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I Heard Kylo Ren...

Paring: Matt the Radar Technician/Reader

Tags: female reader, set after Star Wars: The Force Awakens, canon compliant, fluff and angst, male-female friendship, friends to lovers, kissing. 

Summary: It had been an ordinary day of your job. You had woken early, as you often did, bringing a cup of fresh caf to the rooms where your superior, General Hux slept in, and escorting him to the Bridge of The Finalizer, informed him off all the messages on the Holopad since his last checking-in the night previous. You would greet his associate, and your Commander, Kylo Ren, often trying to not make eye-contact, or interfere with the Knight of Ren. But today, there was no dark-clad man with a lightsabre in sight.

Word Count: 2,974

Current Date: 2017-08-06

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Beloved Baker Street  Chapter 3

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Part 1  Part 2

Summary: Y/N Hudson was the brilliant daughter of Mrs. Hudson, owner of 221 Baker Street. Returning to London to work as a forensic scientist and be closer to her mother, she never expected to be swept up into the whirlwind life of Sherlock Holmes…

“Right, click the picture of the gear.” Y/N directed as her mother peered at her phone. “Okay, now scroll down…there. Click on text and display.”

Mrs. Hudson sighed, pushing the device into her daughter’s hand. “Oh, I don’t even remember why I bought this silly thing.”

Less than a minute later, the text size on Mrs. Hudson’s phone was at its largest setting. Mrs. Hudson grinned and pressed a kiss to her daughter’s forehead.

“My little muffin is a technological genius!”

A scoff drew both women’s attention. “Hardly. She’s proficient at chemistry, I suppose. Saying that she’s a ‘technological genius’ is just a lie, Mrs. Hudson.”

“Well hello to you too, Sherlock.” Y/N greeted.

“Upstairs. Now.” Sherlock replied, turning on his heel and walking to the stairs.

Curiosity won over her annoyance at his demands. Y/N made sure her mother’s phone was all set before following the tall detective into 221B.

He was in the kitchen, stirring an alarmingly orange mixture in a souvenir mug. The table was covered in beakers, petri dishes, a microscope, and multiple books. It looked like a STEM program exploded all over the room. Y/N crossed her arms and observed from the doorway.

“Hold this.” Sherlock shoved the mug into her hands.

“May I ask why you’re mixing orange soda, baby powder, and,” Y/N grimaced into the cup. “some kind of meat together?”

“It’s an experiment.” He replied simply.

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MMFD Fic: “I'm Waking Up to Ash and Dust”

Hi MMFD fandom, how’s it going? Anyone home? ;)
I’ve been sitting on this one for ages and ages, thinking I’d write more parts, then I suddenly asked myself - why? Just post what you got. so here you go.

Much much thanks and love to the bestest beta of all time - @madfatty
and to my dear @how-ardently for the constant encouragement. If I write at all, it’s because of you two.

Story titles are from lyrics by R.E.M and Imagine Dragons.

“She’d spent the majority of her life feeling huge and cumbersome. Always awkward, never graceful. And look at her now, she’s practically athletic. And all it took was the end of the world.”  
This is story 1 of 2 in an extreme AU reality where things went horribly wrong after Finn went to Leeds…

It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

Part 1 - “I’m Waking Up to Ash and Dust”

Rae Earl is running.

Down the street and through a broken fence, into the yard of the former textile factory, zigging and zagging between the fallen beams and rubble. Behind her she can hear them shouting to each other, arguing, trying to figure out which way she’d turned.

She’s good at running. Also climbing, and leaping. She tightens her grip on the two backpacks on her back, and jumps over a fallen piece of wall. Two steps and she finds a sunken hole behind some bricks, a dark spot, hidden from view. She crouches down and waits, trying to control her breathing. Her cheek feels like it’s on fire. It’s already swelling up, and will probably turn purple soon. Fucker took a serious swing at her face while trying to snatch her bags.

