ginger goddess is beautiful

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Helllooooo, I just went through all your mythology art, and I had an Idea. So like in the Iliad, Achilles and his son are described as having hair like fire - so like the ultimate gingers. And no one. Will draw ginger Achilles. So yeah. Um. An Idea for u if ya feel like it. Bc I Love angry ginger achilles. :)

humm, i went to search and didn’t find anything for the red hair, but for the son:

ITS MY QUEEN, PYRRHA???? FRIGGIN Achilles called himself ‘Pyrrha’ when he disguised as a court girl?????? 

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noah fence but how is ginger so gorgeous ??? like some beautiful goddess? i feel truly blessed looking at those selfies

I KNOW!!!!!! DOESNT SHE LOOK ETHEREAL? i hope she cosplays a goddess one day cause omg

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