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DIY Macrame Netted Stone Pendant Tutorial from Gina Michele.

I’ve posted lots of ways to net and hang irregularly shaped objects like stones, raw crystals, sea glass etc… This is the perfect time of year to find sentimental shells and small stones and make these easy summer necklaces. The tutorial by Gina Michele is well photographed and easy to follow.

I’ve posted these before, but here are more macrame netted DIYs below:

Macrame Gem Necklace from sustainability in style.

Netted Stone Necklace from Lune Blog.

Macrame Stone Necklace from Essas Frescurites.

DIY Netted Stone Macrame Friendship Bracelet from Curly Made.

DIY Netted Macrame Stone Necklace from Quiet Lion.

DIY Beyond Easy Knit Slipper Pattern from Gina Michele.

This would make a great first knitting project. You knit a “T” and then fold over the sides. The photo of the mini slippers in a circle is of her fold over baby slippers which I posted on my Tumblr  DIY kids’ blog A direct link to Gina Michele’s knit baby slipper pattern is here.

DIY Easy Backdrop Earrings Tutorial from Gina Michele.

This DIY is so easy that it will only take you 5-10 minutes to make with supplies.

I also posted this DIY from Hello Whimsy with 5 interchangeable back attachments here.

These are also really pretty: DIY Backdrop Earrings from Gem & Em here.

DIY Knit Michael Kors Inspired Chain Infinity Scarf Pattern from Gina Michele. Instead of chain, Gina Michele uses metallic silver embroidery floss. You could also knit the infinity scarf on circular needles (which I love) and skip having to bind up a seam. Top Photo: $68 Michael Kors Allover Chain Infinity Scarf in Red Blaze. Bottom Photo: DIY by Gina Michele. For other DIY knitting projects I’ve posted from scarves to boots to Outlander capelets go here.

DIY Crochet Infinity Scarf for Beginners Pattern from Gina Michele.

You use a crochet hook Size 25 mm (US U or US 50) and chunky yarn to make this DIY Crochet Infinity Scarf.

This pattern is for crochet beginners:

This pattern is perfect for beginner crocheters because you only need to know how to make a chain and a double chain.

DIY Crystal Ear Jacket Earrings Tutorial from GIna Michele. Very cheap and easy DIY from Gina Michele using plastic packaging for the base of the jacket in back. For one of the biggest archives of DIY ear cuffs go here: and you can see a roundup posted here.

  • Left Top Photo: Lupita Nyong'o wearing ear jackets by Fred Leighton at the 86th Academy Awards.
  • Right Top Photo: $28 Crystal Arc Ear Jackets from Baublebar.
  • Bottom Photo: DIY by Gina Michele.

DIY Easy Handpiece (Panja) Tutorial from Gina Michele. You just need chains and pliers.

For pages of DIY panjas go here: and for the biggest archive of body armor/body chains go here:

For the roundup below of panjas go here.

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