Despite the pain in her cheek and the uncomfortable position behind the rubble, Rae is quiet and still. She’s good at stealth and is an excellent hider as well.

The irony is not lost on her. She’d spent the majority of her life feeling huge and cumbersome. Always awkward, never graceful. And look at her now, she’s practically athletic. And all it took was the end of the world.

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“We are young, we are free
Like renegades, like James Dean
Beat the drum, sing off-key
You set me free, you set me free”

Gorgeous - X Ambassadors

I was ready the second Jerome knocked my door. That son of a bitch ordered me to finish my week’s work before I left, what took me hours. Basically I had fifteen minutes to dress up and makeup.
When I opened the door, the ginger boy, aka my boss, smiled and approached, kissing me lightly.
-Hi, gorgeous.
-I hate you.
He made a face and sighed.
-Really? But I brought you flowers!- He gave me his right hand, that he was hiding, with a yellow rose, the ones I always keep in my office table.
I couldn’t stop a smile, giving him space to enter, sniffing the rose’s sweet perfume.
-Aw cheers. Come on in.
-We have to be there in five minutes.
I laughed while going to my kitchen, to put the flower in the water.
-Since when do you care for arriving in time?- I went back to the living room, just to find Jerome gaping- You ok, Jay?
-Yes- He answered low and then messed his hair- We are going to be late.
I nodded and sighed, taking my bag and giving him my hand to hold.
-Right, then. I am ready.

The night couldn’t be more normal. Too much normal. Jerome took me to dinner in a bistro next to my apartment, that served fried chips and cool coke. He never mentioned work or Jack, the guy I was supposed to have lunch with, that, by the time, probably would be dead in some alley. We talked as a couple’s first date, and after that we walked home.
He gave me his jacket, because of the cold, a cliché act that I was sure the Jerome Valeska I knew would never do. But he did.
-I’m thinking getting a kitty to live with me.
-A kitty? That’s new- I laughed, holding his arm stronger- Where will you catch it?
-My neighbor has a ginger one that always escapes and enters my kitchen. Maybe I don’t want to give him back.
I grinned at the story, hiding my face in his shoulder. We kept walking to my building, our breaths doing smokes in the cold air. When we arrived the red door, Jerome turned me to him and kissed my cheek.
-It was amazing. Let’s do it once more, if you want.
-Yes, it would be nice- I answered, a battle within me about invite him up or not.
He was being gentler than I expected, but how could I trust in such a bipolar person?
-Jay!- I said when he left me and went to his car. The boy looked me over his shoulder- Uhm, your jacket.
-You can give me tomorrow- he said, a smile still playing in his lips although he seemed disappointed. Before he opens his car’s door, I went to him, calling again.
-Yes?- he said, not eyeing me.
-Would you like to come over?
He stopped and sighed loudly, turning around just to show a mischievous smile.
-Would you like me to?
He following me up just meant one thing that I would like very much. I walked over to him, looking around the empty street and hugged his waist, kissing his neck.
-Yes- I murmured in his ear, feeling his hands searching for mine in the very minute.
I let go of him while he lead me into the building and went up the stairs. When we reached the third floor, Jerome leaned me over the door, kissing me hungrily and unlocked it with my keys, that once was in my back pockets. I got rid of his jackets and took off my heels before he catch me in his lap and walk to my bedroom, making me giggle. He didn’t let go of my lips as we laid in the mattress, his left knee opening space between my legs, getting closer. His hair touching my cheeks, my hands pressing his lower back. A moan came from his lips, giving me place to lower the kiss frequency. All feelings inside my chest were taking control of my acts. I didnt wanted that to be as the others nights: quickly and arid. He felt my change and seemed impressed, but instead of stop kissing me, he followed my rhythm, bringing his hands to cup my face.
As all thing intensified, we took off our clothes. His cold fingers chocking my hot skin, wet lips all over my chest and lazy moves between my thighs.
-Jay…- I moaned and he answered me with a lightly kiss on my shoulder.
Although we had done sex more than once, this time was different. Was personal. He followed my moves and we came together, what resulted in loud groans, that probably the neighbor would complain next morning.
He skipped to my side, his breaths catching, his laughter locked in his smile. I still could feel his heat, not letting the cold breeze inside my apartment get me cold. Without any word, I turned, giving him my back, a sincere smile forming my face.
And when I thought it couldn’t be better…
-You are wonderful.
…he hugged me.

