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If the alternate Christine and understudy Christine can't go on for whatever reason, will the principle do the show?

If the principal is in town, most likely. Exception being the productions where they have two understudy Christines. In these cases it would probably be the second understudy. But it comes down to what contracts says, and what’s the policy of the specific production.

If the principal is out of town - say, on holiday - and the production doesn’t have a second Christine understudy, it’s time to find an emergency cover. West End has done that quite often, but also Broadway (and if it counts, LND in Hamburg). It usually includes calling a recent Christine whose costumes might still remotely fit, or whose size is quite generic so she can borrow costumes.

Some examples of emergency cover Christines includes:

  • Renée Knapp: as the alternate in Hamburg, it’s PRETTY hardcore to fill in as the emergency cover in Melbourne… Another continent, another language, another cast… This was due to the principal being on honeymoon, and the alternate breaking her ankle. The understudy cound only do so many performances a week, and since this was very early in Phantom days, there weren’t too many trained Christines around. Renée Knapp is native to the US, so they knew she would handle singing in English. but she still only had 72 hours to learn it…! But it must have been worth it, cause she ended up staying in Melbourne for 4 months. She became the principal in Hamburg when returning.
  • Gina Beck: with both principal and alternate being out sick (and on a later instance, the principal on holiday and the alternate sick), it was a similar case to Melbourne: they didn’t want all performances to land on the understudy. So they called in a quite recent Christine; in this case Gina Beck, who had some 5 hours notice from phone call to performance. During her emergency cover time she and the u/s split the role equally, both doing 4 performances a week.
  • Grace Morgan: She returned to the Restaged US Tour for a limited run, without having any set Christine dates. I think she “just” was in the ensemble. But one evening she went on as Christine with a two-hour notice, being 2,5 years since she last played the role.
  • Michelle van de Ven: Technically she left the Hamburg production. but she was called back for one week here and one week there. For the last month or two of the run she basically served as the alternate, as the actual alternate had left, the principal was pregnant and the other understudy was quite new to the role.
  • Charlotte Page: She actually emergency covered years after she had left. It was an utter emergency case, and they simply called a long list of former Christines, and Charlotte Page was the only one who was in the neighborhood, having lunch some blocks away. That’s… sporty shit!
  • Olivia Brereton: Did an emergency cover stunt some time after she had left. Her costumes was in the process of being redone and archived, with some of them having decorations stripped off, so they had to be emergency restored for her performances. Oi.
Just a list of Women I want to thank for being born.

Before I start, I also want to thank the parents of these people for creating them!

Naya Rivera

Dianna Agron

Shay Mitchell

Heather Morris

Lea Michele

Lauren Jauregui

Dinah Jane Hansen

Camila Cabello

Ally Brooke Hernandez

Normani Kordei

Kristen Stewart

Rita Volk

Katie Stevens

Natasha Negovanlis

Elise Bauman

Kaitlyn Alexander

Sharon Belle

Annie Briggs

Emily Bett Rickards

Gina Rodriguez

Natalie Dormer

Scarlett Johansson

Kat Graham

Anna Kendrick

Brittany Snow

Anna Camp

Alexis Knapp

Yvette Monreal

There is probably more but this is all I can think of right now. If anyone thinks of any feel free to add the names!


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