he’s all talk
he’s already spent like three slots bedazzling that biker jacket he hawked off kravitz

i gotta say i loved ko dong man sooo much , i mean park seo joon did a great job of conveying this ‘unusual’ character the soft fighter i’d like to call ; i loved the way he expressed it well in so many ways like even physically i felt despite the ripped body it was that ginat teddy bear ready to be hugged 

it didn’t feel awkward or too much while he cried in every difficult moment he faced because he made it feel normal like how it should be 

i also liked the consistence of ko dong man as we saw him showing the same colors with all the charecters around him and not beeing the typical kdrama male lead ( exessively cold/unsensitive with the female lead or neutral friend with the second leads ( i liked when he stood against joo man when he cheated on seol hee ))

So fight for my way, wasn’t a story abou ko dong man becoming a fighter , but him fighting against his fears and struggles and prejudice to become the person of his dreams , so is the case for Ae Ra whitch is something really interesting and enjoyable to watch *thums up*


Palace of The Week - Palatul Parlamentului

Located in Bucarest ( Romania ), the Palace of Parliament is the second largest building in the world. It was built in 1984 by the former socialist dictator Ceausescu. This Palace has a floor surface of 350.000 m² ( Versailles has 60.000 m²) and 1.100 rooms. There are 12 storeys. The Ball Room ( Second picture ) is the biggest room, each window is 10 meters high. To build this palace Ceausescu destroyed about 7000 houses and 30 churches. Now the palace is used for the Parliament and the Senate.

i ca  nt stop laughing  l ike one of cloudtail’s younger kids in the new arc is ambermoon right, and shes a bright orange tabby right

can u imagine ambermoon being a kitten - amberkit obvs - and curling up in a teeny tiny ball on cloudtail’s side when hes sleeping and

he looks. like a ginat fucking egg. like he looks like an egg w/ a bright egg yolk in the middle. idk if cats know what that looks like but he probably had ppl giving him egg nicknames and he was ok w/ this and idk why this is so funny 2 me fmkdld


HBDPCY! Giant turns 23! To the giant who’s talented af; talented as in can act, sing, play the guitar, play the drums, play the bass, play the piano, play the violin, and can play with every women’s heart if he wants to with the gorgeous face, HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY! Keep spreading your virus! Let’s get infected! xoxo

You know what I love?

Giants who love being HUGE! Giants who love being/growing bigger! Giants who love it when rooms or clothes get a bit snug! Giants who love the size-difference with their tinies! Giants who are gentle with their tinies and also know when to let loose and have a little fun with them! Giants who are always there when their tinies need them! Giants who love holding their tinies close and are affectionate!

Tinies who love being small! Tinies who love having big things all around them! Tinies who love exploring! Tinies who aren’t afraid of all the big things around them! Tinies who love the hugeness of their giants! Tinies who love cuddling and being surrounded by the enormousness of their giants! Tinies who love to play with their giants! Tinies who like the protection of their giants but who don’t need them to be over-protective! Tinies who are adventurous and don’t mind roughing it a little! Tinies who like teasing their giants and don’t mind being teased!

Heeeeeee~ *scurries away blushing*


The Disumbrationist School of Art,

In 1925 a Latin teacher and author named Paul Jordan Smith decided to challenge the norms of art critics after they had scornfully rejected his wife’s paintings.  His wife had taken up a hobby as an amateur painting, but made the mistake of submitting her work to professional art critics.  The critics tore her apart, sending her home crying.  After the incident, Smith thought about what made modern art great art, and concocted a weird scheme of revenge.

Taking his wife’s painting set, he quickly put together a painting he called “Exaltation”.  He purposely made the painting weird and bizarre while using the strangest themes and color schemes. After drawing a Pacific native woman holding a starfish, his friends commented that the starfish looked like a banana.  Thus Smith renamed the painting, “Exaltation, We Have No Bananas”. After taking the persona of a Russian artist named “ Pavel Jerdanowitch”, Smith showcased his painting in gallery’s all over New York City.  His painting received high praise, even from critics who likened his work to that of  famous artist Gauguin.   Paul, under the guise of Jerdanowitch, claimed that he had invented a new style of art called “The Disumbrationist School”.  He also claimed that the painting represented the breaking of the shackles of womanhood. The woman, he said, had just killed a missionary (if you look closely you can see the missionary’s skull sitting on a pole behind her). In addition, she had just taken a bite of a banana, even though women were forbidden to eat bananas on her island. She was waving the banana above her head to represent her new-found freedom.

The critics swallowed it all up, and before he knew it Jerdanovitch became a nationwide figure in the art world.  After receiving numerous more requests, Smith created more paintings, such as the painting below entitled “Adoration”.

External image

 and the ever popular “Gination”,

External image

Finally in 1927 Smith decided it was time to let the cat out of the bag.  He admitted that there was no “Pavel Jerdanovitch”, and that he had no training as artist, nor had he in fact ever painted before creating “Exhaltation”.  He was a fraud, and the critics had gulped up every bit of humbuggery that he shoved in front of them.  While Paul Jordan Smith was no artist, he certainly made one helluva con artist.

Since 2006 there has been held a yearly painting contest in memory of Paul Jordan-Smith and the disumbrationist school of arts: the “International Pavel Jerdanowitch Painting contest”.

you know something I cannot understand

people who hate Jared I mean

have you ever seen the guy, he’s a giant 5 year old he’s a ray of sunshine, he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body

he’s so caring and loving and he has a beautiful family and he cares so much about his friends

and after I had the honor (yes bc it was an honor) to meet this man and talk to him for a few moments, I fell more and more in love with him because he took his time (that was very short) and listened to me like he really cared for what I had to say and in that moment I knew it was worth all the planning and flying 10 hours and all the money I spent

so I can only assume ppl that hate him haven’t bothered to know him and see how amazing this giant man is

this is the biggest mistery to me, how can a person hate Jared Padalecki, i’ll never get it

Inktober Day 20

I started thinking about how there are multiple types of Gems (such as Peridot saying there are a lot of different Pearls and such), and I wondered; can Gems of one type fuse with each other? What would a bunch of Pearls be like fused together? This set me off imagining a giant Pearl, made up of dozens of individuals, with a halo of pearls floating around her head. Giant Amethyst fusion has her whole chest, shoulders, and part of her neck covered with gems, and since there probably aren’t any other Garnets (her being a special fusion), I figured dozens of Rubies and Sapphires came together making a giant Garnet with gems that float around her hands. I also had a design in mind for Lapis, but didn’t have time to get around to it. I’ll have to make ginat fusions of the other Gems later.