gina torres wonder woman

My Taste in Four Pictures

Tagged by @starknstarwars​ & @abbienormal​ to post my taste in men and/or women in four pictures… Uhhhh. Let’s see how this goes. I’ve very demisexual, so this is probably more about me being attached to the characters/thinking the actors/actresses are aesthetically pleasing than anything else.

Throwing these under the cut, but in summary: Gina Torres (as Zoe from Firefly), Gal Gadot (as Wonder Woman), Erin Kellyman (as Enfys Nest) & Eoin Macken (as Gwaine from Merlin)… I meant to make it an even split but I’m honestly blanking on a second guy at the moment. Oops.

Tagging: @wilvarin-chan​, @actualanxiousswampwitch​, @a-muirehen​, & anyone else who sees this and wants to join in! (sorry if you’ve already been tagged, and as always, no pressure) c:

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