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I seriously don’t know what to do with customers who discuss dog adoptions with me and are told that the puppy adoption fee of $399-$499 covers altering, microchipping, a free vet visit, food, bowls, treats, toys, a crate, and vaccinations

and then they get through all the paperwork and are at the counter paying the adoption fee and when I ring in the total they’re like

“what, you meant three HUNDRED ninety nine? I thought you meant the whole thing was three dollars and ninety nine cents!”

my work’s facebook page never fails to make my day

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Wanna know something that pisses me off? When parents ask their very young child (like 3-7) if theyre going to feed their fish everyday and clean out the tank often and shit. like shouldnt you be absolutely certain about this already? or possibly have like a backup plan or something... idk man. fish and small animals shouldnt be a "we'll see if theyre responsible enough to take care of this before we get them a puppy" like plants are a thing..

ohhhhhh the stories I could tell about bullshit along these lines

people are trash