”


“What did I do in front of the Doctor, Jack?” Rose demanded.

“Nothing terrible,” he promised. “I think the old Time Lord may just have been a bit surprised to find his companion on top of a table dancing to ‘Footloose’.” Rose groaned. “You hopped down when you saw him, though. Saying you ‘hopped’ is generous, but the effect was the same and he caught you. Even through his shock when you announced to the entire bar, and I quote, 'I’m gonna be shaggin’ that bloke there in the leather against every available surface until we’re both walkin’ funny’.”

There was a thud as Rose’s forehead hit the table and she whimpered pitifully. Jack barely bit back the laugh that bubbled up. “Don’t worry, Rosie. The Doctor took charge and helped you out of there, right as you were giving everyone nicknames.”

“Nicknames?” Rose jerked her head up to look at Jack.

“Sure! Shireen got 'Bouncy’, which was quite apt, considering her lack of underclothes and exuberant dancing. You called me 'BooBear’. I hope it sticks. The Doctor called me that on the way home, maybe it will. But I think he was probably being sarcsastic.”

“Jack,” she said with a note of pleading. “Tell me I didn’t give the Doctor a…”

“You did,” came a deep, amused voice from the entrance to the galley. “I’m Studly McMuffin now, it seems.”

Rose closed her eyes in mortification and mouthed ’oh my God’ without looking around.

“So all in all, a fun night!” Jack crowed.

Rose lowered her forehead to the table and groaned. “Never. Again.”