Aw part two of Do it Right
I felt the need of doing this one
Hope you liked


Heya guys, I’m really sorry for the hiatus!
I was working on this for quite a while, and since I have school, I had a limited time to work on it. However, I had Friday off, so I was able to finish this. This is to thank all of the followers I have that enjoy my content.

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❛WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT FILL UP A “SUPER BIG GULP” CUP WITH 5 HOUR ENERGY AND CHUG THE WHOLE THING. MY HEART HAS EITHER STOPPED COMPLETELY OR IS BEATING SO FAST THAT I CAN’T FEEL MY OWN PULSE.❜ its Green leader. Jesus the man is shaking to the point you can use him as a Jackhammer. (green-leader-boss. sorry i cant help it)

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The ginger burst into laughter, falling on his hands in knees as he’s dying at the sight. Whenever he lefts his head, he gazed at the sight and repeats the action all over again

He rolls on his side, wheezing as he looses any oxygen that held on during all this. He clutches his stomach in pain, and tried his best to calm down

He picks himself up, laying on his knees, his face and neck colored in a red shade


Société Perrier DJ Mix: Ginger Boss and Asian Eyez

 By Rana Good 

DJ duo Ginger Boss and Asian Eyez may not be sisters by birth, but they share a musical bond that runs deep like family. Their sound is fresh and bass-heavy, erupting dance floors from Zurich to NYC. 

For their exclusive Société Perrier mix the awesome twosome (who also run the feminist collective WIFEY) took a different, softer approach than their usual beat-laden sets.“It’s the perfect soundtrack to chill with your closest friends,reminiscing about the beauty of life,” they told us. The ethereal playlist glistens with atmospheric remixes of familiar names like Drake, Jhene Aiko and UGK, sprinkled with some underground goodies. Press play to hear what these nightlife ninjas created for us.

Société Perrier DJ Mix: Ginger Boss and Asian Eyez Tracklist

1. Ginger Boss - “WIFEY” [Intro]
2. Clara La San - “In This Darkness”
3. 1963 - “It’s Uu”
4. Sentinl - “s e r e n i t y.pkg”
5. Defy - “Moms out”
6. Nadus -  “You Bout It” 
7. Ṭāriq -  “7_0∞ 0∞ 0∞ 0″
8. Arca - “Wound”  
9. Blood Orange -  “Rats”
10. Kablam -  “CLOSE(D)”
11. Dexter Duckett -  “Sino Linx Cut”
12. Mobile Girl - “Ice Sheets” (Mechatok Remix) 
13. Nindja - “Una Mattina” (reedition) 
14. #SLIMSEKCBOI -  “Papi dame lento” 
15. Zutzut -  “Agua Negra”
16. Three 6 Mafia - “Hi, I’m Chucky”
17. Crunchy Black - “I Play Bitches” (S&C)
18. Boeystraat -  “Stone Island” 
19. Yearning Kru Ft. Ruff Sqwad, Professor Parkin & Murray Ostril - “Bent Under Rushes” (Hulo ReToØL) 
20. Draveng -  “For Thin Soles”
21. Ikonika - “Praxis” 
22. PHSNWSKY - “Wrist”
23. Drake - “Spooken”
24. Forss - “Introitus”
25. Drake Ft. Jhené Aiko - “From Time” (Atu & Sango Edit) 
26. POORSCHE -  “Carribean blue midi loop tranquil”
27. Enchante - “Sex On The Beach” 
28. Spice Girls - “Holler” (Chopped and Screwed)  
29. Headlock - “Again”

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