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Do you think Ging's hair would make a good broom?

THIS IS VERY TRICKY… on one hand, it’s greasy enough that i think it would be effective at picking up loose dirt and lint. on the other hand, it’s probably already filled with garbage so it could be the case where you try to sweep and dirt keeps falling out of his hair??

most difficult ask i’ve ever received, definitely

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The (Tenth) Doctor: he’s so excited about everything, swaggering across time and space, plus his hair defies gravity, truly an inspiration

Rey: she doesn’t take shit from anyone, strong af, clever, beautiful desert grease queen of spontaneity

Obi-Wan Kenobi: fearless snark lord, stays light in spite of losing everything, floppy haired ginge, honestly I scream enough about him on this blog


Reylo: (whoops) I’m a sucker for hope in the midst of suffering and light in the midst of darkness, of two fierce and broken people finding peace each other, of light and dark resolving in gray

Cherik: honestly they’re just two halves of the same whole, opposites and equals, strong-willed and v v gay

I have many rotating favorite ships but right now the third is Plumiere: they’re just so in love with each other and can’t reach each other under the spell so they dance and dance, bless

Human Traces, Hamlet, The Living Planet, The Left Hand of Darkness

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