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Gina Torres as Catwoman

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She’s the right age to fit into the Batfleck timeline, a total goddess, could totally kick Batfleck’s ass and he’d thank her for the privilege and we know she’s great at both action and being classy as fuck.

Just imagine BatCat played not as a budding almost romance but as a romance that has been, she knows every trick in his book and she knows when to play him and when to stand on principle and help out, like an amicably divorced couple.

It would be the best.


Gina Torres Calls Out ‘Systemic’ Prejudice In Hollywood (video)

And when you say the old way of thinking, thinking in what respect? Thinking in how people are casting tv shows or movies, thinking about where the money is going, where do you see the sort of biggest problem?

It’s systemic across all long lines. I mean, it starts at the very beginning. It starts with apprenticeship, quite frankly, with people who get into positions of power that need to bring in other people and diversify, not just the writers room, but diversify what’s happening behind the camera. And then you have the buyers, who like to think, or have been selling us this idea that diversity doesn’t sell - well I think we know that’s a lie. We pretty much put that away. And it goes into casting - and I have said this before: it’s not that you have to write something black or write something Latino – just write something and hire the actor. Bring all the actors in, not just white. Don’t just assume that because it’s not specifically white or black that a person of color can’t play that part, because that’s obscene and that’s absurd. There are so many gifted people out there of color. But everybody just has to decide that that’s what’s gonna happen.

Have you ever experienced someone directly stopping you from progressing or pursuing a role, because of your race or background?

Of course I have! [Laughs] Of course I have, absolutely! There are too many to count. I have been doing this for 25 years, and in that time span, there are way too many to count. And they’re very slick about it. They can’t really say that out loud, but you know what it is because they go “a different way.” And then you see it done, and you see what the different way was, each and every time. And it was the white way.

I would love to spin a technicolor homage to Latin Heritage, the likes of which would conjure the kind of imagery reminiscent of old MGM musicals. After all, we can do pageantry and parades in our sleep. But I can’t, because it wasn’t pageantry that got my parents through language barriers, racist employers and cold New York winters.

They left a pre-Castro Cuba, because they saw a future in a country they believed in, never expecting the door would be slammed shut behind them for more than two decades. And so it was. They worked hard and sacrificed and thrived! They pieced together family, created their own and passed on their customs, language, history and of course, that precious blood, in which there is all the stuff you won’t find in a book.

A lot has happened in the 34 years since my first visit to Cuba. I lost my mother to cancer, the Soviet Union collapsed, the Berlin Wall came down, and I grew up and left that magnificent Cuban cocoon of my parents’ making — and became an actress (my father still doesn’t know where he went wrong). Nevertheless, I happily became a willing participant in an industry that has a really hard time seeing me as a Latina woman. This Business of Show that has an incredibly unapologetic history of eradicating ethnicity, changing names and hairlines and, well… history.

The Moment I Understood What My Mother Meant By ‘La Sangre Llama’ – Gina Torres for Latino Voices

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Gina Torres is way way WAY too old to play wonder woman.

She’s younger than Paul Rudd who played Ant Man, she’s younger than Robert Downey Jr who plays Iron Man. She’s only a year older than Hugh Jackman who plays Wolverine, four years older than Ben Affleck who plays Batman.

I know women are meant to expire and retire to a farm once they turn thirty, but some women just refuse! The fact that you think Wonder Woman has to be played by a woman in her twenties doesn’t mean I have to. I think an older woman playing Diana could be awesome, and Gina looks fantastic.


So Ava DuVernay (the director of Selma) reportedly met with Marvel this week to discuss the possibility of directing one of Marvel’s upcoming movies. While Black Panther is an obvious choice,  why not Captain Marvel? Especially since Captain Marvel doesn’t necessarily have to be Carol Danvers – she can be Monica Rambeau!

Pictured: Uzo Aduba, Nicole Beharie, Nathalie Emmanuel, Taraji P. Henson, Viola Davis, Gina Torres (if I can’t have her as Wonder Woman I want her as a Captain Marvel, damn it).

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However old WW is supposed to be in the comics/movie doesn't matter, people don't flinch an eye when an actor is way older than the male character he plays, but when a 40+ actress plays a female character slightly younger than her criticism rains.

Exactly, that asker was also like “but she probably didn’t age in that other dimension” who gives? She’s from an ageless race. The only reason they write her young is because they tend to fucking do that with women, to make them less experienced, to be able to give them vulnerabilities if they want to (without having to make an effort and actually be good writers).

Gina Torres would make an amazing Wonder Woman and the fact that me saying that gets me constant messages about her age (and race) is really blatantly obvious. People need to stop pretending it’s not a double standard.

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My sister looked up voice actors in DC Universe Online and apparently you did the voice of Robin, Gina Torres did the voice of Wonder Woman, and Mark Hamill was the Joker. Were you able to actually work with them or were you in separate booths doing voice work?

I didn’t get to work with them, which is probably good because I would have lost my shit if I was in the same room with either of them.

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Okay, with no negativity attached and just pure curiosity, why do u imagine Wonder Woman as black? Unless there was a comic I was unaware of, she's always been a white (idk how alien races work) female, what gave u the vision of a black girl instead?

Because I don’t really need a reason to envision her as black? Gina Torres did a great job with voice acting Wonder Woman so she is my primary choice. It seems weird to me how often I have gotten messages asking for a reason to see wonder woman as black.

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In regard to your answer to the wonder woman question, most of the male actors were not that far off from their character's age. In fact, Hugh Jackman is younger than Wolverine is but if we want the same for a female then it's a problem? Gina Torres is literally half wonder woman's age so yeah she's kinda old. I'm not implying that she wouldn't do a good job, I really believe she would. That guy just wasn't wrong in saying that she's a lot older that wonder woman though

Pre 52 she spent… Like a thousand years in another dimension. Why are you here trying to tell me that Gina Torres would be too old to play a thousand year old woman?

Tony Stark was written to be in his early to mid thirties and is played by a 50 year old man.

So Robert Downey Jr can be a 30 year old but Gina Torres can’t be a thousand year old woman?

dc shoulda stop playin and cast gina torres as wonder woman instead we stuck with a murder sympathizer portraying a character really important to women it’s evil

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My main objection to Gina Torres playing Wonder Woman is that if she does, Laverne Cox can't. At least, not in the same film/TV show.

Two wonder woman’s tbh. Or one of them could play Athena or something and they beat the crap out of everything in their way!