ginger doctor

Due to the recent influx involving someone I was once associated with, I’m placing some information here for my sis or anyone to link back to.

This person, Maia aka Tardispony aka The Ginger Doctor, is to be avoided if you can help it. This is a warning for Whoovians (Dr. Whooves) and general MLP fans alike. She twists and manipulates everything to her, but I can only speak from personal experience.

She cannot take criticism. She asked for opinions on a story she wanted to run for a comic. She was given an honest answer, her character was a Mary Sue. It’s not that it had a few elements, but was blatantly blaring self-insert Mary Sue. Princess of Galifrey, marries the doctor, has his child, perma-assistant, etc. We gave her ideas and corrected her Dr. Who lore and told her exactly how the universe worked and how it could be construed. She took this as a personal attack, that she had the right to do anything she wanted, and that we didn’t know anything. Alright. Just please don’t ask for opinions, then.

She has to have her way or you’re trash to her. My sis was asked to work on a project. Not once, but twice. She had a radio-play project she desired my sis to assist with voice work on, then pestered and called and insisted she work until 3-5 in the morning. Six hours for no pay. Daily. With no break. My sis had to hide from everyone just to avoid her for some peace. After withdrawing from the project, choosing to be merely a consultant, things died down. She then requested some comic pages. Highly detailed, around 6-10 pages in less than seven days. (We’re talking full color and working on them alone) My sis is disabled and takes a bit longer on art than normal because her disability leaves her in states where she’s unable to do much for days at a time. She’s a great person, but needs understanding that she has to take her health into consideration. Maia had none of it, pestered and bugged and threatened until she got the pages, which have yet to even see the light of day. Not a thing posted.

She feels that no matter the talent, her art is superior. This is my sis’s art gallery. This is the art of the person in question. (She recently deleted her tumblr, so I cannot link to anything I’m aware of being recent without linking NSFW things). My sis was asking advice on pricing for commissions, as she wasn’t sure what a jumping off point was. Maia informed her that she was unknown and shouldn’t be asking for so much. (“So much” was ~$30 for a full color, finished drawing) Saying not only that she was unknown, but her work wasn’t really worth the prices and suggested she start at $0.50 to start. Fifty cents. Five Zero CENTSto start. Basically put her worth at under a dollar for about a day’s work. And then proceeded to brag about her commissions and why she can charge so much.

She will go so far as to fake a suicide to get attention. She made a long goodbye post that all but said she was ready to die, even posting an artwork that she drew of her OC hanging herself. She then claimed it was a metaphor, that we should only be worried if it was her OTHER OC and that she merely desired to leave Tumblr. She answered asks about people concerned about her. Tried to blame everyone else that they were blowing it out of proportion. Then in a matter of minutes, deleted all of it. Fortunately, I have screencaps if people are interested in proof. (She also claimed to have been bitten by a very poisonous snake, leaving the only proof of generic pics of a killed one, claimed her dad killed it, despite objects labeled from a control center in the background. I have no proof of this being fake, but there is no proof that it happened, either. As she was ‘in the hospital’ for only a few hours, even though that this snake bite is often fatal.)

Please, I implore you, watch for this person and do what you can to make sure other people are aware. There are people AFRAID of her because she sends people to harass people to a point where they stop logging in, posting, or straight delete their tumblr.

I don’t want to see anymore harm come about from this person or people to be drawn in by her sob stories.


DONE. I couldn’t fit as many as I did last time unfortunately. But here we go anyway:3

As a thanks for 900 followers, 8 of them have been partially cyber-converted and are now emotionless cyborgs. Hurray!

The winners (in order of the transparent ponies, and I only gave character names when I knew for sure who they were:p)
Scarlet (Submitted by Ponyrex)
Queen of Fate
Crystal Whooves
Great and Powerful Dinky
Speedy and Rose
Ginger Doctor

petition to have the 13th doctor be not only the first woman, but also the first ginger

and, after all the misogynist but-how-would-you-feel-suddenly-being-in-a-body-of-the-wrong-gender, the-Doctor-wouldn’t-be-comfortable-as-a-woman comments that have been floating around recently

the doctor just sort of goes, “female, that’s new” and shrugs