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And I’ll Tell You All About it When I See You Again

*crashes through a brick wall* I WROTE ANGST I WROTE ANGST I WROTE ANGST

i mean it was inevitable after the winter finale tbh

CLEARLY this is not spoiler free so if you haven’t seen the winter finale yet and don’t want to be spoiled, maybe probably definitely don’t read this BUT OTHERWISE


It’s snowing by the time they make it home from Brooklyn Methodist Hospital.

Amy registers the fact as they pull up outside, blinking up in surprise at the fat white flakes that have started a gentle, mesmerizing spiral down to Earth. The sun has only just started peeking over the horizon, throwing the whole scene into a muted, ethereal kind of light. She hears Jake shift beside her more than she sees him; from the corner of her eye, his profile leans into view, toward the windshield. Their hands are still clasped over the center console, the way they have been since they slid into her car back in the hospital parking lot, and he squeezes her fingers almost absently where they fit between his own.

She feels like she’s drowning in exhaustion and fear and anger and sadness all at once, but the clumsy drag of his thumb along the side of her index finger - the way he studiously avoids her gaze when she turns to look at him - quiets all of that. Her own protective instincts are starting to take over at the sight of his clenched jaw and darting gaze, the instincts that tell her to drag him inside and wrap him up in all the blankets she owns and steadily comb his hair with her fingers while he falls asleep with his head in her lap to the soothing sounds of Die Hard turned down low on her television.

Their television, she corrects herself automatically.

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Imagine the squad meeting Holt and Jake at the airport terminal and Amy’s ahead of the group and tackles Jake in a hug first, ofc but Charles and Rosa and Gina catch up with her and all pile onto the hug, and the Hitchcock and Scully joon too, and then Gina yanks Captain Holt in and he goes “very well, just for a moment -” but that’s right when Terry decides to just grab the whole group in a hug, pinning Holt in between Gina and Rosa and nearly lifting everyone off their feet

I’m crying,

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WOAH, WOAH, HOLD ON,” she holds up a hand, eyes closing for a long moment, “you’re telling me you’re not here to be my assistant? cuz that’s what i thought you were. damn, i thought captain holt finally decided to be really cool and actually realize how necessary it is for me to have some goddamn help around here,”