gina spinks


Fiona: Is that a bow in your hair or a chocolate wrapper?

Fiona: Ohh…what..OH! Well, you’ve been keeping yourself busy I see.

Gina: Yeaaaaahss..


Fiona: So my friend Austen, who has all the companies, I told you about him, and he’s sent me a list of..

Gina: I WOULD LOVE to get a job in LA. It totally will be great!

Fiona: Well I don’t think he has any…

Gina: In LA?

Fiona: jobs…

Gina: Isn’t there anything I can do? I would fill in…


Fiona: But the other issue is that most of the jobs that he would have would require some…secretarial skills, you know like..light typing?

Gina: I’ve got other skills…I got BEDROOM skiiieeells…mmmkay!

Fiona: Yeah, but not in these companies.


Fiona: Well, you know, filing?

Gina: …

Fiona: RIGHT. That would require mastering the alphabet.