ginasayspeace asked:

omg omg gomomgmogogsdghsdjkghsdjkghd glamsparkle followed me!!! u are soooo tumblr famous ily!!!!!!! (i hope this made you smile)

ooooh hi there :) yesssssssssss of course i did your blog is hot like my best friend :O you two have the same name too that’s like asdjkl insane! ily darling! xoxoxo <333

I WAS TAGGED! by Suntease

1. Always post the rules

2. Answer the questions of the person who tagged you and write 11 new ones

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Suntease’s Questions

1. Favorite tv show?
the fosters

2. Shoe size? Favorite Shoes?
size 8 - my litas

3. Would you change your name?
yes, because it’s too common.

4. Favorite Accessory?
a necklace my mom gave me last christmas.

5. One thing on your bucketlist
upgrade to a phone that’s not an iphone.

6. School Mascot?

7. Dream Car?
don’t have one

8. Favorite Snack/Candy?
snickers ice cream bar :3

9. How’d you find out about tumblr?
i don’t even remember, honestly… lol

10. Favorite YouTuber?
recklessmike and rosannapansino

11. Piercings/ Tattoos?
just my ears/no tattoos

My Questions

1. How old are you?
2. Favorite Music Artist?
3. Who do you think is an overrated celebrity?
4. Are you happy right now?
5. If you could befriend anyone on tumblr, who?
6. Do you wear your makeup heavy, natural, or none at all?
7. Your morning routine?
8. Ice cream or Frozen Yogurt?
9. What country do you really want to visit?
10. Who’s your tumblr bestie?
11. Your dream job? I Tag: Tati