One Wrong Move

Dean Winchester x Reader

1550 Words

Story Summary: After a rough night, Dean is woken up to find the reader has not returned home yet. Worried, he goes out looking for her.

This is for the SPN HIATUS WRITING CHALLENGE 2017 - WEEK 1. The prompt is “It’s 8:30, I have a hangover and you’re annoying me.”

Warnings: Angst!! 

Dean’s POV

“Damn it Dean, wake up!” Dean heard Sam yelling at him as he lay sprawled across his bed. Groaning, he picked up his pillow, attempting to cover his head with it, hoping it would make his annoying brother leave him alone for at least a couple more hours.

“Not now. You need to get up!” Sam continued. Cursing, Dean rubbed his eyes, glancing at the bright red numbers on his alarm clock.

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Protector (Scarlet Heart Ryeo! Wang Baek-ah)

Type: Angst/ Fluff

Request: A baek ah scenario where you are his first wife that he loves very much but he also has a second wife that he forced to marry and you have a baby girl Eunyoung who is 6 months old. His second wife does something to the baby like kidnap her

Since the day Eunyoung entered this world Chaeseon, your husbands second wife has hated her. 6 months ago your daughter was born and the crazy woman wanted nothing more for her to be gone, she wanted you gone. Nearly killing your daughter while she was in the womb made you realize how much of a monster she was. 

Eunyoung sat in her father’s lap as he showed her many of his drawing “I will teach you how to draw when you’re older little one” he told her. “Will you teach our children how to draw?” Chaeseon asks as she sits down quickly beside him as he leans away from the sudden intrusion of his intimate moment with his daughter. “Of course” he says awkwardly as she gives him a smile that made him feel uncomfortable. “I want you tonight” she ordered as he covered his daughter’s ears “what?” he spoke. “I want you to myself tonight. I want to make a baby” she spoke as he fidgets in his spot.

“I wanted to spend the night with Y/N tonight-” “you always spend the night with her” she whines loudly as he clutched Eunyoung close turning her around and clutching her close to his chest “Chaeseon please calm dow-” “I want you to spend the night with me” she demands. “Please don’t yell. Eunyoung doesn’t need to be scared” he told her as Chaeseon glared at the back of Eunyoung’s head. “You and I can spend tonight together” he promises her as he gets up quickly clutching his daughter close to him.


The next morning you awoke as your door opened revealing Baek-ah who had a smile on his face as he walked over. “I’m sorry I didn’t come last night” he spoke as he sat down on your bed “Chaeseon-” “don’t say anything more” you laugh as you pull him in for a kiss. He lightly grabbed your hanbok and tugged it open “I love you Y/N” he whispers as he climbs over on top of you. 

Unknown to you two Chaeseon was standing on the other side of your door, angry. He had never once said that to her, even though she was mad for him. Her only way she thought he would be able to get his love, was to get rid of the 2 problems in her way. You and Eunyoung.


Baek-ah sat calmly in the yard of your home before you came rushing out in a panic “Baek-ah! Baek-ah!” you yelled as he gets up quickly you nearly tripped and he caught you quickly. “Y/N what’s wrong?” he asks as he realizes you were terrified. “I went to get Eunyoung from her room and and and-” “where’s our baby?” he says in a panic as you collapse into his arms. His quickly came to a realization “Chaeseon” he spoke as you two gave each other looks before rushes back into your home. He stomped loudly as he rushes down the hall sliding the door to Chaeseon’s room with force. To your horror Chaeseon was holding your daughter who was squirming and humming some odd tune. “Baek-ah don’t you think our baby will be even prettier than Eunyoung?” she coos as her voice was filled with venom when she spoke Eunyeong as she looked up. Her eyes were craze filled. 

“You crazy bi-” but you stopped as she held her hair pin close to your daughter the share end gleamed as she smiles at you. “You and your daughter are in the way of mine and Baek-ah’s love” she tells you as Eunyoung let out a whine ready to cry. The point of the hair pin touched her chubby cheek. Eunyoung let out a sob as Chaeseon raised her hand as you let out a scream closing your eyes. Baek-ah soon stepped into action “Chaeseon!” Baek-ah yells causing her to freeze. “What are you doing? That’s my baby, do you understand? My blood. You know what we can get rid of Y/N” he spoke as he moved close to her getting down on his knees “give me the pin. I’ll make Y/N go away alright” he says as he stuck his hand out for her to rest the pin in. 

“I promise okay. You love me then you have to trust me” he whispers as she nods placing the pin into his hand as he smiles. Before his face quickly changed and jabbed it into her shoulder as he pulls it out and throws it off. Ge quickly grabbed Eunyoung from Chaeseon clutching Eunyoung close to him as he stepped back. “Do you think I would even consider doing anything to the love of my life? Are you that much of an idiot?” he asks as his eyes welled up as he clutched the crying baby. Chaeseon clutched her shoulder as she let out a sob as Baek-ah moved over to you as he handed Eunyoung over to you “get out now. Go get some of the handmaids, I need them to fix up Chaeseon” he spoke.


“Eunyoung” Baek-ah cooed as he stroked the small girl’s face he had become even more affectionate to his daughter since that night. He constantly worried if she was able to remember what happened to her. Even if she was young he never wanted it to happen to her. For a year now Baek-ah had been worrying about. In that year of time he had become a father of 3, 2 from you and one from Chaeseon.

Chaeseon had given him a child who was named Daeyeong but Baek-ah took from Chaeseon right after she was born and divorced her.Making her go back to her hometown refusing to allow her to stay. No matter how much she cried and begged to stay Baek-ah still refused. Daeyeong and your children would have been put into a dangerous situation if she had ever been allowed to stay. Even though Daeyeong wasn’t made in love. She was still his daughter so he had a natural love for her.

You yourself had another baby a son named Ginam, Baek-ah’s heir. He and Daeyeong were born days apart.

“Dad” Eunyoung whined as she pushed him off of her “what? Dad loves you” he coos as he pulled her closer to him. “Let her be” you say as he lets go and she gets up “someone else needs her father’s love” you tell him as you pass Daeyeong to him “is she alright?” he asks as she rests in his arms. “She just wants love” you tell him as he smiles. “Is Ginam alright as well? He was sneezing last night-” “Baek-ah stop worrying so much” you stop him as he smiles lightly. “I just want all of them to be alright” “I know you do” you say quietly.