ginga riki


Went over the Ginga designs from here in Photoshop so that they aren’t so pixelated and fixed some small details, too.

I just played Crisis Core for the last 3 hours and my brain is shot. Zack is such a Disney protagonist and I love him so much. Can’t wait to meet Cloud. :))))

…I’m ready to go to sleep.

An extremely early - and I mean EARLY, like 2014 early - Riki drawing that was solely supposed to be a screenshot redraw but ended up inspiring my Riki’s design. This has basically been the version of Riki I’ve had in my head since then. He’s been made to look more like an Akita and his hair tufts have been simplified for animation, but this is essentially him.

The Boss himself, Riki! I’ve had a pretty solid idea of what my version of Riki would look like since about 2014, so he was actually surprisingly easy. He’s less blatantly Akita-y then Gin, but he’s much what I was hoping for - a sort of adult counterpart to Gin. Creating family members is pretty tough, so I hope I achieved some resemblance between Riki and his son. As for his colours, Japanese Akitas don’t come in a stark brown and tan like in the anime, but blaring red Riki has never really been the preference of fans, so I tried to settle somewhere in between.

Did you know?

Riki the first Leader of Ohu  as we all know is a strong Dog but you didn’t know how he was as a Pup?

Riki was the youngest Sibling of Yamabuki and Shiro  as you can see in the Picture Riki is on the left side who lays on the Ground.