ging gang goolie

Boardwalk Empire: Ging Gang Goolie

This episode was built up to be really intense and awesome, but it definitely fell short. I honestly don’t have much to say about it because I didn’t find it very interesting.


Teddy still scares me.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Charlie for not sleeping with Gillian.

Oh hi Esther.

“I’m going to call you James” LOL K

My prediction about who Richard was going to fall in love with was wrong but I like this other girl.

Aww Emily is so adorable.

Ok let’s do it in a greenhouse. No one can see us through these GLASS WALLS. But overall I’m cool with them getting back together.

in choir lessons in primary school did anyone sing like

ging gang gooly gooly gooly on a bicycle ging gang goo, ging gang goo

or like

something thats like

somethign under the sea blah blah blah hes just a ner er er er er er ervous wreck, hes just a ner er er er er er ervous wreck